So as most of you have noticed, The Whipping Boy has come to an end.

But I must say that I enjoyed writing this story probably more than any story so far. All the support and reviews from you guys (minus the few people who disliked it...) really put me in a happy place :)

And of course it was very fun to write. I love experimenting with AU fics, but I know they're not very popular so it really made me feel good to receive such a positive response!

Anyway, onto the whole reason I posted this author's note chapter...

I've really been getting a lot of reviews and even PMs asking me to continue the story. And I'll admit I wasn't planning on ending it so soon, but I really didn't plan on adding more when I realized it was shorter than I expected.

So, my question is: would anyone be interested in a sequel? At this point I have no story ideas, but I would like to write a sequel if you would want. If not, please be completely honest and tell me so; I don't want to write it if you're not going to read it or if it seems like it doesn't really allow for a plot-filled and thought-provoking sequel.

So please drop a review or shoot me a PM telling me what you think! And if you want a sequel, please feel free to give me any of your ideas!