Sometimes Alexander wondered if taking in the boy was really worth it.

He knew Daniel meant well, he really did, but sometimes the other just proved to be…too much of a hassle. Daniel most definitely was not the sharpest tool in the shed, but the boy did do his best to help him with tasks. Alexander found that he couldn't quite stay angry with the other for very long; Daniel just had a sort of vibe about him that made you want to just forgive him easily. Which is what Alexander did most of the time.

However, Daniel's foolish actions had been becoming more and more frequent, and Alexander was losing sleep because of it. Daniel had to stay awake most of the time in fear of his nightmares while Alexander was the one who would either console him or simply ignore his screams and whimpers and just simply get his own rest. The older male found it horrifying to see that the situations were becoming reversed.

It started off simple; Daniel would just help the older male around the castle doing easy tasks such as taking out the garbage("Alexander, why is this bag so heavy and why does it smell awful-" "Ignore it."), cleaning the dungeons("Alexander, why is there a dungeon-" "Don't ask questions. Continue scrubbing." "Alexander, what is this red stuff on the floor? It won't come off-" "Old chemicals that I spilled once. Ignore it."), and other like things.

Then one day, Daniel had asked if Alexander could take him along while the older male did his 'duties'.

Of course, Alexander had immediately refused, and ordered Daniel to his temporary room. However, Daniel was stubborn and stayed exactly where he was until the older male finally gave in and allowed the shorter male to come along with him.

The two spent the entire day walking throughout the castle doing absolutely nothing.

It wasn't that Alexander was afraid of allowing Daniel to find out about the prisoners locked deep within the castle and what he did to them, because Alexander was planning on having Daniel himself join him in the tortures and punishments he gave out. He simply felt that it was too early. The boy was naïve, and was a bit of a fool. There was simply no telling what would happen if Daniel were to find out about his deeds now.

But somehow, even on a simple walk through the castle, Daniel still managed to mess everything up.

Alexander decided to keep a journal with him at all times, to write down the crazy and absurd things that his apprentice did.

Unfortunately, he found himself writing in it every single day.


Entry number one:

Dear Journal,

I will not give a date, for today's date is unimportant and I feel as if it won't matter in the end. I am starting this journal in order to log whatever bizarre thing Daniel has managed to cause. If I am lucky, I will not have to write in this very often.

Today, I decided to take Daniel down to the laboratory because he always seemed to be interested in the chemicals located there and I, being the good man that I am, decided to humour him.

Why yes, Alexander, you are so very kind!

What…Daniel, get out of here! Do not read or write in this journal ever again, do you hear me?

But…You are writing about me, correct? Shouldn't I deserve to know what you write about me?

No. This is my…private journal. What I write in here is strictly for my own business. If you are so eager to write in a journal, why don't you get one of your own?

I already have my own, however. …Maybe we could share?

No! No! I do not wish to share journals with you and-wait. Is your journal the one I see you scribbling in every single day?

Why yes. I've had a diary for quite some time now…Even before I came to Brennenburg, I've had it, actually. Would you like to read it?

No. Now get out of here. How do you keep stealing my journal, anyway?

Well, you keep writing in it and putting it on the table. Then you walk out while shaking your head muttering things under your breath that I can't understand, though I have heard my name pop up quite a few times. While you are gone, I simply read what you last wrote and I write my own reply. Then you walk back in, read what I wrote, write something back, then leave again.

Really, now…

Yes. See, you did it again.

That's it. I'm bringing this journal everywhere I go now.

So anyway. I decided to take Daniel down to the laboratory today, and of course the very first thing he does is run to the chemical cabinet. I warned him to be careful, but he seemed too engrossed in reading the labels on the bottles that he most likely didn't hear me. I asked him if he wanted to mix something together, and he eagerly responded yes.

I allowed him to gather the chemicals he wanted to use; he did so eagerly. He ended up bringing me bottles of Cuprite, Calamine, Orpiment, and…something else. Do not judge me, it is late in the evening and I should be going to bed soon.

We decided to mix all of them together using the equipment in the laboratory. I had a feeling that something bad was about to happen, but I could not for the life of me remember what it was at the time.


"Alexander?" The young man leaned over the desk, watching the beakers in awe before turning to his elder. "You seem uneasy. Is something wrong?"

"Ah, no." Alexander lied. It had become something very easy to do when one was an evil mastermind of torture and deceitfulness. "It's just…there is something about this certain combination that I feel something may be wrong with, but I can't remember exactly what it is…Step back Daniel, in case something is indeed wrong with the mixture."

Daniel nodded and complied; taking two small steps back before focusing his attention on the mixing chemicals once more.


"What?" Alexander nearly snapped. The constant calling of his name was certainly annoying; and it was now starting to get on his nerves. Alexander, Alexander, Alexander? That was the first thing Daniel always said when he had something to say to the baron. Even if it weren't a question Daniel had in his mind, and he were simply making a comment about something, he would always start it off with calling his elder's name.

"…" Daniel did not say any more, sensing Alexander's irritation. The older male sighed and ran a hand through his long silver hair.

"Yes, Daniel?"

"I…Oh my," Whatever Daniel was about to say had become lost on his tongue when he focused on the site in front of him. "Is the mixture supposed to be dissolving through the table like that?"

"What?" Alexander quickly turned back to the mixture and noticed that a green liquid was being poured out of the end pipe and had eaten through the bottom of the metal container and was currently devouring the table surface. "Turn off the burners! Now!"


"No 'buts'! Turn it off!" Daniel jumped and scrambled to hastily turn off the burners. Alexander had run off to fetch a glass container to catch the acid once it had finished eating a hole through the table.

"A-Alexander? Which way does the wheel turn?" The younger male looked around for the baron, but the older male was nowhere in sight. Daniel began to panic, but shut his eyes, took a deep breath, and quickly turned the wheel in a direction he prayed was correct.

There was no such luck when he reopened his eyes. Daniel nearly screamed when the fire under the beakers had grown. He could nearly feel the heat against his face as he realized he had turned the wheel in the wrong direction. In the midst of his panic, the young man had a thought strike him that if he managed to turn the wheel in the other direction before Alexander came back, then Alexander would never know that he had done the wrong thing.

Daniel realized that his hands were still on the wheel that controlled the burners; his knuckles were turning white from the force of his grip. He quickly started to turn the wheel in the opposite direction before a roar screamed in his ears.

"DANIEL!" The mentioned male screamed and fell to the floor, letting go of the wheel as he did so. Before him stood a very angry and very seething Alexander, clutching a glass container so hard Daniel feared it would break and the glass pieces would shower all over him. In this situation, he wouldn't doubt it if Alexander had planned do to just that.

"A-Alexander, I-"

"You turned it in the wrong direction, didn't you?" He didn't wait for a reply as the answer was right in front of his eyes and still burning ever so strongly. "You can't listen to simple directions?" Alexander shoved the glass container under the table where the acid was set to spill in. He quickly strode over to the wheel of the burners and moved Daniel out of the way with his foot.

Daniel shook; he had never seen the baron this angry before…he messed up larger than he had originally thought. He watched silently as Alexander turned off the burners and waited for the acid to stop. A quick look under the table had proved that the older man had missed the mark completely and the acid was able to burn through the floor. Alexander cursed and removed the container from under the table.

A few moments passed in silence as the older male placed the glass cup on the table and turned to the other male. Daniel could feel himself shake; what was Alexander going to say to him?

"Daniel." The mentioned male jumped at the sound of his name. "What did I tell you to do?" His voice was surprisingly soft, a huge difference to the rage that was in it just a minute before.

"Y-you told me to turn off the burners, Alexander."

"And what did you do?"

Daniel decided right then and there that he preferred a screaming, raging Alexander rather than a calm-before-the-storm type of Alexander.

"I-I…m-made the f-fire worse…"

"If I did not come back in time, what were you going to do about it?"

"I was trying to turn it off!" Daniel tried to defend himself, knowing it was useless. "I realized that I turned the wheel in the wrong direction and I tried to turn it back, but then…" He trailed off, knowing that he was just making everything seem worse.

To his surprise, Alexander ended up sighing. Daniel's eyes widened in confusion. No more yelling? No hitting? No kicking him out of the castle?

"Very well. I can see that you are being honest, so…" Alexander thought for a moment before speaking once more. "I will forgive you."

Less than two seconds later, the taller man nearly toppled over as a large weight crashed against his leg, embracing it vigorously.

"Thank you so much, Alexander!" Daniel shouted in happiness. "I am so relieved, I thought-"

"Yes, yes. But this will not go without punishment."

This stopped Daniel's 'affection' instantly.


"You heard me. A punishment is in order. You are going to go to bed right now, and I am removing that candle from your stand."

"What?" Daniel nearly screamed once more as he heard his punishment. "Please, no! You can not do that! Alexander, I'm afraid of-"

"Yes, I am fully aware of your fear of the dark. However, you could have burned down all of Brennenburg in that one moment. This punishment is nothing compared to the alternative." Daniel couldn't help but agree to that. "And besides," Alexander allowed himself to smirk just a little. "I'm sure you've had enough 'light' to last you the entire night, correct? You were pretty close to that fire…"

Daniel felt tears well up in his eyes at the mere thought of sleeping alone, by himself, in a cold, dark, possibly haunted room where anything could get him…

"W-will I have the comfort of you if I have another nightmare-"

"No." The answer was quick.

Alexander quickly ran out of the laboratory before Daniel could attach himself to his leg once more.


And that was the end of that.

I am sitting here, right now, in my bedroom, writing in this hopefully soon-to-be obsolete journal. I do not know how Daniel made it out of the laboratory and to his own bed by himself, but I believe that he has become familiarized with the castle just enough so that he knows where to go.

I think I can still hear his whimpering.


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