disclaimer: Pokemon ain't mine.
pairing: Touya/Touko, N/Touko.
notes: the quote, "maybe i can't solve the equation to change the world." is actually from the game According to the official Black and White website. I really want to use it. And I really don't know the purpose of a imaginary number- so don't ask.

imaginary number
'maybe i can't solve the equation that will change the world.'


The day you met her there was a bang.

The bang didn't change the world, it just froze it— the second you locked eyes with her. She was behind that boy, Touya, holding his hand tightly and their hands would swing, swing; swing up into the sky.

Her eyes regarded yours, just for a moment. (Those were rather pretty eyes, blue— and somehow you think how nice blue goes with green, unlike his muddy brown. You both complement each other, the sky and the land. You're meant to be.)

Then the both of them leave, hands swinging.

Oddly childish, you think— but her hand's rather pretty.


Hearts flew to the sky like hot air balloons.

Started out slowly, before you were up high and now you can't breathe because you are touching the stars. Her name is Touko, she's horrendously beautiful and she keeps getting in your way, and you maybe kind of hate her, just like you maybe kind of love her because she's such a beautiful, beautiful girl.

She doesn't notice.

She will never notice that you watch her, while you battle her partner— but that girl's like a siren, distracting you with her siren's song, leading you to lose the battle.

Reminding you it wasn't meant to be, he always wins at what matters most.


Simple puzzles became a lot more complicated.

You like riddles— solving them, the brilliance (the arrogance) felt after deciphering a mystery leaves you rather proud. But she's like a Sphinx. Enigma. Unknown.

She's just something left to unravel.

The numbers in your head started swirling when you added him to the equation and you realized how simple life is when you added: you, her and your dream equal perfect.

You never saw such a perfect answer before.


It wasn't long before she became an imaginary number.

When you met her, she was swinging, swinging; swinging her hand with him and she's still swinging, swinging; swinging her hands with him. And you're sick of it— seeing her as just a dream, an imaginary number in the equation of a perfect life.


She spoke to him today.

She came alone, this time. No hero-complex boy to swing hands with— it was just him, her and the deep blue sea. And numbers, lots and lots of numbers because what she says here, could be the factor for many different equations.

She said she was sorry and you say—

"Maybe I can't solve the equation that will create a perfect world."

She kissed your cheek and said, "But you can solve the equation to change the world."

Then she walks away, and all that's left is a figure from the distance. And you smile, because you're N and she's Touko and she'll be the reason for your dream.

And that's good enough.


the end