As requested by VampireZozo, here's the lemon of the story. ;D There's not many HonJou lemons, so hopefully this will add nicely to that section.

Jounouchi sat down on the floor as he waited for Honda to come back. They had just finished a heavy make out session, and wanted to take it to the next stage... but Honda wanted to get something first before they do.

He was taking a long time...

Jounouchi moved his hand to his cheek as he recalled the events that had just happened...

Tongues sliding in and out of mouths, bodies pressed up against each other, erections, rubbing against each other...

Just the thought of it was giving him a raging erection. Let's not forget Honda's body... Hard abs, strong arms, slender legs, and his face looked perfect.

Before he knew it, he was touching himself over the thoughts he was coming up with. He would of stopped, but with Jounouchi, it was very hard to stop...

Very... hard...

He stroked the shaft of his penis, feeling the soft skin and the hard shape in his hand. Each thought became dirtier... and dirtier... and dirtier...

Until finally he imagined him and Honda having sex. He longed for Honda to feel inside him, and vice versa. His hand shifted a little and he let out a moan from the change of pattern in his strokes. He used his other hand to grope his balls and massaged them softly, letting out more lust filled moans.

Despite touching himself, he imagined so hard that it was Honda touching him, and somehow it worked. Moan after moan, he started to form a name. No, it wasn't Honda... instead it was 'Hiroto', a name that Honda wasn't used to.

He moaned the name out quietly at first, but his voice began to get louder as he felt his muscles tighten bit by bit. Soon he was screaming the name across the house, eyes shut completely, moving his hand up and down in a very fast motion.

Then... he felt an unfamiliar hand touch his bare shoulder. Snapping out of his thoughts, he immediately stopped masturbating and opened his eyes quickly to find Honda inches away from his face.

"Never knew you felt so strongly, Jou..." Honda teased, giving a wink.

Jounouchi's face flushed to the shade of a tomato in a few mere seconds, and he almost fell back, if it wasn't for the door right behind him, holding his position.

"Sh-shut up Hirot- I mean... Honda!" Flustered and frustrated, he began to calm down. I wonder what I looked like just then? He wondered.

"Well, I've got what I wanted..." Honda changed the topic, trying to make it less awkward.

"Oh?... What have you-" Jounouchi was cut off as he was pulled up off the ground and turned around. "Hey! What's with the man handling?"

Honda ignored him and pulled both of his arms behind his back and took out... a pair of red, fluffy handcuffs.

"What the hell are you doing, man?" Jounouchi demanded, quite confused by where this was going.

"You'll see."

Honda put the handcuffs around Jounouchi's wrists, leaving his hands bound together and locked them in place.

Jounouchi struggled, trying to move, but it was no use. Honda held him in a dominant position.

Then, Honda took a blindfold from the side where he left the things he got. Jounouchi's eyes looked around frantically, and then he saw red fabric coming towards his eyes. He tried to move his head away but Honda's hand had a firm grip of his head. It was useless, he was completely helpless.

Honda tied the blindfold around Jounouchi's head and then decided he could experiment. He still held Jounouchi so he wouldn't fall and then moved his lips to one of Jounouchi's ears.

"Are you ready?" He seductively asked. It looks like the tables have turned and Honda was the dominant one...

Jounouchi gulped and felt a few beads of sweat run down his face. "Y-Yes..."

By now, both boys were hard as hell, Jounouchi could feel Honda's hard-on from his leg.

Honda let Jounouchi rest against him for a few minutes, and then took his left hand and slowly rubbed it down Jounouchi's torso. He let out a few short moans as it passed over his sensitive nipples and abs.

Honda then took a feather from the side, and put it into his right hand. With his left hand, he decided to toy with Jounouchi's nipple, pinching and teasing it. Jounouchi tried bucking his hips forward to thrust, trying to pleasure himself, but it didn't work.

"Uh... uncuff me!..." Jounouchi begged, but Honda ignored his pleas, obviously enjoying his friend's embarrassing state.

He used the feather to trail down his abs very slowly.

Jounouchi's hips bucked more and more, he desperately tried to relieve himself of this now hurting pleasure.

"Honda... I don't know... how much... I can... take!" He gasped out in between breaths, desperately fidgeting with his bound hands.

Honda could feel Jounouchi's fingertips brush against his erect member and let out a short, but very lust-filled moan. Jounouchi could barely hear this, but it gave him an idea. He kept messing with his hands behind his back, trying to touch Honda more and more, knowing it would aggravate him, and there would be nothing he could do about it.

Honda, in response, decided to brush the fingertips of his left hand all around Jounouchi's torso and abdominal region, sometimes digging his nails in softly. He used his right hand to slide the feather around Jounouchi's nipples, causing Jounouchi to moan 'Hiroto' again, making him buckle more and more.

Honda was really enjoying watching his helpless victim, when suddenly, Jounouchi made a gap with his index and middle fingers. He slid both of his fingers around Honda's bulging penis, and slowly began to rub them along his shaft. It didn't cover much area, but it seemed to work, as Honda shifted uncomfortable and started to growl softly into Jounouchi's ear.

It seemed Jounouchi still had some dominance left in him, so Honda had to really show him who was boss. He decided to shift positions.

He spun Jounouchi around, startling him a bit.

"What gives?" He demanded, but was shut up when he was forced onto his knees.

"Suck." Honda ordered, waiting for Jounouchi to reply.

Jounouchi let out a low aggressive growl in return, instead of obeying his orders.

"That's naughty, Jou... I thought your teachers taught you to obey those higher than you!"

"Hehe... Higher than me?" Jounouchi questioned, and then Honda was brought down onto the floor.

"What are you-!" Honda was going to ask something, but was quickly cut off by Jounouchi's body falling onto him.

"Who's higher now when I'm on top?" He gave a cheeky smile, and Honda smiled too.

Jounouchi lifted his head up, and Honda noticed the blindfold was gone.

"What happened to the blindfold?" Honda asked, confused.

"Looks like you forgot to tie knots properly. It fell off."

Honda wrapped his arms around Jounouchi and whispered in his ear, "Do you still want to do it?"

Jounouchi shuddered from the moist of Honda's lips, "Yes..."

Honda unlocked the handcuffs on Jounouchi's hands and took them off. Almost immediately, Jounouchi's hands spread across Honda's body, exploring every inch of skin.

Honda stood up, picking Jounouchi up with him, and grabbed the lube from the side. He made his way over to the kitchen table and placed Jounouchi on it.

He then walked into the lounge, picking up a cushion and went back to Jounouchi.

"We're doing missionary."

"How do you know all this stuff? Done it before?"

"No... internet."

He placed the cushion underneath Jounouchi's lower back to lift his ass up in the air.

"Are you ready?" He asked, picking up the lube.

"For the last time, yes! Just fuck me, jeez!"

"Okay, okay, feisty..." Honda grabbed the lube and started to apply it to his penis.

After he finished, he positioned himself in front of Jounouchi and put his hands on his hips.

Hesitating, he began to move forward, until he felt his erect member insert inside of Jounouchi.

Jounouchi let out a sharp and loud moan, not used to this unfamiliar pleasure. Honda slowly slipped back out.

"Are you okay?"

"Fine, fuck… Keep going!"

So he obeyed. This time he picked up the speed, and didn't stop after thrusting once. Jounouchi's moans grew louder if possible, and Honda moved one of his hands to Jounouchi's penis.

He grasped it in his hand and started to pump up and down, causing Jounouchi's whole body to go into a spasm. His desperate cries grew more intense as each pump and each thrust was made.

After a few more thrusts, a word was forming in his moans, again. 'Hiroto'...

So Honda did what any normal person would do, he returned a name. As his muscles started to tighten, his moans became audible too, and he started to cry 'Katsuya' out.

A rhythm of 'Katsuya' and 'Hiroto' became clear despite the very loud and intense moaning filling the air. Sweat started to form on both bodies, and the flustered lust spread throughout both bodies.

Thanks to all the teasing before-hand, it was building up to a very memorable orgasm.

The climax was nearing and Honda went faster, if that was even possible! Jounouchi and Honda gave each other clear eye contact as their loud moans got deeper and more passionate.

Finally, Honda's whole body shook, and he let out an almost silent last moan, before his fluids shot up and out and he climaxed. He almost tripped over after finishing, but caught himself and decided to focus on making Jounouchi orgasm too.

After a few more pumps to Jounouchi's penis, he finally climaxed and they both stayed there with barely any energy.

Honda let out a sigh, and used the last remains of his energy to pick Jounouchi up.

"Where... to... now?..." He asked, almost breathless


Honda carried him up the stairs and to his bedroom, where he forced the duvet on his bed back, and lay Jounouchi down. Instantly, he collapsed onto the bed too, on top of Jounouchi, too tired to even shut the door.

Jounouchi chuckled, "Am I really that heavy?"

"Well, after a long hour of sexual foreplay and anal penetration, I'd say so."

Jounouchi pushed him to the side, so he could pull the duvet down onto them. After adjusting the bedding, he lay back down, and Honda snuggled up to his chest.

"Night, best friend." Jounouchi teased, and Honda let out a grunt in reply.

"Shut up, Katsuya!" He groaned, earning a light slap on his head.

After a few moments of silence, they both fell asleep.

Anzu turned the spare key in the door, wondering why no one was answering.

Oh well, looks like it'll just have to be a surprise visit. She thought, I'm sure they won't mind!

She crept through the house to the lounge, noticing no one was there, and the only thing wrong was a missing cushion...

Then she went through to the kitchen...

She couldn't believe her eyes!

There were red, fluffy handcuffs on the floor, with a feather and a blindfold next to them. Clothes were all over the room, and there was a coin on the floor. The kettle was full and there were two cups with unmade tea. The missing cushion was on the table, and it seemed there was a white substance on it!

What the hell has been going on in here?

She demanded answers! She went to the stairs, assuming they must be in Honda's bedroom. As she walked up the stairs, she could hear loud snoring.

She got to Honda's room, and noticed the door was open and then there was a lump in the bed.

She walked over to the bed and pulled the duvet out, to find...

Honda and Jounouchi? Together? In bed?

A blood vessel in her nose must of popped from the thoughts, because she got an instant nosebleed! Covering her nose, she turned on her heel and quickly ran out of the house.

Now I know not to intrude and just leave if no one is answering!

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