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Saga's POV

Have you all ever been in love? I have. I don't know how but I suddenly just fell and fell hard. And you won't believe who it is. You know that kid Phil? The one who creates all those experiments that could be classified as death traps 'cause they always bow up, well after a little incident that happened between us I suddenly found myself hooked.


Saga was shopping with Norma and Anne on a Saturday. They stopped to get some waffles and rest.

"Norma will have apple, Anne will have strawberry, and I will have marmalade. I would also like two plain ones."

"That's our Saga always reliable." said Anne. The three went to the park not far from the market place. Norma was telling Saga and Anne about a new pastry shop that opened and how the sweets were out of this world. Saga pulled out her schedule book and started to write a plan. Saga was about to take another bite of her waffle when someone grabbed her wrist and ate the waffle in her hand. (guess who).

"Saga picked another good choice." said the person behind them.

"Phil?" yelled Saga in shock.

"Hey Saga. Can you help us with our experiment?"

"No thanks Phil. It's not in my plans."

"Awe maybe next time then." said Phil.

"By the way Phil, you owe me a waffle." said Saga smiling.

"Alright let's go." Norma, Anne, Alan, and Jan watched the two walk off.

"I wonder about those two." said Norma.

"Well actually you should." said Alan, "You see Phil has a crush on Saga and he keeps denying it."

"Oh so it wasn't just us." said Norma and Anne in unison.

Meanwhile Phil was buying Saga a replacement waffle. The man gave Phil an extra just in case his girlfriend (he was referring to Saga) wanted one. Phil blushed and quickly told the man that she was just a friend. Phil walked over to his friend who was standing at the fountain and handed her bag still blushing. Little did they know that their friends were watching.

"Hey Phil are you sick or something you're all red." said Saga putting her hand on Phil's forehead. This only made him blush more.

"I-it's n-nothing Saga." Phil stammered the words while shooing her hand away.

"…Ok then let's go back."


They were walking back when Phil suddenly tripped causing Saga to fall as well. They both blushed at their current position. They stared at each other for what seemed like a long time.

"Are you ok Saga?" asked Phil blushing like mad.

"I should be asking you that." said Saga sounding a bit frantic.

"Yeah I'm fine." Saga was getting up when she suddenly saw Phil leaning in. Saga was blushing furiously when had gotten close. His face was inches apart, than he kissed her. Norma, Anne, Alan, and Jan gasped when they saw this. Apparently Phil became blunt to his feelings for Saga. Both Saga and Phil were both blushing. Saga replied to the kiss and after a few seconds they broke apart.

"I have to go." said Saga. She grabbed the bag of waffles ran to the place where her friends were (they went back while you know who were kissing) grabbed her bag and ran home. Phil walked to his friends and told them he was also going home.

End of Flashback

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