It's been three years. It's been three years since I have left this small county called yell. It's been three years since I lost my arm, and it's been three years since I have ever thought about the word love. My mother, I know she loves me with all of her heart but she wants me married off as soon as she can. She think that people can see passed my arm… well that is see passed my missing arm.

"Mattie Ann, Mr. alto is here!" my mother called for me. my sister sat on the bed next to me. She was all dressed up ready to go for her date that still had not yet showed.

"I hope the one is at least half-way normal I can't stand another that only wants to "save me from my debts and burdens that I have." The next one that says that to me is going to lose a tooth" Victoria became lost in her laugh.

"Mattie you have to lean to give people a chance. Not everyone is judgmental of your arm." She arose from the bed. "Lets go see about this Mr. Alto." She waltzed out of the room. I flowed her but, but I was not nearly as graceful as her. at the front porch with mama stood Mr. Alto he was in a fancy riding outfit, there was a shiny badge on his shoulder.

"Miss. Ross it's very nice to meet you." He held out his hand, as did I.

"why don't you and Henry go walk around till supper is ready." Henry smiled and took my arm as we walked.

"Mattie, I have never seen a woman wear trousers to a date." I took a breath, and told myself Mattie it will be okay just one harmless observation.

"I don't like skirts, so they have been eliminated until Sundays." He frowned.

"So you do most of the business for your family, I'm guessing you don't like it do you-" I stopped him

"No I love doing the books and negotiating over the cotton price I love doing that kind of stuff it brings me joy." He let go of my arm.

"You don't need any help in life do you?" I shook my head. My temper had busted.

"Not every girl needs her prince. I never read fairy tales as a kid so I never wanted a prince and all you want is to sweep some helpless girl off her feet and I'm sorry but I am not that kind of girl, so you can go back to fort smith."

"How did you know?" he seemed shock that I could even read.

"You badge is a dead giveaway and when you get back will you tell Rooster hello for me." he looked as if he was about to fall over dead. "Yes I know Rooster he saved my life. Now get going." He walked to the house and then went in. I turned to the barn and stared to head to it. Once I approached it I when in to the stalls and my horse Boeuf was looking at me. When little backie died I had to get a new one so I named him after LaBoeuf. Whenever I was riding him he made me think of the old day back in Fort Smith.

"Boeuf I think it's time I write him a letter. Don't you think? I mean I have not made contact with the man who helped saved my life. Don't you agree." I rubbed his nose and gently kissed it. "Thanks for the advice." I walked to the cabin. Thinking of ideas in my head but right before I walked in I looked up at the sky and saw the sun starting to set. I liked to set out here sometimes and just look at it, the way the colors filled the sky just made me tickle inside and this never happens normally. I just imagined back when I was with LaBoeuf and Rooster and how we rode off into the sunset.

I saw a man riding tortes the house. I rubbed my eyes and to my surprise it was real. I could not tell who it could be, my mind stared to wonder. The stranger got closer and closer then I heard the memorable sound of spurs hitting against the horse. My eyes widened a thought was drawn up in my head could it be LaBoeuf. Once he slowly arrived at my porch he lifted his hat.

"Well Miss. Mattie Ross boy have you grown!" he sat his hat down on the railing on the porch. "Now aren't you going to let your dear ol pal in your house?" he just stood there.

"Well Mr. LaBoeuf it's nice to see you too. Yes I'm doing well. Really yes I would love to invite you in to my house if I had an advance notice that you were coming!" I pointed a finger at him. "Now will you ask nicely I might just consider letting a Texas bush-popper like you in my house."

"How could you ever think about denying the man that helped save your life not come in your house?" I just rolled my eyes.

"I'm happy to deny you! You know you have not written me or visited in me about three years so why do you think you should just come now?" I slowly opened the door, "come on in you lazy Texas ding bat!" He gave me a smile and walked in. his blond hair glistened in the sun as did his bright blue eyes. They still had sparkle in them after all these years, he never changed.

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