Hi guys, so I feel like now is a good time to end the story because all the characters seem to be very…content, so this final chapter will be a short wrap up. I want to thank you all for reading and reviewing. Thanks for all your suggestions and encouragement. I hope you've enjoyed it!


I guess the twins are entering that stage now. Elian and Eden cried and refused to leave me and Eli's bed. They are going through that clingy stage, well Eden is… Elian is just going through the "mine" phase and as of now he's claimed our bed as his territory. They started falling asleep right in the middle of Eli and me so we had to whisper.

"Clare we have to get them out of this bed!"

"Shhh! You will wake them. It's just a phase. They will grow out of it."

"Well it better be soon because I was planning on having a good time tonight."

"Aw baby… well there's always tomorrow."

"Yeah, tomorrow. Goodnight."

Instead of our usual kiss we exchanged a friendly pat on the arm. These twins are really messing things up with this phase but I know they have to go through it. Jr and Hope went through the same phase except their attachment was to the living room couch and then to the coffee table.

I woke up to a little person drooling on my face. I opened my eyes to see Elian giving me sloppy kisses. I wiped off my face and got up. Eden was tucked under Eli's arm. I guess she likes the heat. He is naturally warm. They were still both asleep so Elian and I tipped out of the room. I turned on his favorite Sesame street video and he sat there contently while I started whipping up breakfast. Pancakes, eggs, sausage and my special grape, strawberry, apple breakfast smoothies.

The sounds of Elian's loud giggling filled the air. He really gets a kick out of Oscar the Grouch and Cookie Monster. Pretty soon Eli was walking into the kitchen holding Eden. They sat at the breakfast island.

"Good morning you two sleepy heads."

"Morning babe… Eden says good morning too."

"I'm making a deluxe breakfast."

"I know and I love you for it."

"So since I'm doing that you have to do something for me."


"Wake up the teens."

"What! Clare no way! They are like demons when they first wake up."

"Go on… Please? I'll be in your debt."

"Well that is an interesting incentive…I'll do it."


Eden and I went to complete the task given to me. I knocked on Jr's door. There was a loud thud like something hit the floor and then a lot of shuffling around. Finally he opened the door.

"Dad… its noon! It's so early."

"Yeah I know…the sun is out and everything but your mother is cooking a deluxe breakfast so get up."

"Pancakes and the special smoothie?"



That was easy enough. I went to Hope's room next. I knocked and I heard things being knocked over then she made it to the door. Her hair was all over her head, most of it covered her face. She looked just like that little girl from the ring. That is freaking spooky.

"Dad… it's only noon. What's going on?"

"Your mom made breakfast."



"Smoothie and all?"

"Of course."

"Okay. I'll be there."

Eden reached for Hope so I passed her over. It's good to see that they have such a tight connection. Most of the time when there's more than a few years between siblings they aren't close knit but Eden seems to like Hope pretty good.

I went back into the kitchen where Clare was whipping up the breakfast of a century. She was stacking the pancakes up high. I got a knife to taste test one of them.



"Put that knife and fork down."

"What? Why?"

"Because you can't taste test today."

"Clare come on…"

"Get outta my kitchen."

"It's my kitchen too."

She gave me and evil look so I dropped the knife and fork and I kissed her on the cheek. She smiled and I exited the kitchen. Today is shaping up to be a pretty tame day which is okay with me.


Today is an at home kind of day so instead of going out I invited Juno over. We hung in my room and we actually watched a movie. I'm pleased to report that things haven't become awkward since our first time. I'm glad because it would suck if things did change between us.

"So Juno… are you aware that this time last year we were just meeting?"

"Wow… you are really good at dates."

"It's a gift. I walked into the restaurant."

"I remember it. What a long and crazy year it's been."

"Yeah at least things are good now."

"They are. Things couldn't be more perfect, especially now that I've heard from Terrell."

"You have?"

"Yeah…he's started a new life for himself in Seattle. Can you believe it?"

"No I can't but I'm happy for him."

"Me too… I'm happy period."

"Me too."

After our movie ended we went into the living room. Juno and I sat on the floor and Elian came right to her. Geez, I wish this little runt would stop trying to hit on my girlfriend. I mean he can't even talk yet and already he's charming my woman. I picked him up and he clawed at me. Seriously my mom should clip this little monster's claws.

My dad put on a classic gore movie and everybody came to the TV. Luke even came over to join our family movie night. It was the perfect moment. My girl, my family and a TV screen showing only blood, guts and brains. What could be better than that on a Saturday night?


I must admit that this day has been good even though I had to wake up at the crack of noon. After the movie Luke and I sat down for some of my mom's cake and we talked. We have realized that we can't live without each other but we've also realized that rushing things never ends up well for us so we've decided to take things slow. We are helping each other heal now.

"So I've been clean for five months."

"Congrats Luke! I'm proud of you."

"Thanks. You know I couldn't have done it without you."

"Why is that?"

"Well in rehab it was your letters that kept me going and once I got home it was seeing you every day at school that kept me in line."

"I'm flattered… Can I throw you a party?"


"For when you reach your sixth sober month!"

"How do you know I will?"

"Because I believe in you."

We shared our first real kiss, since being reunited, over my mom's cake and two glasses of milk. It's been a really wild year but we survived it. There will probably be more dark days ahead but I think we can get through them. When our kiss broke I noticed Eden standing there smiling. I sat her in my lap and we took turns tickling her while I fed her cake. The kid is okay.


Eli thrusted his hardness into my core once more and it swung us both into the throws of pleasure. He always managed to get me hot and cold at the same time. This never gets boring with him. After we reached peak we lay in bed wrapped up in each other.

"It was a good day today…huh Edwards."

"Yeah Goldsworthy. Today was a good day."

"I finished writing songs for the album."

"Can I hear them?"

"Not until the CD comes out."


"All the way…"

We shared a chuckle and then I found the strength to get up. I wrapped myself in a sheet and I walked over to the window. They city was just coming alive. Eli grabbed my waist and he lightly put his head on my shoulder while he kissed my cheek.

"Nearly twenty years and this view hasn't changed."

"Well that is why I love this place."

"Actually Clare I was looking down at your boobs."

"Eli you are so messed."

"Isn't that why you love me?"


"I love you Clare."

"I love you too Eli."

We stood there looking at our city. The city we fell in love in. This really has been a good night. We went back to the bed and I drifted off to sleep with Eli's body heat covering me and his heartbeat creating a comforting rhythm.

"Goodnight Eli."


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