Chapter 4: Taking Over Gotham

Eggman had just about had enough, as he was well prepared to take control over Gotham with his WereAnimals.

"Bah, those bothersome super heroes!" cried Eggman as he was riding on his hovercraft, "I will be showing them once I take over Gotham!"

It was just then that the scene changes back to the space station tower where the Martian Manhunter was still doing his meditation, J'onn could then see where Eggman was going to take his WereAnimals to, and the only way for him to reverse what Eggman had done to not just his friend the Dark Knight, but to the others as well, he'd have to join in the fight soon enough. It was just then that Eggman decided to launch his attack of WereAnimals against the Gotham police department, as the wall of the police station came right down, Commissioner Gordon attempted to call for help as he pressed the alarm, but was shocked by one of the WereAnimals that was present which was none other than the Dark Knight still in his WereManBat form.

"Surprise that I have one of your allies with me?" laughed Eggman as he flew in on his hovercraft.

The Dark Knight still under the WereManBat form hesitated a bit to stop Commissioner Gordon as he ran for his life.

"Idiot!" roared Eggman to the Dark Knight as he zapped him with a laser to which the Dark Knight made a horrible bat-like cry, "You two, go after him!"

Both the WereHog forms of Sonic and Shadow began to chase down Commissioner Gordon as he ran down an alleyway where he soon found himself cornered.

"Face it Commissioner, this city will soon be mine!" laughed Eggman.

Yet before Sonic could leap at the Commissioner, Guy Gardner came into the scene and used his ring power to smash the two WereHogs right into the ground.

"How did you get here in time?" asked Commissioner Gordon.

"Let's say a Martian phoned us in" replied Guy.

As Guy was subduing the two WereHogs, back at the police station, Knuckles still in his WereEchidna form, along with Tails in his WereFox form were rounding up the police in the prison cells with the criminals.

"I thought you were going to free us!" cried one of the criminals.

"Ha, and let you run wild?" laughed Eggman.

Yet before Eggman could leave, a ray of gold hits his hovercraft, sending it out of control to which he immediately leaps down onto the ground to which the gold ray belonged to Booster Gold.

"I don't think you'll be going anywhere!" laughed Booster Gold.

"Get them!" roared Eggman.

Suddenly Knuckles and Tails attacked Booster Gold to which he began to struggle with the two.

"I do say, is there one missing?" asked Skeets.

Suddenly Rogue still in her WereBat form attacked Skeets as he was trying to flee.

"I see!" cried Skeets as he began to float away.

It was just then that Plastic Man came into the scene and gave Rogue while she was in her WereBat form a good punch knocking her old cold.

"I hope we didn't hurt her" said Amy.

"Nay, she'll be fine" replied Plastic Man.

As the two raced to where Guy Gardner was, Guy was having some trouble literally using his ring as a hand to keep the two WereHogs together.

"I could use another hand here, literally!" cried Guy.

"I got this one" replied Plastic Man as he literally wrapped himself around the two WereHogs.

"That wraps it up" laughed Commissioner Gordon.

Back with Booster Gold, Booster Gold managed to give Knuckles and Tails a good uppercut sending them flying into the air.

"Ha, you two don't look so tough" laughed Booster Gold.

Suddenly a laser came out of nowhere hitting him, and sending him crashing against the wall. It was none other than Eggman who brought out a hi-tech laser gun from his inventory.

"Ha, you're not the only one who has hi-tech inventory!" laughed Eggman to which he turns to the Dark Knight in his WereManBat form, "You, attack him and finish him off!"

But the Dark Knight hesitated to do so, as it seems quite the obvious J'onn who was invisible was behind him being connected with him telepathically.

"You can fight this, we can help you over come Eggman's control over you" said J'onn.

"What are you waiting for?" roared Eggman as he was quite angry with the Dark Knight, "Attack!"

Suddenly the Dark Knight turns toward Eggman and instead begins to move toward him.

"No, you can't turn on me, I created you!" cried Eggman.

Suddenly Knuckles and Tails recovered from the attacks by Booster Gold, to which they too felt J'onn's presence and began to help out the Dark Knight.

"Stop, don't come any closer!" cried Eggman as he was about to fire his weapon at the Dark Knight who grabbed it, and began to literally eat it apart.

Eggman ran for his life, as he headed into the direction where Commissioner Gordon was, along with Plastic Man, Amy, Skeets and Guy.

"Please, please save me!" cried Eggman.

"It looks like Bats is back to himself" laughed Guy who knew that the Martian Manhunter was nearby.

"Yeah, how the heck do we change them back to normal?" asked Plastic Man.

"I think our egg-shaped fiend can do the job" replied Skeets.

It was only a matter of few hours did Eggman managed to change back Batman into his normal self, along with Sonic, Shadow, Rogue, Tails and Knuckles.

"Thanks for everything" said Batman to Guy.

"Hey, anytime that we love to help when you turn into some odd creature" laughed Guy.