Chapter 1: After the performance

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Rating: T

As the curtain closed, the girls collapsed on stage and started to rest. A couple of them giggled at each other quietly.

"That actually went better than I thought it would." Kagami said.

"You messed up around the middle Kagamin~." Konata smirked with her signature cat grin.

"It's not my fault! We didn't have much time for rehearsals!" Kagami yelled. It was true, they only had four practice runs to begin with and only one dressed rehearsal. Most of them had had their own class projects to work on after all. Of course, some were working harder than others... Konata... Kagami sighed in her head.

"Did I do alright Minami-chan?" Yutaka asked her mint-haired friend in between huffs of breath.

"You did fine Yutaka." Minami said reassuringly. They all fell silent as they heard Minoru Shiraishi calling out the next performance.

"And now all the way from North High, give a big Ryōō welcome to their band ENOZ!"

"Oh man, we better get going!" Kagami said to the other girls as they ran off to their respective class projects.

As they started to part ways, Konata addressed Kagami for a minute.

"Wish me luck Kagamin! Maybe I should let you be my first fortune told!" Konata giggled.

"I already know what you're going to say, 'You will come into money soon' or something vague like that." Kagami said as she mocked her blue haired friend.

"Noooo~ I'm serious! I've really got one for you!" said Konata with a gleam in her eye.

"Fine, let's hear it…" sighed a face palming Kagami. Konata's face suddenly turned to a deathly seriousness.

"You will fail to scare twenty-three people today." Konata said in her best Nagato impersonation while pulling out her Staring Inferno.

"Shut up! And where did that thing even come from?" yelled the Tsundere as she grabbed at the wand. Konata backed up a step quickly.

"See ya later Kagamin~!" Konata waved as she ran away.

"That girl sometimes…" Kagami sighed with a smile as she started off towards her class's project.

The First Year Class

As Yutaka and her friends Minami, Hiyori and Patricia ran towards their cafe, Yutaka, Minami and Hiyori all went to the back room to get the former two changed into costume while Patricia went to entertain any customers already there. About five minutes later, Yutaka, wearing a red dress, came out on the arm of the cross-dressing Minami.

"Is this okay? I've never worn anything like this before..." Yutaka said, turning a little red.

"Yutaka are you okay?" asked Hiyori. "You were fine a minute ago!"

"No, I'm fine, just a little embarrassed is all" said Yutaka, blushing.

"Don't worry. You look fine." commented the ever-cool Minami.

"Th-thanks Minami-chan!" said the Salmon haired girl.

Awwwwww, it's almost like... pictured Hiyori.

"Tamura-san, are you okay? Your nose is bleeding!" Yutaka exclaimed.

"No-no-no-no-no-no! I'm fine! Don't worry about me! Just get serving already, don't you have a job to be doing?" Hiyori yelled as she turned around patting her nose with a handkerchief. Man, I've gotta keep my mind on a better leash! The perverted tenth grader scolded herself.

"Oh! I'm sorry!" Yutaka cried out as she went to take people's orders.

"Are you okay? Would you like me to take you to the nurse?" Minami asked her friend after she had sidled up. Scared half to death at her sudden appearance, Hiyori started stumbling over words as Minami put a hand to her head.

"Like I said, I'm fine! It just happens every now and again you see! Ahehehehehe..." Hiyori scratched the back of her head ruefully as she averted her gaze pointedly downward.

"I see..." Minami looked at Hiyori like she was peering into her very soul with those emotionless-looking eyes.

"Uh! I've gotta go get changed!" Hiyori yelled as she ran into the back room.

"Funny, she never got herself a costume, did she?" Minami asked no one in particular while a question mark appeared above her head. "How vexing..." she mumbled, going to work.

Class C

Kagami, Misao and Ayano quickly ran to change into their costumes for their class's haunted house. As they got there fully geared for scaring the bejeebers out of some random, poor students, they noticed the rest of their class walking down the hall talking about the cheer leading performance done just a moment ago.

"You mean to tell me we ran all the way here and they weren't even here yet?" angrily yelled Misao.

Hmmmmmmmm, They haven't appeared to have noticed us yet... Kagami thought with a grin.

"They may have been enjoying the concert after us..." Ayano suggested.

"Guys, come on!" Kagami whispered as she dragged her friends into the Haunted House. "Let's see if we can't scare them for taking so much time to get back here!" As they hid in the make-shift house, they started hearing their fellow classmates come in. Here they come, this is gonna be great! snickered Kagami. "Ready guys?" Kagami whispered to her two friends.

"Ready Hiiragi!" Misao answered for the both of them.

"RAWR~!" Kagami yelled out as she jumped from behind a pitch black curtain.

"Oh, hey Hiiragi." The boy in front of the group responded as they walked by unfazed.

"Uugh..." groaned Kagami as she moped about in the corner. Kagami's eyes suddenly widened as she thought back...

"You will fail to scare twenty-three people today."

Kagami looked over to the small mob of students and quickly began counting her classmates out. There were around thirty people in her class, if her memory served her correctly. However, she also remembered not seeing four of them here, since they had all been sick with that stomach bug that had been going around. Doing the math quickly in her head, she came out with twenty-six. Taking out herself, Misao and Ayano though...

That little...! She realized. How could she have... No way, it must have just been a coincidence. Still, that's way too freaky!

"Alright people, we're opening up, get ready to scare some students!" announced a disembodied voice from the darkened room.

Guess I better get going then. As she got near the beginning of the room preparing to jump out at the next people through the door. She heard footsteps coming down the hall as people began to see that it was open. "RAWR!" She yelled out as she scared several students clear out of the room. Yeah, that how you do it!

20 Minutes Later

Whew this is fun, only a few groups have made it past me! Oh, here comes another one... Smirked Kagami as she heard light footsteps.

"RAAAWR I AM A WITCH COME TO EAT YOU~!" The Tsundere screamed out.

"Hmmmm? You wanna eat me Kagamin~?" Replied her blue haired friend with a catgrin.

"Ko-Konata! No-no-no, Yo-you don't understand, I've been scaring people all day, it just sorta grew to that!" Shouted an embarrassed Kagami, turning a very deep shade of red. "What are you doing here anyway? I thought you would still be telling fortunes or something. Do they even know you're gone?"

"I took a break to come see you! You see, I was telling everyone's fortune and then it occurred to me that I hadn't told mine yet sooooo..." Konata trailed off a little.

"Don't tell me..." Kagami sighed in exhaustion.

"I saw that I was supposed to visit Kagami so I left!" shouted the excited otaku, throwing her short arms into the air for emphasis, small white beams of enthusiasm radiating off of her. Kagami found the energy infectious, though not for the same thing Konata was using it for...

"You can't just up and leave whenever you want! What do you think this is, a game?" retorted Kagami, scaring off a few more guests with her yelling.

"Kagamin's scary!" Konata flinched in mock fear, but dropped the act in seconds. "But this is an Arts Festival, you sure you're not taking this too seriously?"

"We-Well I wasn't ten minutes ago! I was-"

"Hey, if you two are gonna keep yelling like that, would you mind taking it somewhere else? You're scaring away all our guests!" Said the voice of a classmate.

"But it's a Haunted House, they're supposed to be scared! Fine..." the white haired witch let out a big sigh before following Konata out of the room.

"Yay~!" Konata cheered happily as the two of them left the haunted house.

"So, what's up?" asked an exasperated Kagami, strangely glad that her friend had risked a large bump on the head from Kuroi to come see her.

"Actually, I should probably be getting back about now..." The blue haired fiend replied.

Several volcanic sized eruptions weren't as loud as Kagami in that moment.


"Well, you could always visit our fortune telling or Yu-chan's diner." Suggested a calm Konata, her mouth in the shape of a cat's.

"But they might be expecting me back in there soon, I mean I can't just leave them li-"

"Go ahead! You're hogging all the fun anyway!" Shouted yet another disgruntled student.

It's like they're trying to piss me off! So what if I happen... Kagami started.

"-to be good at scaring small kids!" Konata finished.

"Wh-wh-what? How did you-" Kagami started to ask.

"I just know my waifu!" Konata shouted with even greater enthusiasm than before.

"ARE YOU TRYING TO GET HURT?" Growled Kagami, easily losing patience with the older girl.

"Hmm, want to change conversation topics?" Asked the otaku.

"I think that's fairly obvious." Kagami pouted, crossing her arms.

"Hmmmmm, Tsukasa is actually doing pretty good! With a little help that is..." Konata's voice dropping to a low giggle.

"Really? Why do you make it sound like she's cheating or something?" Kagami said as she noticed that they had been walking. When did we start walking? Where are we even headed, it looks like Konata's leadi-

"Hi Onee-chan! Did you come to have your fortune read?" Tsukasa said brightly.

Ah, showing me first hand, eh? Kagami thought, smiling to see her sister trying her best. "Sure why not? Sounds fun!" Kagami said, though she was a little uneasy about it. Konata's had been creepily accurate, after all...

"Go on, her predictions have been uncannily accura-"


"Sakura?" Kagami said as she turned to see the source of the large thud she had just heard, only to see Konata with a lump the size of her fist being dragged off by Ms. Kuroi. I shoulda figured...the Tsundere thought before turning back to her sister. "Ok, I'm ready when you are!"

"Okay Onee-chan!" Tsukasa said as she began shape reading. She made a face that Kagami could tell meant she was concentrating with all of her might.

She doesn't look like she's too sad... So I guess she's had a good day... Kagami smiled to herself.

"The shapes tell me... You'll find love soon?" the short-haired Twin said, sounding uncertain.

"Why does this sound familiar? Even if I would, who would this 'love' be?" Asked Kagami rhetorically.

"Uuuuh, I don't really know..." Tsukasa said as her Yellow hair bow drooped down.

"You said the same thing when you first thought of shape reading. I hope that you haven't gotten anybodies hopes up. It's great that you want to help out and all, but..."

"But Kona-chan said I was getting really good and people's fortunes were coming true! I really did see love soon for you Onee-chan, I just don't know who it is!" Tsukasa interrupted.

"Well, we'll just have to see, won't we?" Smiled Kagami.

"Yeah!" Just you wait Onee-chan. I bet you'll find love. Tsukasa thought with a fierce thought of determination as another came to get their fortune read.

Class B

As Konata, Tsukasa and Miyuki all walked to their fortune telling, they noticed some people already lined up at the door waiting for it to open. As they opened the door, they heard someone from the back of the line yell out

"Hey! If you can really see the future, how come you didn't know you would be late?"

Konata turned around with her cat-like grin and said "Because shut up." just before closing the door.

As they closed the door to get dressed, they heard Ms. Kuroi from behind the make-shift walls.

"Finally, where have you guys been?" She asked

"I'm very sorry we're late Ms. Kuroi, but we had to wait up for Konata-san as she talked with Kagami-san." Miyuki explained.

"Fine, I suppose I'll let you off the hook this time, just try to show up on time from now on." Ms. Kuroi replied.

"Wait a second Teach, aren't we supposed to be getting out in a few days? There aren't going to be any 'from now on's anymore!" Konata informed her teacher with a grin.

"Uh-huh..." mumbled Ms. Kuroi as she walked away, seemingly avoiding the question.

I wonder what that was all about. I'm pretty sure I passed my exam to get out of here... I wonder how Kagami is doing... Konata thought.

15 Minutes Later

"You will run into your girlfriend twenty-seven seconds from now." Konata said to the student in front of her.

"Bu-but I don't have a girlfriend! That can't be right!" A verbally abundant red haired girl claimed in front of Konata.

"Hey if you don't believe me..." Konata shrugged

"Hmph!" The girl scowled as she walked away. "Oh, hey Teri-chan!" Konata heard the girl shout. Konata giggled a little.

I think I'll go see Kagami now. This is getting boring. The eighteen-year-old thought as she got up and left.

"Izumi! Izumi? Where is she? Maybe she needed to use the restroom." Ms. Kuroi assumed. "Well, when you gotta go..."

"The shapes tell me you'll find money today!" Tsukasa said to a young girl.

"I hope you're right!" Replied the girl. As she turned to walk out, she stepped on something.

"Hmm? What this?" She asked as she bent to pick it up. "A 1000 Yen piece? Wow, I can't believe that came true so quickly! You're really good at this!" The girl smiled. "Thanks!" She waved.

"Well I'm just glad my prediction came true for you!" Tsukasa said with a smile.

10 Minutes Later

"Hi Onee-chan!..."

Luckier Channel (A/N I will underline the parts where Akira isn't in cute mode to distinguish it better)

"Luckier~ Channel~! Hiya Luckies! I'm your navigator, Akira Kogami!" Akira yelled in a very cutesy voice. "Can you believe we're on our very first chapter? Cause I sure can't!"

"Hello, I'm Minoru Shiraishi and I'm the assistant!"

"I'm so glad you came to apologize Shiraishi-san!"

"Ye-..Yeah, I just felt awful!" Minoru said, the threat he had heard just that day echoing in his mind, the presence of Gotouza still fresh.

"Now look. I'm getting paid so that you and little miss Bitchy Britches over there get along. Now I'm going to count to ten. You're going to apologize before I get to ten. Bad things will happen if I get to ten. Do you understand?" The terrifying woman had said.

"Yes ma'am!"

"Am I going to reach ten?"

"No ma'am!"

"Good. Now go apologize. Or else."

"Man, I wish this gig paid more." Akira mumbled, as her cheery and friendly tone disappeared. She suddenly had an edge in her voice that made Minoru's spine tingle. "First chapter and we're already getting our pay cut."

"Well, I understand, but they need to make money too I guess, right Akira-sama?"

"But I'm Akira Kogami. I'm a super idol! I SHOULD BE MAKING MORE THAN TH-"

*Music tone*

"Awww, it looks like we're all out of time for today. Akira's sad now!" The girl said, immediately turning her cutesy face and voice back on. "Well I'll see you again next time! Bye-nii~!"


"So, why did you apologize anyway? Did your mommy tell you to?"

"I don't see where that's any of your business."

"What was th-"


After Section

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