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The older I get, the longer these plane rides seen to take. I almost couldn't wait to land in Toronto and get in a cab home. When I got there I noticed that the loft was empty. There was a note on the table saying that Clare was gone to the store…where are the twins?

"Jr… Hope… anybody home?"

I heard panicked whispering coming from Hope's room. I opened the door to find her with tossed hair…in a night gown... That's not the worst part though. There was a half dressed boy trying to slide up under the bed. Kids today… You'd think they'd at least be smart enough to lock the fucking door.

"Hope what the fuck is going on here!"

"Oh…Hi daddy! I didn't know you'd be home so soon."

"Cut the shit oh daughter of mine…What the hell is going on?"

"You'll be mad at me if I tell you!"

"No more pissed than I am right now! So you better start talking…when your mother hears about this…"
"Daddy please! Don't tell mom… This is Chucky."

"Hello Chucky."

"Hello Mr. Goldsworthy. I am a big fan."

"This is hardly the time for an autograph Chucky. You have some decisions to make… I'm going to give you thirty seconds to get your shit and hit the door or you will have to decide whether you'd like the be thrown out of the window or tossed down the stairs….Starting now! 30, 29, 28, 27…"

I didn't even get to twenty five before the poor bastard ran out the door with his pants around his ankles and only one shoe. It turned back to look at Hope. Where are the days when she played with Barbies and watched cartoons? Now she's ditched playing with her Barbie dolls to play with Chucky. It felt like I was going to barf.

"Hope I'm so disappointed in you."

"Why dad? Everybody does it."

"If everybody jumped off a cliff would you?"


"Hope! No! The answer is no!"

"Mom was only seventeen when you two had sex! I read it in a journal of hers I found!"

"Yes…she was seventeen and she'd completed high school! You are fifteen Hope!"

"Dad you don't understand anything!"

"No I understand it all! You just don't understand that if you catch a STD or god forbid if you get pregnant by that little Chucky kid…He's going to be gone!"

"No he won't dad! You don't know anything! Chucky loves me!"

"Hope wake up and smell the coffee grounds! You know what… go to your room!"

"I'm in my room!"

"Well fine… when I leave you should close the door and think about what you've done!"


I walked out and she slammed the door shut. I have to get off tour and come straight home to… my daughter… my baby girl…Having some kind of teen sex fest. I poured myself a glass of scotch and I sat on the couch. I tried rubbing my temples to get rid of the headache I now have but it didn't work. I guess I don't have Clare's touch.

I dozed off for a minute and I woke up to a kiss on the cheek. I opened my eyes to see Clare standing over me with a huge smile on her face. I pulled her over the couch and into my lap. We hugged and then I sighed loudly.

"Hey…why the long face? I'm making pork chops tonight."

"I caught Hope with a boy."


"Half dressed."


"His name was Chucky and he had fire red hair!"


"I know Clare! I know!"

"I'm gonna call her out here."

"No don't! I fussed on her earlier… I think she's had enough of getting fussed on. I just thought you should know."

"Well you are damn real I should know! I knew this house smelled like Axe body spray when I came back from my meeting the other day… but what did she say? 'No mom that was Jr's new cologne... No mom I was walking through Walmart with my friends and I got sprayed by a sampler.' She lied to me Eli!"

"You bet she did…"

"She is grounded."

"She is?"

"What do you mean, she is?"

"Look… I've been thinking… maybe we should talk to her. The initial shock made me wig out and yell but… we should communicate."

"Yeah…whatever…. Fine."


My parents don't understand anything! It's like they've forgotten what it's like to be in love… Well at least they have forgotten what it's like to be a teen in love. It's not like the whole freaking building doesn't know they love each other with all that moaning and growling they do behind closed doors. I waited on Chucky to text me or even call me. He should have made it home by now. Maybe he is taking a breather or something.

I curled up in bed and I cried. I'm going to be grounded for life! I will never get to see Chucky again. I can tell just by the tone of voice my mom was yelling in when she got the news. It's not fair! Jr can go out and do whatever he wants to do, but all I'm doing is having sex with a guy and I get harsh treatment. It's not like I attacked the paparazzi, smoke weed, underage drink and constantly fight like my brother does… yet he's the one with all the freedom. This is so unfair.

I decided to call up my best friend Sarah since I'm confined to this room until the two wardens say I can come out.

"Sarah at your service…"

"Sarah, this is a total crisis."

"What happened! Did you fart in the middle of the sex again!"

"No Sarah but don't remind me, I was so embarrassed anyway... my dad totally caught me and Chucky doing it."

"Whoa. That is...Wow. Did he freak? Your dad is cool so I bet he didn't. Not like my dad…When my dad found out I was hanging with Josh he's all like 'Sarah he's sixteen and he's a QB1, I know what he's like because I was a sixteen year old QB1 before'… it's like they have never lived!"

"He freaked really bad. He threatened to throw Chucky out the window."

"Wow, he did freak. That sucks for you. Hey…Heather is throwing a party tonight. You know Uncle Adam and Aunt Fi are always traveling and she's got the loft to herself. You going?"

"Doubt it. I think I might be grounded."

"Boooo Hope…okay. I will have to have fun for us both then. Have a blast being on punishment."

"Yeah I'll have tons."

This is so unfair.

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