As I was being carried off, away from my nice, warm home, I looked back on my memories of racing and winning. And even the times I had been literally cut in half. I could even remember escaping Mr. Thorndyke. I still sort of felt bad for getting Jim Douglas in trouble, but he had forgiven me and we both had chased our racing dreams. One day, I never saw him again and the new owners didn't really take me in to well. I never really warmed up to them before I never saw them again either! I have always been pearl white, scarlet red, and ocean blue, but now I was sort of rusted and not so caught up to my pride. I had become somewhat pessimistic. I honestly felt that no one cared.
I finally snapped out of my thoughts when the truck I rode on came to a wobbly stop. I opened my headlights, err, eyes, to get a look around. First thing I noticed, I was the only bug I could see. Secondly, there was a car being tortured by an ugly machine. She screamed for help in a secret way that only we cars know of, then the next time I saw her, she was hushed and crushed. I was immedeately saddened and frightened. esspecially because that was a much bigger, nicer looking car than me. I wimpered a little as a man who sort of looked like Hitler walked out. I listened to their conversation once I buried my cowering.
"I saw all kinds of old trophies! I think this used to be a race car!", the man who brought me here said.
"What, did it win the really ugly Grand Prix?", the guy who looked like Hitler laughed. I didn't find it funny. I had pride! I threw my hubcap at him and made sure it hit him in the back of the head! What a jerk!
He then seemed angry, and did something to me, which I regaurded by putting tailpipe smoke into his face! He came back, his face soiled. I inwardly chuckled at him.
The two men then tried to get me off of the truck. I started my engine and struggled against their force. They had almost pulled me off when I swung my doors open to get some time to look for a way of escaping. I found it. The exit! I dashed, making "Hitler" , as I like to call him, fall under me. He still didn't let go of my chain leash. I dragged him around knowing he would probably give up and let go eventually. I had almost become free from this when I did'nt see the debris writhing in front of me and it smashed my tire! Oooohhhh, that HURT! Herbie had just epically failed yet again! Ugh. And I just happened to be Herbie. I frowned, enraged and sad. Hitler said something to me, telling me that he was actually called Crazy Dave. I already didn't like the sound of it.

Later on, they propped my wheel up, and it still really hurt. That night was cold and dust blew into my headlights. I knew tht it wasnt the worst it had been before, but it felt like it. I had almost always had at least a garage to block the wind, or just having someone who accepted me and loved me would help me feel better.. I remember Jim would even bring me a blanket or two to snuggle up in on really cold nights! (I'll admit, Jim kind of spoiled me.) I looked at the car across from me. He had been sitting there, mocking me all day long. We where the only two that werent inanimate other than the crusher, but I could feel the life escaping him. He was very beat up. I was probably one of the top three when it came to the condition I was in compared to all of the other cars. And I was intimidated by the crusher, until he spoke to me in the secret way that I could understand but couldn't speak in. I had to beep to get my speech out, which the others could do too, but it was hard to make a human not be intimidated.
"Psst!", he called to me. I shuddered. I just knew he was going to try to eat me!, "Hey, little fella. Crazy Dave wants me to crush you tomorrow, but I don't want to! I hate crushing the other cars and trucks! Esspecially smaller- no offence, but little ones."
I looked up at him. His lights shined down on me, and I was just intimidated by his size. I had to admit, he was right. I always was small.
"I'm gonna take control and refuse to grab you, but its gonna be hard.
I was going to tell him the strategy of will that I used, but the sun was rising and I didn't want to wake anyone with my loud beeping. I looked at him with a face of thanks for his attempts to save me.

As the sun rose, it got warmer, I let my thoughts drift and I fell into a doze, which soon became a nap. I awoke when I heard a man in the crusher arguing with the machine. That bully in front of me had done just as I thought he would. All the abuse he went through defeated him. I felt sad. I heard the shuffling of feet as a pretty young woman walked past me. I wanted her to be my owner! I sensed the love from her! I revved my engine, in a hope to get her attention. Being a bug, though, my engine is pretty quiet and she was lost in her thoughts. I began to follow her, but my new case of immobility came into place. I fell onto the ground, sharp pain seizing me.