A.N.: okay so who ever is reading this story hope y'all like it and sorry it took so long I have had really bad writes block for this story dory hope y'all like it.

"LaBoeuf, wait Mr.-" he was already in the house staring to walk to mama to great her. But then he saw Mr. alto. He paused and walked back to me.

"Dose little miss Mattie had a new boyfriend?" he joked, but I refused to take it lightly.

"That is my mother next suitor for me that I kicked to the curb as you are about to be. Keep your mouth shut, do not mention anything about marriage suitors to her or you will be the next one she randomly chooses And that would certainly be more unpleasant then… well… being married to Mr. Alto." He let a chuckle go.

"Well I do think it's time you get a suitor; I know you must hate being alone, and what about your sister you don't want to cause a scandal with her being married before you do." I looked at him and I cool feel the rage rush to my face and my tong suddenly became shaper than a two sided Arkansas pick.

"Listen here Mr. LaBoeuf, I do believe that everyone in this town know I have canceled out ever man in this town who wishes to be my husband and most for the counties soundings us. Don't you even bring my sister in to this she had no part taking in this conversation so just be quite? Second why are you even bothering me, you ugly low down Texas bush popper." He threw up his hands.

"Okay you can insult me all you would like but please just keep Texas out of it she has done nothing to you." I came back with a sharp line.

"Actually she committee the biggest crime she gave us you, Mr. I'm- so-big-cause-I'm- a-Texas-ranger. Yes if Texas was never discovered my life would be much easier." He laughed.

"Then who would have saved you and roosters life back in our hunt for Cumberland?"

"Rooster and I could do just fine." I crossed my arms. By this time Mr. Alto had left and I had just noticed. My mother walked up to us in our conversation. She had decided, since all we were focused on were each other, to barge into our conversation.

"Well you must be the famous Mr. LaBoeuf , Mattie Ann has told me all about you, it's a pleaser to meet you but may I ask why bring you out to these parts? I mean after all you are a Texas Ranger aren't you?" he took off his hat in respect and held out his rough callused hand to mama.

"Yes ma'am but I have come to visit Miss. Mattie since I have not seen her since in Fort Smith; I believed it was time to see how she was getting along." Mama took his hand and gave it a shake, "You do not mind do you Mrs. Ross, if I can in at an inappropate time I will come back at a later date, if you would like." Mama threw up her hand.

"No, no, no you stay; I need to go tend to the animals anyways so you too go catch up." LaBoeuf gave mama his bright shining smile. I felt week at the knees, I refused to believe that it was due to his goofy grin

"Well Mattie Ann, wow I should have guessed it." I gave him a playful slap.

"Never call me by that, you hear! You … TEXAS JAYBIRD! Never call me that!" I walked off to the stove and cut it off. "Would you like to meet Victoria, I bet she would love to meet you!" he shook his head.

"Mattie I have some news that I think you really need to hear." I sat down on the bed ready to let him talk, but he was interrupted by a gun shot.




I jumped from my seat on my bed and raced outside, LaBoeuf was right beside me. he had his gun out. I stared over to the barn, along with LaBoeuf, soon I heard the foot light footsteps of Victoria and little frank.

My mother was spared out on the ground. She was cover in a pool of a cinnamon substance. A hole was right in her stomach. She was slowly dying in front of me. I grabbed her and kissed her forehead, "I love you Mamma." Victoria and Little frank sat down next to me LaBoeuf took off his hat in respect. Her famous smile come upon her face and she slowly closed her ocean blue eyes for the last time. I could not move. I felt as my sole had died with her. I felt as if just my shell was here to give comfort to my brother and sister.

Vicky began to weep over mother warm, blood covered body. Little frank sat there just as I did, just as if he had died at that moment to. Mr. LaBoeuf kneeled down beside me. he put his arm around me, he knew how if felt I don't know how but he did. My family went back into the house, but we just satyed there the whole night