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Chapter 4


Moon Dorm:

"This is really a waste of time…" a brunette said in a bored tone as he waited at the moon dorms enternce for the last of the night class to gather.

"Senri can you at least pretend to want to be here…" a blond vampire hissed at the other "besides Kaname-sama asked us to join the night class you should feel honored."

The brunette frowned at the blond model "Yes… because spending the next 3 years here with a group of loud humans and annoying nobleman is how I want to spend my time." The brunette said with words that were laced with venom.

"Don't say such things." Ruka scolded the younger vampire for the lack of respect for the resident pure blood. "Kaname-sama has selected us all for his goal of integration among the human and our kind… so do your part in order to support Kaname-sama goal."

A new voice is echoes throughout the main area "As painful as it is for me to say this but Ruka is right…" the blond vampire chimed in causing the other blond to send her most deadliest glare "We have to support Kaname-sama and stay loyal to this cause!" Aidou finished and started to fix his uniform ignoring the glare Ruka was sending.

"Oh this is a shock, Ruka and Aidou are actually not fighting for Kaname-sama's attention and came to some type of agreement… oh this is a shocking development." Akatsuki said as he walked down the stairs to the main area with an amused smirk.

"Shut up Kain!" Aidou and Ruka yelled at the same time to each other's displeasure.

"Oh and their already in tune with each other…" Senri said trying to get in on the fun teasing Aidou really was a lot of fun sense he lacked maturity and Ruka was just as bad.

"And they don't even need a blood bond…" Rima added following her partner in crime.

"Bit me Senri… And Rima your one to talk you follow Senri around like a puppy attach to their master!" Ruka yelled at the two, she hated being made fun of epically by those two.

"Oh your one to talk!" Rima yelled at the other blond. "You partially live in a fantasy world full of delusions of you and kaname-sa~" the younger blond yelled in anger but before she could finish her statement she was cut off by a cheerful voice.

"I don't think arguing is a productive way to start the night." Takuma smiled and looked down expectantly at the two girls so that they could stop their useless bickering.

Getting the hint Ruka finally sighed and Rima said "Fine…" before sending the other blond one last glare.

"That's good we don't want to start the new school year off on a bad foot… is everyone ready for tonight's class?" Takuma asked and was rewarded with a yes from everyone that gathered but frowned slightly when he realized a certain pure blood vampire was missing.

"It seems that kaname-sama is running a little late… I guess I'll go remind him of the time." The blond vice-present said before walking back up the elegant staircase and walk down the narrow hall before taking a deep breath and knocking lightly at a tale wooden door.

"Enter…" a soft voice echo from behind the door and the blond opened the door and entered and close the door behind himself.

"Kaname-sama its time for escort…" the blond said to the brunet behind the desk littered with paper work and the brunet looked up and sent the other a small smile. "I'll be down soon… Thanks Takuma for reminding."

The other smiled back before giving a soft reply "No problem." The blond said as he exited the room to join the others down stairs and the brunet looked back down at the picture in front of him before a smirk graced his face as old memories flooded his mind.

11 years early

"Zero go get the ball!" a silver-haired child voiced was heard throughout the empty park. "Ichiru… You the one that threw it!" yelled an identical voice.

"So you were supposed to catch it." The other yelled as if that gave him the justification needed to force the other into submission.

"It's dark and mom said for us not to spilt up." Zero yelled at his twin, really he had no desire to search the endless empty park for some stupid ball his idiot of a brother lost because the other couldn't hold back when kicking the small red ball.

The other twin frown a bit before a manipulative smirk grace his small face causing the other twin to become alert.

"Fine… I'll go get the ball since Zero is to scared… just like a girl." the other said with a mischievous smirk and smiled when Zero sent a glare his way. Zero puffed out his cheeks and narrowed his eyes at his twin brother for suggesting that he was weak.

"I'm not scared!" Zero yelled he was not a girl and he will prove it and Ichiru smirked. "You stay here and I'll go get it." Zero said as he walked off in the direction his brother kicked the ball.

"Thanks Zero-niisan." The other said with a satisfied grin, his brother was so easy to manipulate and zero ran off in to the woods.

"Which way did it go?" Zero asked out loud. "It's near the trees towards the back!" Ichiru yells and Zero frowns "If Ichiru knew were the ball was he could of looked for the ball himself!" zero said with a frown and walked deeper in to the woods before stopping when his eyes made contact with the a red ball but stop when he saw that a stranger with brown haired had picked it up.

"Is this yours?" was softly spoken.