Physical Traits Long light brown hair; tanned skin (as most Vices); blue eyes; buxom figure (similar to Lust though her dress reveals less cleavage); always wears white lipstick

Ouroboros Location Small of her back, above her... erm... derriere

Personality Traits Like Lust she is usually quiet, but around Voracity and Fury she is somewhat more outspoken; she has a sister relationship with Voracity and is viciously protective of her; she will often scold the other Vices if they do something that Arrogance has strictly forbidden, and because of this she shares a mutual rivalry with Invidia

Strength(s) Can influence and magnify other people's natural passions; her hair is a weapon though she doesn't usually use it

Weakness(es) Does not work on other Homunculi; the emotion often consumes her as well and can disable her (A/N: Not to mention wicked split ends when she uses her hair... XD)

Human Name Destiny


Physical Traits Mint green hair that falls to her shoulders; tanned skin (as most Vices); naturally red eyes; slightly more muscular than most females but not noticeable unless her arms aren't covered

Ouroboros Location Behind her left ear

Personality Traits Is typically calm but with an underlying danger to her attitude; extremely confident in herself; is also confident with her subordinates but considers them beneath her; is immediately enraged whenever someone implies that she cannot handle herself

Strength(s) Possesses incredible physical stamina; is more skilled in hand-to-hand combat than her followers

Weakness(es) Her strength can lead her to become overconfident and make mistakes; when touched by anyone using alchemy, her Philosopher's Stone becomes disrupted, crippling her

Human Name Arlene


Physical Traits Very short silver hair; dark brown skin (much darker than the other Vices); green eyes with no pupils; stocky build (not as big as Gluttony but it's definitely noticeable); rather vertically challenged (like Ed! Ed: WHO ARE YOU CALLING SO SHORT HE CAN STAND ON A GRAIN OF RICE?)

Ouroboros Location Across her lips (A/N: Kinda makes her mouth looks like it was sewn on)

Personality Traits Not very bright but she can identify and solve simple problems; has a sister relationship with Desire and tags along with her everywhere; is easily motivated by food

Strength(s) Like Gluttony she can eat almost anything, including people, but her preferred food is animals; when she jumps the ground shakes so hard it nearly cracks

Weakness(es) She is easily distracted if anyone mentions food or eating; her girth can be used against her, as if she falls down (or is pushed) it is difficult for her to get up again

Human Name Vera


Physical Traits Light blue hair usually in two ponytails; tanned skin (as most Vices); brown eyes; childlike appearance (A/N: You'll find out why later)

Ouroboros Location On the back of her right hand

Personality TraitsIs usually harmless until provoked; was Laze's daughter in life and continues to call her Mom; considers Invidia a sister; is easily angered and will throw temper tantrums if she doesn't get her way; has a slight crush on Greed when she first meets him

Strength(s) When enraged she grows a pair of black wings and claws

Weakness(es) The wings and claws completely knock off her balance, making her clumsier

Human Name Faye


Physical Traits Silver hair in a loose ponytail; tanned skin (as most Vices); black eyes; fairly tall

Ouroboros Location On his right eyelid

Personality Traits Can often be found sleeping or relaxing; was Fury's father in life and still shares a bond with her; is usually quiet but can be outspoken if he wants to be

Strength(s) Can hypnotize an enemy into falling asleep; is able to convert some of the souls in his Philosopher's Stone into energy to heal himself or others

Weakness(es) Any break in focus will render his hypnotics useless; by using up some of the souls in his Stone, he drains some of his life energy

Human Name Landon


Physical Traits Red hair styled into a bun; deeply tanned skin (more so than most Vices, almost looks African); violet eyes; glasses (interestingly enough the only Homunculus to wear them)

Ouroboros Location On her left ankle

Personality Traits Wishes to possess more wealth than anyone else; has slept around, trying to be the best lover; is often the butt and victim of Invidia's jokes or pranks; because she is not satisfied with being second best, she often comes to blows with Greed

Strength(s) Acts like a magnet whenever there are dead humans around, attracting their souls to her Philosopher's Stone

Weakness(es) She cannot absorb alchemists' souls because they cause cracks in her Stone; it is possible for her to over-absorb (as one would overeat), causing chest pains

Human Name Ava Rae (I know, I know, really similar but the best I could come up with... XD...)Invidia

Physical Traits Blonde hair usually in a side ponytail; pale skin (the only exception); green eyes; her height and weight varies depending upon who she's fighting

Ouroboros Location The side of her neck, hidden by her hair

Personality Traits Is basically a spitfire; will pick a fight with anyone if she thinks it will be entertaining; if she gets a chance to "kick the dog" (or in this case any human), she will take it; she frequently plays pranks on Avarice; she is jealous of everyone, and Envy is the only one she gives respect to because they are so similar

Strengths When fighting, she can transform into the person closest to her opponent; she then picks through that person's mind for information she can use to taunt and distract them

Weakness(es) After returning to her original form, her mind is flooded with separating the memories of others from her own and this typically results in her collapsing

Human Name Isadora

Well... hmm. I'm not quite sure WHAT direction this is going to go in. As you can see all of the characters, referred to as the Vices ("Sins" was already taken! LOL but vices are sort of the same thing) are female except for Laze (who was actually originally female but I decided to change because of a review that made sense so thanks you know who you are!). Why? Ummm... because I said so! That's why. XD And also I decided to include their human names for the heck of it. Youll learn more about their human forms later during... dun dun dun... CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT.

But anyway, I don't know why I decided to do this... *shrug* I was bored, home sick, it seemed like a good idea to fill my boredom. I was trying to write more of "I Want a Mom" or "A Sin Among Sins", and this is where my writer's block took me. Making 7 Homunculi who have similar traits to the Sins, but they aren't exactly like them. Besides, as we know, TOO MUCH similarity can cause friction. At some point I'll probably have Wrath and Fury screaming at each other, going "STOP BEING SO MUCH LIKE ME!" or Invidia pissing Envy off because she's trying to be like him.

I kind of wanted to put some emphasis on their weaknesses here. Yes, they all have kick-ass powers. BUT - and this is a big but - all of their powers have some sort of limitation, setback, or consequence for using them. I can't stand when OC's have these TOTALLY OMG AWESOME powers and they don't have ANY sort of weakness or anything. Yes, I can't really see much weakness where the original Sins are concerned... but these guys - err, girls and one dude - aren't them. They are FAILED Homunculi. In addition to their transmutation after they died, they all resisted it and thus ended up with more limits.

... Ok, Mary-Sue-hating-plus-explanation-of-Vices'-powers-and-limits rant is over now.

Hope you like! Please tell me what you think and if I should post the first chappie soon! ^^