The Second…

He wanted her…her mind, body, and soul…everything that she had to offer…and yet he thought it impossible because of the other man he knew held her heart.

He could see the pain and anguish in her eyes…the fear that soon…she would have to return to the chains that held her down in a hell she never imagined. But, with each glance, he could tell she wanted more from him…the pure joy in her eyes every time she smiled warmed his heart…which had also been torn apart.

He knew the pain she felt. He knew the tight restraints that held her down…he'd felt them too at one time, but the determination in his heart…the determination to make her dead heart alive was overcoming the pain in his own heart, making him feel a pleasure like he'd never known.

And she…she was feeling torn more and more as the night went on…knowing who she truly wished to be with.

She'd never been so excited by a man…at least not in a sexual way, but she was so exhilarated by the pure energy that he held. His aura held so much love and happiness; she wanted it…needed it…so badly. All she could think about was being near him.

Then…suddenly…his hand brushed against hers. Her breathing quickened…her heart started pumping wildly in her chest once more…the sparks flying between them.

She knew he'd felt it too. Their eyes meeting in acceptance…both wanting to hold one another…kiss one another…praying for the chance to come.

They were quiet at first; both scared to speak…not wanting to ruin anything.

But he spoke…playful…yet bashful…taking the initiative he knew she was too scared to take. He softly kissed her neck, trying to invoke a feeling so strong in her…a feeling he hoped would break that hold that the other man had…

Yet…there she sat…her walls down…her chains broken from the soft, sweet feelings he was summoning from deep inside her. Chills ran up and down her spine…twisting her stomach into knots…the pleasure and excitement twirling inside.

She tried to think of anything else…anything that would keep her from trembling beneath his touch…his kiss. She tried to think of something that would keep her from giving into the need she felt so powerfully…but she couldn't.

This was something that she had wanted to feel…a signal that she had all too long been waiting for. She knew this was it…she couldn't wait any longer.

As he went to kiss her neck…she pulled away slightly…turning her head towards him…knowing this was it. His soft, blue eyes pulled her in…fire igniting when his lips touched hers; six years before…the feelings had been innocent…but now that they were both older…the need was stronger…much more deeper than either of them knew. He felt it. She felt it.

When they pulled away, they looked at one another, a smile coming to both their faces, a new beginning being placed in front of them. They were so similar, yet different…but their paths had crossed for a reason…fate had intervened once again…and this time…they wouldn't fight it.