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Chink. "I hate this." Chink. "How long has it been?" Chink. "Oh, who the hell am I kidding?" Chink. "We're never getting out of here."

A hand shot out and grabbed the fingers that were currently ripping apart their own necklace and tossing the beads at the alchemy-infused glass door. It was a warning, telling the other to knock it off. "Stop complaining, Invidia. You aren't the only one who feels trapped."

"Well you're not even doing anything about it, Arrogance!" The one now known as Invidia kicked at the door, to no avail. They all knew it was useless trying to get out. They'd tried before. None of their powers stood a chance against something that had been strengthened by alchemy - nothing could break alchemy but alchemy. "Don't you want to get out? I'm sick of being caged up like some fucking human!"

At this point the youngest of them began to cry. "I wanna see the sun again!" she shrieked, holding tightly to her father.

"It's alright, Fury," the parent whispered to his child, lifting her up into the safe haven of his arms. "He'll let us out eventually."

"'Eventually' isn't soon enough, Laze," another voice scoffed from the darkness. "Invidia's right, and it's rare that she and I agree. I wanna get out of here. Think of what all could be out there... just imagine! It's all just waiting for someone to take it. And I want to be that someone. Money... status... ah, men."

"Don't even get me started on men," the curviest of the bunch remarked in a disgusted manner. "For God's sake, you make them feel fiery passion one time and they want you to have their baby."

"Every other Homunculus besides us is infertile, Desire," Arrogance commented as Invidia proceeded to keep kicking the door.

"Who said I was talking about Homunculi? My powers only work on humans. I've had a couple mortals who've asked me, quite forwardly, to bear their son. Assholes."

"Desire," came a whining, high-pitched voice. A chubby hand was extended and pulled on the side of Desire's gown. "I'm hungryyyyyy."

"Father will come with food soon," Desire sighed. "Tough it out till then, Voracity."

Voracity whimpered and held her already enlarged stomach but shrank back to cradling against the wall.

"I'm so sick of it!" Delivering one last kick to the door, Invidia stumbled back, breathing hard. Energy half spent, she turned to Fury. "This is all your fault! If you hadn't gone all batshit insane on everyone out there..."

"Invidia, don't blame Fury," Laze defended. "She couldn't help it..."

"No, let me finish!" Invidia reached over and pulled up a lock of the child Homunculus's hair. "If you hadn't gone cuckoo out there then Father would have let us stay! He wouldn't have locked us up and thrown away the key! It's all your fucking fault!"

With that, Invidia's rant was over and she resumed pounding on the door as if hoping to go Super Homunculus any minute and break through it. A single tear fell from her eye, and everyone knew that when Invidia cried, that meant the situation held little to no hope because she never cried. "It's useless... I want to get out... I'm jealous of everyone on the other side of this stupid door... they're free and we're not..."

Everything was quiet for a minute, and then Fury spoke up. She didn't fire a retaliation back at Invidia, mostly because right now she saw the older girl's point. "I don't remember what the sky looks like, Dad."

Laze held his daughter closer to him. "Neither do I."

"Seriously, we have to get out," Avarice sighed, pulling Invidia back from the door. "I can't stand this anymore. Anybody got any ideas?"

Hey, look." Invidia had her face pressed up against the glass door. "There's a couple of Homunculi! And one of 'em's a kid!"

Laze glanced down at the child in his arms. "Another child Homunculus...?" he commented under his breath.

The kid had long, wild dark hair that covered one of his lavender eyes. He wore a dark blue uniform, scant over his tiny body. The other had spiked green-ish black hair, as well as lavender eyes. His uniform was nearly identical to the child's, though his was purple and he wore a skort in place of shorts. They appeared to be talking to each other.

"Do you think you can transform?" Avarice said excitedly, tugging on Invidia's arm. "Can you tell who's closest to him?"

"Yeah..." Invidia scoffed, but there was a dastardly smirk spreading across her face. "His mom."

"Transform, Invidia," Arrogance ordered. "Maybe we can get out of this hellhole."

"Got it." A bright flash passed over Invidia's body, and her apperance completely changed. Now she was in the form of a woman with long black hair and dark eyes, wearing a black spaghetti-strapped dress that was bunched on the floor. Her Ouroboros mark had switched to her collarbone, near her neck, and she wore black lipstick. "Huh." Her voice had changed as well, to a slight motherly tone with a hint of danger. "Not as pretty as my normal form, but I'll roll with it."

"Call him over," Arrogance commanded. "Get us out of this place, Invidia. I'm counting on you."

"Right." Invidia banged on the glass door, extracting the information of the boy's name from this woman's memory. "Wrath!" she cried, sounding grief-stricken. "Wrath, please help me!"

The kid looked over, as did the older Homunculus with him. "Mommy!" he screamed, running over to the door.

The other Homunculus walked over calmly, raising an eyebrow. "Sloth? How the hell did you get in there?" he asked in a slightly feminine, raspy voice.

The kid, Wrath, began slamming his hands against the glass. "Mommy! Mommy, how did you get in there?"

"I wandered off and got trapped in here!" She knelt down to Wrath's height and began to sob desperately. "Please get me out, Wrath! Please help me, darling!"

The green-haired one looked unimpressed. "If you're trapped, who are the others in there with you?"

"Oh, I have no idea!" Invidia reached her hand out, as if grabbing for the dark-haired boy's hand. "They wanted to hurt me, Wrathy! Please get me out of here!"

"Don't worry, Mommy! I'll get you out!" Wrath pressed his hands to the glass, tears in his eyes. "Mommy! Mommy!"

There was a flash of blue light, and all at once the glass that had separated the Vices from the rest of the world vanished. It was gone, and they were free. They all just looked at each other for a few seconds, asking each other if it was really true.

Immediately, the younger Homunculus, obviously Wrath, ran to hug Invidia, wrapping his arms around her waist. "Mommy, I'm sorry! Are you okay?"

"Sorry, kid." Invidia flung the child off, hitting a wall, before phasing back to her original form. "I'm nobody's mommy. Come on, gang!"

And it was safe to say that all hell broke loose then.

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... Well, I can't reveal much. But let's just say that next chapter, the Sins will meet their makers. AKA, the Vices. YES, technically the Vices had a hand in creating the Sins... because they were failures, they were examples of what went wrong. Their flaws were studied so that what went wrong the first time didn't go wrong the second time.

BY DA WAY. I've been studying up on the 7 Deadly Sins (as in the actual sins in religions) and... um. I was reading about how in purgatory, the envious had their eyelids sewn shut and had to walk around like that until they had paid the debt of being sinful. So I was trying to write something based on that, for the earliest days of Envy's transmutation. Anybody who would be interested in reading that? :D

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