"Ah, Alexander!"

The baron turned around to see a certain apprentice at the end of the hallway, twiddling his thumbs together and looking sheepish. A few minutes of silence passed by before Alexander sighed and realized that he was actually being expected to answer.

"Yes, Daniel?"

Daniel looked up at the ceiling, thinking over his next few words, before finally looking at Alexander's face and allowing a small smile to grace his lips.

"I was wondering, and…I wanted to show you just how much I appreciate you taking me in. I mean, you were the only person who actually replied to me when I sent a letter to every single person in Herbert's contacts book, so…" he took a deep breath. "I am going to make you dinner."

"…What? You can cook, Daniel?"

"Ah…" Daniel rubbed the back of his neck. "When I was younger, I had to feed Hazel and I after our mother died and our father started…well, I would rather not talk about that. But basically, I managed to teach myself a few things, and although I am not the best chef in the world, I assure you my cooking is not dreadful either."

"Did anyone taste your food besides you?" It wasn't that Alexander didn't trust the younger man, but Daniel most definitely was not the brightest tool in the shed, and there were many things that could go wrong. How the food tasted was the least of his worries, to be honest.

"Ah! Hazel did. She said she quite liked my cooking." Daniel placed his hands on his hips and nodded his head. His confidence dwindled as he went on, however. "But…I have not had very much practice with cooking for the past few years, as I was forced to move out. Then I went on the expedition to Algeria with Herbert and the other men; I am still quite unsure what happened to them…And then I'm here!"

"I…see." The older male sighed. "Well, if you're that set on cooking dinner for us, then I'm not going to stop you. Do what you wish, Daniel. I'll send a Grunt down here to monitor you while you're-"

"No!" Daniel interrupted. "I would like to do this myself. Please."

"They won't help you, they'll just watch you. You know, to make sure you don't hurt yourself." Or destroy my kitchen, he added mentally.

"But I do not need supervisors, Alexander," Daniel pressed on. "Are you saying that I can not be trusted by myself in the kitchen?"

"Ah, that's not it at all!" Lie. "It's just that…surely, it would be lonely in there all by yourself, would it not? Wouldn't you like a bit of company?"

"D-do you take me for a fool, Alexander?" Daniel asked bravely. "I know that isn't the reason at all."

Alexander sighed, knowing he lost the fight. Daniel was stubborn when he wanted to be. "Very well," he said. "You may cook dinner for me if you so wish. But! If I hear so much as just one thing burning, I'm sending a Grunt down there, do you hear me?"

"Yes, Alexander! Thank you!"

And with that, the young Briton happily turned on his heel and skipped down the corridor. Halfway there, he turned back around and slowly walked back to Alexander, a sheepish smile on his face.

"Ah…Alexander, where is the ki-"

"Down the hallway and to the left. Take another left, walk straight, and the kitchen is in the third door to the right."

"Thank you!"


Dear Journal,

Today, Daniel wanted to make dinner for himself and me to, ah, 'show his gratitude for me taking him in', as he says. I honestly don't know why he's doing it now of all times, but I suppose it doesn't matter.

I don't know what he's making, and to be quite honest, I don't want to know. He's apparently had cooking experience before, but that doesn't reassure me. He denied my request to send down a few Grunts to supervise him, and when I tried to follow him, he kicked me out and locked the kitchen door! I'm afraid he'll demolish my entire kitchen, and maybe even obliterate the entire hallway. Nothing is certain with that boy.

Maybe I should send a Grunt to spy on him. I'll have to use a stealthy Grunt, one that doesn't growl every five seconds and won't make that damned screeching noise for no apparent reason. It gives me headaches when they do that. Luckily, I know just the one.

The problem will be getting the Grunt in the kitchen. Daniel's locked the kitchen door. Unfortunately, the kitchen door seems to enjoy being as loud as a door could possibly be, and so he would definitely be alerted if it is opened by a key. I suppose I can squeeze the Grunt in there.

Let's try it.


"You know your mission, right, Grunt?"

Alexander spoke to his servant; the two were currently standing in front of the kitchen door with a Brute standing directly behind them. The Grunt nodded.

It was a shame these creatures couldn't speak English; they would make a nice conversational partner. Even German would be nice.

But, Alexander had to admit, now was one of the very few times he actually preferred having someone-something- around that was not able to speak back. It came in handy in situations like this.

He turned to the Brute behind him and nodded his head. The male and the Grunt both moved out of the way as the Brute inserted its cleaver-like arm into the keyhole and quickly picked the lock. Alexander gave it a thumbs up for a job well done and sent the Brute off as he slowly pushed open the door.

Luckily, Daniel was too busy singing and the fire too busy cackling that the brunette was unable to hear the loud creaks that the wooden door created as it opened just enough so that the Grunt was able to slip in undetected. Alexander quickly closed the door and tiptoed off.

He didn't get to the end of the hallway before he heard screaming.

"What the hell are you doing in here? Get! Out! I told you I didn't need any supervisors, Alexander!"

There were a few sounds of something metal hitting the walls, and a few screams from the Grunt before it all became silent, aside from the cackling fire, of course. The kitchen door flew open and the Grunt was thrown out of the room; it hit the wall with a loud thud. Something else was thrown at it that Alexander couldn't see, and then the wooden door slammed shut.

Alexander dared to inch closer to his servant, wondering what in the world had just happened to it. Upon closer inspection, there were large, clean slashes all across the Grunt's already mangled torso, and the baron realized with horror that there was just a stump where its arm used to be. The arm in question now lay at its feet.

…Well, that answered the question of what Daniel threw at the Grunt.


"Okay, we're going to try this again, except with Alee."

Alexander went over the plan with Daniel's favorite Grunt with the Brute standing loyally by his masters side once again. Daniel always seemed to know how to tell Alee from the rest of the Grunts; surely he wouldn't harm his friend?

Once Alee seemed to understand the plan, the Brute made its way to the door and unlocked it once more. Daniel was not singing this time; instead, he was using a large knife to cut something. He cut with such intensity that Alexander feared he may cut through the counter. He quickly pushed Alee in, closed the door, and ran off.

Once again, he did not make it very far before Daniel found his little spy.

"What? Again? I can not-I can not believe this! Alexander! You will stop this instant!"

More sounds of things being thrown around the room and a screaming Grunt. The kitchen door once again flew open as Alee was thrown out rather harshly; Alexander noted that at least all of its limbs were still intact.

The baron walked closer to see just exactly how much damage was done this time. There were more knife slashes, Alee's left arm seemed to be bending at a completely odd angle, and there seemed to be a giant dent in its head.

Alexander shuddered; Daniel had told him that Alee was(somehow) named after him.


This time, Alexander decided to venture into the kitchen himself.

He nodded to the Brute, and his minion quickly and silently picked the lock. Alexander noted that there was absolutely no sound at all coming from the kitchen; he'd have to be very careful this time.

The baron grabbed the knob of the door and slowly opened it. The door creaked loudly even so, and he mentally cursed it. He was thinking of a possible place of the kitchen he could hide in when he walked into something soft. Amber eyes looked up to see serious and unamused emerald eyes staring down at him.

"Oh…uh, Daniel!" Alexander quickly straightened himself up from his couching position, trying to act completely normal. "Fancy seeing you here, huh?"

Daniel had his arms crossed and was tapping his foot on the ground.

"Ah…I was just wondering when you would finish! You've been in here for so long, I thought you'd let us starve to death before finally coming out, ahaha!"

"I have been in here for half an hour, Alexander."

"Is…is that so? W-well, then. Time seems to be going by quite slowly right now! The food smells delicious, by the way, I can't want to try it-"

"I haven't started."


Daniel moved out of the way to prove to Alexander that yes indeed, the brunette had not even started cooking the meal yet. He had all of the ingredients for dinner laid out and ready to be used; he had just finished sharpening the knife. The fire under a pot was still going, aiming to boil water. Other than that, nothing else was complete.

"…Oh," was Alexander's intelligent response. "I see."

Daniel glared at him. Alexander would have laughed at the situation; Daniel was so much shorter and weaker than him. However, the glare was so intense Alexander knew better than to laugh at him. He eyed the sharpened knife clutched tightly in the brunette's small hand.

"I'll…just be going, then." Before Daniel could say anything else, Alexander had quickly ran out of the kitchen and sprinted into the hallway, knocking his loyal Brute harshly into the wall as he did so.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Daniel remained glaring at the same spot Alexander was in moments before.

"Maybe I should just make myself dinner. It would serve him right. Hmph."


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