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Summary: Misaki had a normal upbringing. He went to college, lived with his brother and unlike some of the other important people in his life; he could definitely say he is-no doubt- NOT a homosexual. A determined Takatsuki Shinobu plans to change all that about him, who insists that "You never know until you try". And so began Takahashi Misaki's nineteenth year!

Junjou Flame

"I'm in love with you."

So, I lived what I called a "normal life style"-at least that's what I thought.

Currently, I, Takahashi Misaki, was a nineteen year old enrolled in Mitsuhashi University (although that was thanks to that flamboyant pervert Usami "Usagi-san" Akihiko, my tutor).

Home was only minutes away from the University, so I decided to stay with my older brother and walked to school (or at least he tried to, since that idiot Akihiko always forces me into his sports car because nii-san tells him to)

Like every average teenager my age, I hadlooks (although he I never had a lady of my own), I had talent (which was really only cooking) and at the very least, I was totally and undeniably straight!

So… why the hell should I be blushing when this stranger I barely know out of nowhere confesses to me this way? Who does that? It's so awkward!

"It's destiny. Take responsibility."

Most importantly, why was that man being so forward…and blunt?

Act 1

Part 1

Opportunity Is Not the Gentlest Creature

It all started with my typical morning. I shut off my alarm at precisely 7 AM, showered and then got dressed in something casual that I washed the night before (since I'm the one that does the laundry). After that, I left my room and then headed down the stairs where my brother already dressed for work would be downstairs waiting for me.

With a bright smile glued to my face, I cut into the hallway chipper as ever despite the early hours of sunrise and-

"Ah! Nii-chan!"

There my beloved brother Takahiro was, pinned against the wall by a beastly, taller man towering over him. Their bodies were pressed together in such a disgusting manner that could immediately be judged as "way too much for my virgin eyes to look at" and the man glared daggers at me, obviously annoyed that I found him about devour his prey.

"M-Misaki! I'm s-so sorry, I wasn't expecting you to be up so early!" Takahiro apologized quickly. The monster didn't even bother to move away! He just kept his hands at my brother's hips as if they were suddenly going to fall off and run away from him or something.

"Nii-chan, I have school! More importantly," I pointed at the man, "What is he doing here? It's not even 7:30 yet!"

"This is my home, insolent brat," the man grunted. Takahiro laughed nervously.

"I think he means that you're usually not awake at this time, Usagi-san, since you don't even take him to school until around 9," he calmly assured him.

"Nor am I as he calls it 'sexually harassing' you at this time."

"Why are you getting angry at me? You're the one that starts it all the time!" I yelled, "You should at least get him in a private room or something-not do all that weird stuff in front of me! I don't need to see that!"

"Not this argument again," Takahiro groaned, gently cupping his own face with his hands.

"If all you're going to do is yell at me, I'm going to bed. You can walk yourself to school."

"Usagi-san, don't say that! Tokyo is not the safest place," he reminded him.

"And your point? Honestly, I think the boy needs a kidnapping to shape up his manners a little bit."

"If he gets kidnapped then I'm leaving you!"

"…Then I retract my last statement."

After that we ate breakfast together (that I cooked as both nii-chan and Usami are prone to setting the house on fire) and we went our separate ways as I had silently hoped for due to the earlier awkward conversation.

Well, okay my days didn't usually start like this-at least that wasn't until the day Takahiro and Akihiko announced that they were "going out" a couple of years ago. They ended up moving in together and I ended up being dragged along as well to his new "nuclear family" and then recently, Akihiko proposed engagement and Takahiro had agreed right away.

Even through the experience of living with Akihiko, the man usually pulled late nights as he was busy writing his manuscripts so that his editor Aikawa wouldn't have to murder him (and boy could such a pretty face make ugly expressions that would put every legendary monster to shame! ..At least she is kind enough to bring my brother and I sweets). Other times, it was because of his fame since he was a well known novelist and often he went to meetings for his new works for publication of any kind ranging from book to a drama series.

However, no matter how busy he was, that wouldn't make him keeps his hands off his precious Takahiro. Now, I am happy my brother found someone to settle with, but I really would have liked to not have heard when as early as 4 AM, the obnoxious creaking and rocking of the double bed next door loud enough to wake me! Actually, I hate in general hearing them as it was possible they would "make love" randomly if they were found in the same room together-like what I had to see just now!

It so happened that thanks to bad luck, I had caught them together before he was about to prepare breakfast (or good luck, since it stopped them). I could already feel that today was going to be a less than pleasant day.

School then began with Kamijou (A.K.A "The Demon") – Sensei, my Literature professor, and his class.

Kamijou-sensei would remind everyone of the assignment due at the end of the week and then begin his seminar.

First, he would catch a student chewing gum and chuck a book directly at his or her face.

Another student would be caught day dreaming somewhere in the back and Kamijou will throws something else, but it hits a student closer to the day dreamer. At the same time, the thrown is proven effective since it terrifies the dreamer enough to not fall back into that realm.

Sometime towards the middle of the class and the end, Kamijou would run up one of the class isles just to grab an electronic device out of a student's hands, smack the student with it, and keep it in his desk drawer until further notice.

Class would be dismissed and those who were fortunate enough not to feel the wrath of Kamijou's temper were grateful.

As for me, I didn't receive the opportunity for such warm feelings that day. I had been a victim a few times already in the past, but only as the student that has gotten certain objects such as a book and a plastic coffee mug that only hit me because I sat too close to the day dreamer-and today it happened to be a spiral notebook that made me unsure at first whether it left a mark on the left side of my cheek or not. Surely Usami-san if not my brother would talk care to notice this and have a talk with me despite the fact that it wasn't my fault for this unfair occurrence. Then Takahiro would begin some kind of ridiculously long lecture, worrying over nothing and then I'd feel guilty from then on for causing trouble.

With my mind on that as I gathered my books together, I was preparing to start a conversation with Sumi Keiichi, who I usually sat next to during class.

"You know, I've always wondered what would happen if you caught one of his books like a baseball. Do you think he'd get mad?"

"Well, I don't think it would make things better if you shouted 'Home Run!' either," Sumi laughed.

Suddenly a slightly familiar person came down the aisle and stared at the two of us momentarily, sucking in his breath as if he had something to say.

Of course I was the first to notice him staring at us, unless possibly Sumi did. Then again, I never could see what the guy was thinking, but I don't think he knew who the kid was personally while we knew that he was in our class. It's not like I wanted to talk to that kid either.

'What a weirdo.'

Then again, maybe I was being judged as a weirdo.

I held my hand a few centimeters from my mouth and checked for signs of bad breath. Nope, it was fine. Did I have something stuck in my teeth then?

Still, that was no reason for him to be staring like that… I thought maybe he was staring at Sumi. Perhaps he wanted to speak with him.

"Uh, Sumi-san," I said, "How about I meet up with you later?"

"Yeah, sure-if Usami-san lets you out of the house for once."

"I know, right? It's so disturbing! Sometimes he's almost as bad as nii-chan!"

That guy still standing at the aisle didn't leave when Sumi walked away. No doubt about it, I was his target and I was less than thrilled.

It was making me very… uncomfortable.

Should I have approached him?

It wasn't like I had anything to lose except maybe a couple limbs if he was part of something crazy like the yakuza. And an organ…Damn.

Should I have ran for it?

"Takahashi Misaki."

I nearly jumped at the mention of my name.

'…Wait, how did he know my name? That's so freaking creepy!'

"Can we talk?"

'About his yakuza business-oh, stop that! He's probably not part of that. Just man up and talk back to him.'

"U-uh… sure... Where at?"

"The nearest coffee shop would be fine." It wasn't like Akihiko was going to pick me up soon anyways, so it would be a good idea to kill some time.

We left the university and walked over there in silence. I somehow was able to keep my composure and next to me he seemed to feel that way too on a first glance.

In reality, I really should have backed out of this.

It wasn't like I could have said no either. An offer from a friend wasn't something I was likely to turn down.

'But we're not even friends! We barely know each other!'And if we did, it was probably because of something paranormal like a connection in a past lifetime like in that manga I've read thousands of times before!

…Or, at least in my imagination it could happen, but that wasn't the point!

"Do you like coffee?"

"Not in particular, no." His face showed immediate disappointment that made my heart somehow twinge slightly with guilt.

'Oh crap! Gotta act fast!' "Ah, but I love the little coffee shop bakeries! They make good cake!" Slightly more relaxed, he folded his hands together.

"Is that so?" His expression changed to a calmer one. "I feel the same way."

At least the boy was being considerate. Maybe this wouldn't go so badly after all.

We stepped inside the coffee shop and I went on line.

"I'll go get the cake. Is there anything you want?"

The boy glanced at the display.

"Strawberry short cake would be nice." He slapped about a thousand yen onto the palm of my hand. "That's for you, too." I immediately protested.

"Oh, no! No! That's fine! You don't have to"-

"Next." The cashier boredly waited for one of them to approach the counter. I would have to worry about repaying the money later.

"Can I get a strawberry short cake and uh… pound cake?"

The cashier got a couple of paper plates, put the slices of cake onto them and placed the plates on a tray that he handed to me.

"That will be 500 yen."

"And how much was the pound cake?"

"250 yen," he answered dryly.

That wasn't so bad. I would show him who was boss! I could pay for my own meal!

Proudly, I searched one pocket and then the next. It wasn't empty, but the only money inside was the...

"1,000 yen," I mumbled. Shit. And I left my wallet at home this morning too because I was in such a rush to leave!

Then I looked back. Apparently he was watching me while I struggled to figure out a method for paying. He nodded to me once in a snarky way that said he understood exactly the situation and there was no choice but to give up. There the 1,000 yen went as I took the tray and slapped the change down onto the table that was already picked out.

"I owe you 250 yen, by the way."

He broke off a piece of his cake with a plastic fork.

"It's not that big of a deal. I don't care."

I slowly sat down and began to eat the cake.

"So… why did you need to speak to me for again?"

"I wanted to apologize for today." At first I didn't understand until he pointed to the side of my face. "It looks a little red."

"Oh! The notebook?" I laughed. "So you were the one dozing off? That's okay. It's not the first time it's happened to me. You didn't have to do all this!"

"I know, but just"-

"It's fine, really!" I took a large bite of cake. "What's your name, anyways?"

"Takatsuki Shinobu. You really don't remember me after all," said Shinobu. I raised an eyebrow.

Now that I began to think about it, that name was familiar… Even his looks were familiar! Huge gray eyes, dirty blond hair…

"Oh yeah! I remember you now! I can't believe I didn't realize it sooner. Didn't I see you at a wedding party or something?"

"Yes, my older sister's, in fact."

"That's right! My brother dragged me there because he knew the groom in some way," I recalled, careful to not reveal my brother's orientation and his famous boyfriend.

"Yo Miyagi."

"Yeah, that really tall guy! I think I've even seen him around the university." I put a hand behind my head. "Man, I feel like such an ass now for not noticing that all this time! Must be fate, eh?"

Shinobu shifted his shoulders and lowered his head.

"You say fate?" He lifted his head. "There's another reason why I asked you to come here." I took another fork full of cake.

"Spill it out, then! What is it?" I stuffed the large piece of cake in my mouth.

"I'm in love with you."

Right then I coughed loudly, ignoring a few bits of cake that went flying out of my mouth and wheezed every time I tried to breathe in and chew. My hand covered my mouth as I attempted to swallow the cake and took in deep breaths that were cut off by obnoxious noisy coughing and I could feel my face turning a bright red.

"U-Um… what?" I paused to wheeze. "Come again?"

"It's destiny. Take responsibility."

The look on Shinobu's face looked more serious than ever. It was really starting to scare me.

"… Uh… Shinobu…"


"You do realize what you're saying, right?"

"I do."

The tension started to build up in a more awkward way than any conversation I had ever had with Usami- and that was saying something.

"Well, I appreciate you taking me out here and stuff, but there's nothing I can do! You're a guy and I'm a guy-a straight guy as a matter of fact!"

Shinobu's eyes narrowed and he drew a little closer towards me.

"Are you sure about that? Your face is pretty red. Obviously you're flustered."

I glared at him irritably and turned my exposed, burning face away.

"Are you trying to say something?"

Shinobu crossed his arms.

"I'm trying to say that you claim to be straight, yet you've probably never done anything with a guy in the first place."

"Because I'm straight!"

"Have you ever even done anything with a girl?"

And so the tension thickened. It was obvious who had the upper hand to say the least.

"Uh… well… there was this one time"-

"I win."

'So is that all? Some kind of game? Nobody could pull off a convincing scowling face like that without being serious!'

"Look, I'm not the guy for you, Shinobu. I don't know how I'm even your type since I'm all average and stuff, but that doesn't matter because I'm not the slightest bit interested." Sure, I hated how harsh my words were coming out, but hey, I had to speak up for myself. "You're in my class! We've never spoken a word to each other before today!" Shinobu seemed hurt by this.

"Never spoken a word?" Shinobu spat, "Don't you remember anything from the wedding?"

"Well," I started, and then suddenly realized, "No, not in particular. All I remember was you looking pretty angry for no particular reason while your sister was cutting the cake. "

Shinobu slammed his hands on the desk.

"Idiot! Don't you remember what happenedafter that?"

I slowly shook my head, surprised by his outburst.

Shinobu was ready to say something else, but at that same moment, my cell phone thankfully started ringing. I picked it up and answered.



"Oh, nii-chan. It's you."

"Where are you? I don't see you at the front of Mitsuhashi," said Takahiro.

"Eh? You're there? Why?" I asked

"Usagi-san fell asleep back at home shortly after you left, so I figured he wasn't going to wake up until later on today after your class was over. Besides, you have no other classes today and I'm on my lunch break, so I decided to pick you up instead!"

"I really appreciate that, nii-chan. Sorry I'm not there at the moment. Usami-san doesn't usually pick me up until an hour or so later since we had that whole discussion about me hanging out with my friends and how I need time for them too, remember?" I explained.

"Oh, so you did work that out! (Why did he sound surprised?) Shall I come back later then?"

"No no no! You already went through too much trouble to drive there! I might as well come home! I have a lot of homework to do anyways!" 'And I really need to get away from this weird kid staring at me,' of course I wanted to say, but Shinobu was already looking enough like he was ready to eat me alive.

"Okay then! I'll be here waiting!" They both hung up and I got up from his seat.

"Sorry about this, Takatsuki-san"-

"Shinobu-kun," he corrected me.

"Right right, but yeah my brother is waiting for me back at the school to bring me home." Shinobu eyed me suspiciously.

"Why would he feel the need to do that at this time?"

"My brother is just very over-protective like that. He still gets nervous over me crossing the street by myself," I sighed, "Thanks for the cake, by the way. Count on me paying you back, though."

"I'll walk back with you."

"It's fine, really! You don't have to!" I insisted. The last thing of course I needed was another second with this person.

"It is only my duty to accompany you, though." There was no time to argue with him over this now.

"Fine, fine," I muttered, walking out of the café' quickly, "But hurry up! His break is going to end soon!"

About another few minutes or so of running passed and we reached Mitsuhashi University. I immediately spotted my brother's car.

"There he is now!" I exclaimed, turning to Shinobu, "Well, it was nice meeting you again and"-

A piece of paper was slipped onto my hand with digits written on it.

'…Don't tell me…'

"Uh, Shinobu-kun, what is this?"

"What does it look like, you moron? That's my number." The car honked.

"Ah, okay then…" I ran over to my brother's car. "See you!" The car door slammed shut and I felt the urge to sink into my seat. "Hey, nii-chan."

"Welcome back," said Takahiro. He pulled out of the entrance to the school and headed for home. "So who was that boy back there? I've never seen you hang out with him before." He grinned at me wildly. "Does my Misaki have a boyfriend now?"

There was no need to scream at him to show that I was skeeved out by the suggestion.

"Nii-chan, what the hell!"

Takahiro giggled and shifted his glasses.

"I'm only teasing you, Misaki. That is, unless he really is your"-

"No, nii-chan! I'm straight! Honest! Don't joke with me like that!"

"Okay, okay I'm sorry!" he chuckled loudly, and then "Oh and, what happened to your face?"

"…It's a long story," was the only intelligent response I could muster.

And from that day on, my intentions for a "normal life" only seemed to have no chance of continuing at the pace it was going. So went forward Misaki's nineteenth year!

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