-1The hospital room was quiet, the sound of light breathing filled the room where the young victim lay. Haru and Eiji were sleeping in the chair and on the couch. A door opened, and a nurse entered the room, walking up the boys and checking her status.

Haru sighed, rubbing her eyes. "Its been 3 days. Is she ever going to wake up?" Nurse turned, with a smile.

"The doctor said that its just shock. She should wake up any minute."

I hear, voices.

"I hope its soon." Eiji hung his head, putting the blanket on the end of the couch.

I can't recognize these voices.


Eiji. Is that Haru's voice?

Eiji's head swung at discussed at the small group that had walked into the room. Chiba glared Eiji down, Ryusuke just ignoring the red head, everyone else sat around the room.

"What are you doing here?" Eiji spat, a look of discussed on his face. Chiba sneered.

"We're her friends too." Eiji spat a chuckle.

Is that...

"You're the one that left her Chiba."Taira's head shot up.


"What?" Koyuki punch the wall before anyone else could.

"This is the guy who left her, when she was pregnant. How she can put up with him even being around, is beyond me."

That's right, I have a daughter, Sachiko.

Chiba pushed his way to Eiji taking him by the collar. Eiji just smirked, watching Chiba's angering expression.

"I'm not afraid to send you into one of these damn rooms too." Chiba was grinding his teeth in anger, Eiji just smiled. Taira tried to pull him off, but it wasn't working.

"Chiba!" Sora's voice echoed past the two boys fighting, she looked up at the two in disgrace. "Let go of him now..." Chiba just tightened his grip. "Now." He let go, Eiji walking over to her as Chiba left the room.

"I thought you would never wake up..." Eiji cupped his hands with one of hers, resting his head on his fists. Sora just smiled, Koyuki stood and put a black box with a red ribbon on her lap, Ryusuke and Saku bringing in get well soon balloons and Taira putting a teddy bear under her arm.

"We thought this would make you feel better." Koyuki smiled at her and she glowed.

"Chocolates, balloons, and a teddy bear. I never would of guessed guys like you would know how to treat a girl." She just chuckled. "Thank you." Eiji smiled and nodded at the gang. Taira smiled back. Sora looked up at her brother. "What's the damage?"

"well your head is all healed up, stitches under your eye, no broken bones but your going to be in a lot of pain from internal and external bruising."

"It could have come out a lot worse you know." Eiji kissed her cracked skull.

"Thank god you didn't. I have to go meet up with Miyabi. I'll be back as soon as I can." Sora nodded, as he kissed her and grabbed his jacket. Ryusuke left to go find Chiba, Koyuki and Saku left to get food, Taira went to the bathroom, Haru stayed in the hospital room.

"Eiji was really worried you know. We all were."

"I know, though I wish I wouldn't have woken up to Chiba about to fight Eiji." She snuggled the teddy bear Taira had given her. "That wasn't very pleasant."

"I can see why. I looked at the pictures from the amusement park-"


"Did you ever notice in any of these pictures from the past couple weeks, Chiba has been looking at you like he used to?" Haru sat down next to her, showing her the pictures from the previous weekend. Her eyes grew wide then relaxed with a sigh.

"No, but that doesn't matter. Chiba screwed up, and its going to take a lot of work to win me back." She crossed her arms.

"And Taira?"

"What about him?"

"I talked with Ryusuke a couple days after the accident. He says Taira is a little bit changed too, not sure why."

"He's sweet, charming, handsome, kind-hearted, gentle-" Haru cut her off

"So you like him too?" They didn't know that Taira had opened the bathroom door just slightly, over hearing her next words.

"I never said that. I can't do this right now Haru. I can't worry about finding what's right, I have to let it come to me, it has to find me. I have to catch up in school, I have to get Sachi ready for school, I have to work non-stop."

"and if you didn't have us, it would be impossible." He looked at the door to hear and see some of the others enter with food, Chiba accompanying Ryusuke and Taira leaving the bathroom. It wasn't much later when the nurse came into the room and snipped off the stitches in her cheek bone.

"You will be released tomorrow afternoon Sora."

"That's great." She smiled widely as did everyone else, though she was going to have to take it easy big time, or else she would never heal completely. Ryusuke picked up his phone and spoke to his sister, who finally found the hospital room.

"It's about fucking time." Maho looked over at Sora. "You don't look so good, at least you look better than I was told."

"Uh, thank you?" Sora hugged the young teenage girl, as Nana brought in Sachi.

"Hi Mommy!" She climbed up on her lap with a hug and a kiss to the cheek. "I hope you're feeling better, we ran into daddy on the way here! He said he has already seen you, and he can't wait to see you out of here, he has a big surprise for you, but I can't tell you yet."

"She thinks she knows, Eiji pulled me over and spoke to me. She is just being a little girl." Nana patted Sachi on the head before looking at her sister with a smile.

"Ah fresh air!" Sora reached her arms in the air, sitting in the wheelchair. The nurse turned to the small teenager.

"Now remember, take it as easy as possible for the next two weeks and you will be fine.

"Thanks." Haru nodded and pushed his sister and her daughter to the car. "So looks like I am only going to be working the computers at work for a while."

"It appears so. We got some awesome new games you'll love." Haru set his sister in the passenger seat, before getting in the car and driving. The ride was quiet, cuddling the bear Taira got. It was the second one for her, She looked out the window at the clear blue sky.

"Sora... do you have the edits done?" She was sitting in front of the computer in the work shop. It had been a few days since she was set free, her wheelchair was big, and she didn't like it, but it was useful.

"Almost, just have a couple more." Clicks from the computer mouse echoed the empty room. Printing the images she just edited, she rolled her wheelchair to the back of the building for Haru and Sachi to frame.

"Now, push that little lever thing right there... and its done." Haru was showing Sachi how to frame the pictures that they created, they were working on the bands photos but these were for there own home. Going back to the computer she saw Chiba standing and waiting at the counter.

"Good afternoon Chiba." She didn't look at him, just went back to the computer to upload the amusment park photos onto there online blog site that she managed for them.

"Ryusuke sent me over to see when you were going to upload the photos..." He wouldn't look at her either.

"Just finished, there edited and posted."



"I'm sorry."