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Chapter Seventeen

Naruto looked directly at the man just a few dozen meters in front of him. He looked just like Sasuke with long hair reaching his lower back. Naruto closed his eyes to focus his chakra.

"So you are the infamous Pein...a mere boy who took down Hanzo and attacked Konohagakure no Sato itself..." Stated Madara in a rather bored tone. Naruto opened his eyes to show the Mangekyou Itachi had wielded combined with the Rinnegan. Madara's eyes suddenly opened as if he was a toddler in the middle of a toy store, where his parents had said 'Anything you can hold, you can have.'

"Ah yes...my beautiful Rinnegan eyes..." He sighed maniacally. Naruto took a deep breath. This entire fight could potentially rip a hole in time...if two shinboi who could bend reality to a certain extent suddenly clashed, constantly ripping apart time and space then sowing it back together...eventually it WOULDN'T sow back. Madara quickly vanished it a swirl and reappeared behind Naruto, who spin kicked him back.

"You aren't the only one who's fast Madara" he said calmly. Madara laughed. This would be better then any fight with Hashirama. He quickly lifted his hands up at Naruto, who copied.

"Jiku no Jutsu: Masutaimu Yugami!"

"Jiku no jutsu: Shitsuryo Juryoku Yugami!"

Madara suddenly felt as if his left hand was holding a two ton anchor whil his arm was pracatically flying in the air. His head felt light yet other parts of his body felt light, some heavy as hell, and other areas felt even more abnormal...GRAVITY JUTSU!

Naruto was dealing with his own problems as he felt his own motions and senses slow down heavily. He could see Madara struggling with the random amounts of gravity. If he tried to move his hands to perform jutsus, he risked having them crushed under the massive gravitational pressure. However, unlike Madara, Naruto was only SLOWED down, but jutsus were perfectly safe.

"Jiku...no...jutsu...yu...gami...no...TAIHO!" He shouted as a cannon of what seemed like spiraling wind blew our from his hands and straight towards to Madarta, who felt himself do something he hadnt done in almost a century...sweat in fear of losing. Just as the cannon neared him he managed to pull free and vanished I swirl. He reappeared sixty feet away, the area he had just been in completely dissappeared and a giant crater appeared. No dust and no explosion...it just...vanished. He narrowed his eyes. The boy had created a jutsu of direct mass destruction from a style that had been formedr for purely defensive and transportational purposes...amazing.

"...you...are...not...normal..." He gasped as he tried to take in deep breaths of air. Naruto grinned tiredly.

"That's...because...I'm...the...Shodaime...Amekage..." He grinned. Madara laughed. He hadn't felt like this for decades. So powerful yet with a matching rival. The Yin that had found its perfectly balanced Yang. Black with White that was nowing mixing to create a masterpiece of grey complexity. He quickly rushed at Naruto, who grabbed his aerm and swung him into a boulder. Madara quickly spund around and landed safely on the giant rock. To hell with long range and space time justsus, this was a battle that only came once in a lifetime, and he was not wasting it with useless techniques. If he was to lose this fight, he'd drag Naruto with him and he'd do it like an orignal shinobi would. He drew a small katana that had the Uchiha clan symbol etched into the blade, a silver coating flowed through the blade itself. He slowly focused his chakra into it and opened his eyes to see a bright blue compressed blade replacing it.

"Rokkudo Seiji no Ken..." He whispered as he broke into a demented grin.

"...they say the Sage of the Six Paths had many weapons and treasures...some were more reknown then others...the Blade of the Six Paths wasn't one of them..." He added quietely. Naruto shook his head and removed his Shodaime coat. He was taking Madara out his own unique way. He closed his eyes and quickly let out a yell as sudden waves of orange chakra spiraled aound him (like when they go super saiyin in dragonball z). Madara lifted his arm so the flying debris and dust wouldn't get in his eye. This would be the fight of the millenia. He quickly dashed at Naruto, Rokkudo in a stabbing position. Naruto merely side stepped him and sweep kickied him from behind. Madara used his backwards fall as momentum and slashed at Naruto, only grazing his Ame Anbu armor. Naruto shook his head.

"That was my favorite chest plate too Madara" he sighed. Madara grinned, powerful and cautious with a sense of humor. The perfect warrior.

"And those were my favorite eyes" he retorted with a grin. Naruto smiled mockingly. Itachi's Sharingan.

"Well...if you want them...come and get them" he grinned, Madara swung the blade at him but Naruto dodged it only to be kicked in the back by Madara, who was about to add a reverse spin kick. Naruto quickly recovered and grabed Madara free leg and slammed him against the ground and followed by a chakra powered punch. Madara spat out blood and quickly struck Naruto ribcage. Naruto screamed in pain as blood seeped out his mouth as he felt one of his ribs shatter. He formed his hand seals only to be copied by Madara.

"Jiku no jutsu: Yugami!" They shouted. They suddenly realized their mistake as they felt gravity around them fluxuate from massive amounts to barely any at all, the air itself was heating up and cooling down. Pebbles and boulders alike were starting to dent and expand, eventually exploding or even imploding. Naruto didn't let go of his jutsu and neither did Madara. They were either both dying like this, both of them admitted that already silently to themselves.

"Naruto!" Konan.

"Dad!" Yakot and Hanabi.

"Naruto-baka!" Anko.

"Naruto!" Itachi, Tayuya and Tsunade. Naruto immediately pushed her back. He'd try to save as many people as possible.

"Madara-sama!" He looked around to see a young woman that looked in her late twenties running to him. He shot up as quickly as he could.

"Mikoto-chan!" He yelled. Too late she had entered the affected area. Mikoto looked around she instantly felt hell break loose. Heat burned her skin as it did everyone else but immediately cooled down only to scald them again. Suddenly thunderbolts flew from a small white dot in between them. Naruto and Madara's eyes widened. They ripped the space-time continium. The one small fragile but well protected safe guard that had kept reality and it universal laws in place had been cut, burned, stomped on, and kicked to the dust. The world and every existing thing was doomed.

"NOOOOOOO!" They shouted as a large white flash over took all of them. The end had come.

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