As we all know, there are no 'controls' to life,

No pause button, no skip, and unfortunately, no rewind.

"Live like there's no tomorrow," people often say.

But it's hard to keep that in mind, day after day.


You get lost within the smaller things.

What we did wrong, and what consequences it brings.

We often forget what's truly of value,

Focusing on miniscule setbacks, instead of what's true.


It's not that we don't appreciate out possessions;

Just that, maybe, at times, they're overshadowed by our extemporaneous obsessions.

We worry about what's out of our control,

Yet simultaneously neglect what is, ironically, most fragile.


Relationships; friends, family... could be gone in an instant.

Leaving you only with memories in the form of an imprint;

Regardless of whether it's on your heart or in the back of your mind,

It'll never replace their presence; there standing by your side.


You'd be left - damaged, broken.

Over-analyzing concealed emotions, feelings unspoken.

What you had never said, or hadn't done...

The worst part being: They'll never know, now that they're gone.


The basis, here? Don't take things for granted.

For once you lose what you have, happiness will be replaced, paralyzation implanted.

So, treasure, first and foremost, what money can't buy.

And, under no circumstances, ever let time pass you by.