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Me: I matured over the summer and during the first part of school. That does alot to a person

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"Norma that was absolutely incredible!" said Anne. Norma smiled. They all went back inside considering it was already sunset. The kids took their baths and turned in early. They were lucky it was a parent teacher conference so no school.

"Well Harold, looks like we'll have to pay Hanna a visit tomorrow,"

"I guess you're right," The two walked back to their respected stations and went back to work.

Let's hope we don't get any unwanted visitors. they thought.

Chapter 9

4:30 am, Monday (I know it's early but this is the time I wake up, and go to sleep if I'm tired enough)

Normal POV

"Phil, Phil it's time to get up," said Norma trying to wake her brother which he didn't budge. She sighed.

Argh, he doesn't even budge when I try to wake him up, but when someone else does he shoots up with eyes of a beast. Why did he inherit dad's blood type? Why not type A or O like mom but nope he went on and got himself type AB and two completely opposite personalities. Well then again it kinda suits him. Oh well can't choose our siblings. Even Saga commented on that. Speaking of Saga what's up with her. She's acting as if she never knew us before school. Talk about frustrating. But it is Saga so she must have a good reason, but now I wanna know the reason. While Norma was deep in thoughts Phil woke up with a low groan out of annoyance. He looked at Norma who had her back turned to him.

Now what's that bubble-head thinking about? He thought. He sighed and sat up turning to his sister.

"Hey sis," he said yawning. Norma whipped her head around to find Phil staring at her with apathetic eyes.


"What's wrong?"

"What do you mean, nothing's wrong,"

"You can't fool me Norms now tell me, what's wrong," Phil searched his sister's eyes for answers causing Norma to freeze down.

Crap. This is why I don't make Phil angry.



"Spit it out already," he said.

"I...I'm not...," and then Phil broke the trance.

"Alright then if you don't wanna tell... I'm going to get a snack want anything?"


"Alright then," Phil shut the door behind him as he left. Norma just sat there hugging her knees.

What happened?

Phil's POV

And here I thought I could get answers from her directly instead of searching her mind. Oh well. Anyway I was walking down the hallway to the stairs when I tripped and fell on top of someone.

"O-ow," I said. I pushed myself up and saw Saga under me. I felt my face heat up at a very alarming rate. (Me: Recognize this people? If not revert back to the Prologue)

"S-Saga, are y-you okay, what are you doing?"

"I-I was finding my way back from the bathroom," she said. She was blushing more than I was. Why did she have to be so damn cute? (Me: WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE!) Sorry bout that. (Me: O.o)

I looked at her for a moment then kissed her softly. She blushed several shades of red as I helped her up.

"Let's not tell anyone about this alright," she said "This already happened before and you know I'm not a fan of repeating the past," I kissed her hand then smiled.

"Alright," I picked up Saga piggyback, despite her protests, and walked back to the room.

Norma's POV

What did he do to me? How did he do it? I wouldn't care if I got thrown off a cliff but that's not possible! Phil doesn't know mind control, well, he's not supposed to. But those eyes of his look as if he's staring straight into your soul. I'm surprised that doesn't work on Saga. Well now I see why the girls in our class find him 'attractive' and at the most goofy, but in a good kind of way that almost makes him seem cute and innocent. Too bad they don't know the other side of Phil. Key word: Other. To be honest I prefer if he keeps his goofy side with all those nutty inventions of his. I mean his other side is kinda scary. But yet and still…..

"Hey bubble-head whatcha thinkin about?" I jumped when I heard that. Only one person calls me bubble-head and that person is standing at door. He's carrying a sleeping Saga on his back as well.

"PHILLIP HARMAN WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?" I yelled. He shushed me than I covered my mouth forgetting the time and how early it is. I went over there to smack him in the head but before I could make contact, he grabbed my wrist halfway. I was shocked that he actually chose to stop me, but what shocked me more is his expression. It was cold and hard and without emotions. Not good. I shut my eyes ready for whatever may happen and surprisingly he let my wrist go. I rubbed it because of how hard he squeezed it. He laid Saga down on her sleeping bag and walked over to one of the couches and sat down while taking his glasses off.

"Did something happen Phil? I've never seen you look so...,"

"It's about a curse I read about," I froze. Did he find out? Aw man.

"W-what kind of curse?" I said trying to sound casual. Fail.

"It's called Impulse. Do you know about it?" That's it I'm dead.

"I um...,"


"O-okay I give," I sat down on the chair and sighed, "But let me warn you, this is the whole story. And if you need to look into it further, mom has the journal. He nodded. I began.

"Impulse is a curse that has been in our family for over five hundred years. When our great-grandmother migrated to Japan, she met a muse. The muse had asked to become her apprentice and learn in the Enchanted Arts. One day the muse had asked her to cast a spell on the man she loved so he would notice her. She knew it was wrong but did it anyway. This spell was one from a book in the Domus Prohibenturone meaning you couldn't cast it without giving it something in return. She had intended to give her powers, but something went wrong and instead she gave the spell the ability to curse every first born male in the family. If second born males are cursed it's every other generation. It's also the reason I didn't want you and Saga dating. So just to be safe I sealed it and the fact that you wear the Rosario charm on a chain around your neck everyday the seal will last longer. I've been trying to find a way to reverse the curse but so no luck. The books that had this subject said it was spread to other families like ours... that was false. It's actually if the family uses this spell then they'll most likely have their powers taken because this spell is forbidden and what it will do to them, that's a mistery. Few people know about the full story and tell what's in books, few people know about the only thing that can stop it but that thing has been lost in time and no one has found it since," I said.

Normal POV

Phil sat there trying to register all I said. He sighed and sat back. Norma stared at his expression. She'd never seen her brother so serious. Norma sighed as well.

"Do they know what it is, or who created it?" he asked.


"The thing is that can reverse Impulse?"

"They know who created it, but don't know what it is. To be honest I don't even think it's a 'what' but a 'who',"

"I see, well who created it?"

"Her familiar,"

"Our great-gramma's familiar?"

"Uh huh,"

"Wow, must have been some familiar to do something like that,"

"That's what I said," she said giggling. Phil smiled half-heartedly then stood up. He walked over to his room and grabbed a spell book from his shelf. Norma watched as he came back with curious eyes.

"What are you doing?" she asked. He ignored her and opened the book.

"Ad quingentos annos maledictio pro nobis," he chanted. As Norma heard the words small yellow lights appeared around them like fireflies. Norma watched as the room slowly changed settings.

"Phil what are you doing?" she asked scared. The lights suddenly disappeared and Phil and Norma were in there weekend clothes. Norma looked around and saw they were standing in a field rather than at their home.

What did Phil do? She wondered.

Present time 6:00 am(A lot of time passed between Norma and Phil before they left)

Normal POV

Azura and Harold were currently walking to the school to speak with Hanna. They knew it wouldn't be long until those people came so they went on and took precautions. Arriving at their children's school they went on inside to the classroom.

"Hanna," said Azura opening the door. Hanna turned around and smiled at the enchanters.

"Azura, Harold long time no see. You here for the conference?"

"Not exactly," said Harold, "Actually we're here to talk about another issue,"

"Oh? Well what might that issue be?"

"It's about Impulse... and the reverse," said Azura turning serious. Hanna stood there and nodded her head.

"I understand," Azura explained to Hanna about Phil and how Norma had sealed him and explained how Phil is shifting between personalities. Hanna told about how she told Norma and Phil's friends about Impulse but only the valance, not the inside for it would overwhelm them. Hanna sat there registering it all in her brain.

"What about the reverse," asked Hanna.

"I have my theories," replied Azura, "But I'm not sure,"


"I'm thinking that Saga may be it,"

"Saga? But how?"

"I don't know all I know is that she has the mark... Just like Ingrid however Saga's may be the one that Khamsin chose the one who can get rid of Impulse forever,"

"But Azura you sure it's her?"

"I'm not, but it may be,"

"Well, has there been any signs?"

"Other than when she sees Phil and Norma battle, I haven't noticed a thing. Harold, what about you?"

"Hmmm I'm not sure if this is a sign but I remember Phil saying how Saga may be the most stubborn of people seeing as how she isn't affected when looking into his eyes like Norma or any other girl does,"

"Saga isn't affected?"

"Yep, at least that's what he said,"

"It's official, those Bergmans are a true force to be reckoned with," said Azura. Hanna and Harold nodded in agreement.

After that little meeting, Azura and Harold asked the usual at a conference, how are their kids doing and Saga so they can report it to Grandma Regina. They went on like that for half an hour, leaving when another parent came. They headed back to the Harman mansion to resume their work but not before dropping by the graveyard.

To the Past with Norma and Phil

Normal POV

Norma looked around panicked trying to comprehend what was going on.

"Phil, where are we?"

"In Japan I'd say about five hundred years ago," he said nonchalantly. Norma stared at him then smacked him on the head.

"YOU FOUR-EYED IDIOT, WHY WOULD YOU COME BACK FIVE CENTURIES?" yelled Norma directly in his ear. A vain popped up on Phil's head. He glared at his twin causing her to shriek back.

"I came back so I can see what happened when the curse was first stated. If I see it firsthand then I may be able to get a clue on the reverse and if I'm able to be free of this, then I can have a normal relationship with Saga. I'll be able to start over with her as well. That's all I want,"

"Phil...," Norma couldn't help but sigh. Being the more responsible and stable twin she had to look after and support her older brother. Phil had never really been one to share emotions.

Why does he have to be like this?

"Alright, alright I'm sorry. I should've let you speak before jumping to conclusions but next time you pull a stunt like this, warn me,"

"Yes big sister,"

"I'm gonna kill you,"


"Oh it's on now," Norma tackled her brother who was only laughing enraging her more. She may be the stable twin but when it came to her brother, but she'll snap in an instant if he provoked her.

Back to the present

Normal POV

Saga woke up and stared at the clock. It was 8:15 am meaning she had to get up and leave.

"Where are Phil and Norma?" she asked to no one in particular. She got dressed and packed her things. Saki had come into the room to see if she needed anything.

"Miss Saga do you need anything before you go?"

"No I'm fine, thank you for asking,"

"Oh okay. By any chance have you seen Miss Norma and Master Phil?"

"Um no I was thinking you might have seen them. Last I saw Phil was around five ever since then I haven't seen them,"

"Oh well maybe their parents have seen them. I'll ask them when they get back,"

"Okay then, when you see them tell them I went back home,"

"Will do,"

"Okay then I'm off,"

"See you later Miss Saga," said Saki waving. Saga waved back and headed to her home.

Greta's POV (Haven't done this one's in a while)

Well look at what we have here, Saga on her own. Now's my chance.

"Well, well, well what do we have here?"

"Oh hi Greta," I looked at her. I can't stand her sometimes. She beats me in any and everything. I can't stand it. I don't even know how she got Phil. I admit even though it seems like I hate his guts, truth is I'm in love with him. Not that petty love real love. But every time I look at him he's always gazing at Saga like every guy in our class but his eyes have a sort of sorrow to them as if, as if he had done something to her. Other than that his eyes held love. So much love that in a way it frightened me that someone could feel so much about a person. I guess that's one reason why I fell for him. The other is the fact that he saved my life. He looked at me with those sky blue eyes of his I swear my heart leaped a hundred feet in the air. When he smiled it made me melt.


Normal POV

Greta was walking down the road to her favorite shop. While walking she didn't notice a ditch in the middle of the road that people were reported to steer clear. She fell in but managed to grab the edge.

"Someone, help! A girl fell in the ditch!"

"Is she alright?"

"Oh my goodness!"

Everyone tried to help her due to that ditch being severely deepand they didn't want her to get hurt. The Harman family was walking by and saw the crowd.

"Excuse me," asked Harold, "What's going on?"

"A little girl fell in the ditch and we can't get her out," Norma and Phil pushed their way up front to see who it was.

"G-Greta?" they said in unison. Greta's arms gave out and she started to fall. Before she could get that far in, Phil grabbed her wrist and started pulling her up. When she was completely out of the ditch she looked at Phil who was panting along with his sister.

"I-I'm not heavy am I?" asked Greta. Phil shook his head.

"No not at all, I just couldn't pull you out quickly due to the gravity of the ditch," he said. When Phil caught his breath he looked Greta and smiled a small smile.

"It's good that you're okay thought," he said while getting Norma off the ground. The town sighed in relief as Greta was okay and that's when the parents came.

"GRETA! Are you okay dear?" said her father. She nodded her head while staring at Phil as he turned to talk to Saga.

Flashback over

Greta's POV

It may have not been a big deal to him but it was to me. Then I saw him at school the next day and he was talking to Norma and Saga. I hate to admit it but he Saga, look really good together. But that won't stop me.

"Hey Greta,"

"Yes, what is it?"

"Do you know you're still wearing your pajamas?" I looked down and quickly covered myself with my dress.

"Well it was nice taking to you but I must go now. Ta ta," Just you wait Saga, I will have Phil.

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Ad quingentos annos maledictio pro nobis- Take us to the place of the five hundred year curse

Domus Prohibenturone- Household of the Forbidden

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