0700 Hours, September 21, 0004 ADR

3 kilometers from the SW section of Groudon's Wall

The golden early light of dawn shone over a deceptively peaceful landscape. A massive verdant forest spread across the land until it reached a ravine so deep that it seemed to recede into the depths of the Earth. Across the ravine was a mountain range so high that the tips seemed to scrape the heavens.

But these two features were not natural. They had been made by the Lord of the Continents himself, Groudon. Ever since the Legendaries made a pact with the remnants of humanity over three years ago, they tried to stop Ho-Oh's hateful crusade. This was his contribution to the war effort; a nigh-impenetrable bastion that guarded the little corner of Kanto that humanity had managed to wrest from Ho-Oh's forces.

Despite the sheer size of the barrier, there was one kilometer that was left open due to the limitations of the landscape. That was no less impenetrable than the rest of the wall as snipers, anti-air guns and field guns protected the opening as they did the rest of the wall. And if that were not enough, Trapinch anti-personnel mines were scattered throughout the opening. While the explosive charge of these mines was too small to injure steel and rock types, they could turn a Raticate into a bloody mess. For steel types, they faced the much deadlier Magnemite anti-armor mines. These mines – like their namesake – were sensitive to ferrous metals. If the mine's sensor was tripped, an explosive charge would turn a copper disc into a hypersonic molten dart that could punch through armor plate like a Scyther tearing through flesh; the effects of that dart on living tissue, albeit covered in hard stone or metal armor were too horrible to imagine.

Near that area, some bushes rustled and a Fearow's head popped out and then two more. These three had planned to fly low as to avoid tripping the mines but not so high that they could be targeted by the anti-aircraft guns that defended the wall and then they would await other arrivals and then attack. Previously, the pokémon would have attacked en masse, which only provided the defenders with target practice. Now, they have learned and attacked in smaller groups but they have yet to actually penetrate the wall.

Suddenly, one Fearow's head exploded in shower of brain matter, blood and bone. The other two stared in shock just before their heads exploded in a shower of gore. A few seconds later, triple sonic booms tore through the early morning air just like the triple bullets tore through the heads of the Fearow.

0700 Hours, September 21, 0004 ADR

SW section of Groudon's Wall

Near a cliff overlooking the gap strewn with mines, a single hand twitched as it aimed its .50 caliber sniper rifle, looking for more targets. That hand belonged to Dawn, the legendary sniper. She had been drafted into the armed forces as soon as it was formed thanks to her supernatural sharpshooting talent. But she had to work her way up. First she was Private Dawn, serving as a spotter for another sniper in an active combat zone. But it was not until last year that she became Specialist Dawn and was assigned to Groudon's Wall.

Specialist Dawn sighed and adjusted the combat helmet that she was issued. She did not exactly enjoy this post. Sure, the risk of death was low because the wall was seldom attacked. On the other hand it was mind numbingly boring. And she spent hours prone no matter the weather: rain, shine, snow or hail.

She peered through the scope once more, looking for threats. The scope coupled with her Pidgeot-keen vision and her preternatural knowledge of ballistics allowed her to make extraordinary shots. Even though the dampener removal had bestowed her fellow snipers with a lifetime of practice, it seemed like she had been transformed into some superhuman sniper. She made seemingly impossible shots without the aid of a spotter. Her unbelievable accuracy earned her the nickname "Blue Death", after her blue hair and her unerringly lethal shots.

But Specialist Dawn never liked that nickname. She wished people would just call her "Dawn" or even "Specialist Dawn". She never really liked the title she was given. Why did they have to call her "Specialist Dawn"? What did she specialize in? Was it pokémon contests like her past life? No, it was killing things kilometers away with one precisely aimed bullet.

Dawn fought back a wave of emotions as she scanned the horizon, illuminated by the rising sun. She wanted to cry for her lost pokémon, for her lost innocence. She was no longer the hardened gunslinger born four years ago on September 13th. Instead, she was the pokémon coordinator who was on her way to a contest when shit had completely hit the fan.

She never wanted to serve in the military. When she first picked up Kaiza's guns, she picked them up out of pragmatism; she recognized that her pokémon may not always be able to project her. In a way, she regarded them as part of her team, much like Empoleon. She did not enjoy taking lives with either her twin pistols or her Empoleon, but what choice did she have? She never expected that picking up those pistols would lead her to enlisting (or being conscripted). She simply imagined that she would have to trade contests for gunslinging for a few months.

Specialist Dawn sighed again and kept an eye out for intruders. She heard a distant explosion as a 105 mm shell from an M24 Octillery field gun struck its mark. She could hardly wait until her shift was over. Just eight more hours to go.

1800 Hours, September 21, 0004 ADR

Mess Hall, Camp Indigo

Specialist Dawn poked at her meal of mashed potatoes and Pidgeotto cutlet. The clank of dishes and cutlery echoed in the prefab metal hangar-like building as the staff served the soldiers and civilian staff in the base.

"Something the matter?" a brown haired girl asked, sitting next to Specialist Dawn. She wore the same camo ACUs as everyone else. The rank insignia on her uniform identified her as a Private.

"Nothing," Dawn replied, poking her mashed potatoes.

"You know, it's not healthy to keep your emotions bottled up like that."

"Go away!"

The girl picked up her meal and walked away, leaving Specialist Dawn to stew in her own emotions.

Dawn sighed again. Her stomach growled, reminding her that she had not eaten for several hours and her body itched thanks to laying prone in the dirt for hours. She started slicing her cutlet and chewing on it. "This beats eating those disgusting MREs," she thought.

When she finished her meal, she headed out to her barracks so she could shower and get ready to go to sleep.

0100 Hours, September 21, 0004 ADR

Female Barracks, Camp Indigo

Specialist Dawn lay in her bunk trying to sleep. Lights-out had been nearly two hours ago but her racing mind kept her awake.

Will she be called out a in just few hours thanks to another mass attack?

Will she end up transferred to another area?

Will she end up dead like so many others?

Will she live to see the end of the war?

She tried to push those thoughts aside and closed her eyes, letting the steady breathing and snoring of her fellow soldiers lull her to sleep.

As she slipped into her dreams; a refuge from this cruel world of war, a faint image came into her head. That of a young ten year old girl with a Piplup performing at a pokémon contest in front of thousands of screaming fans.