Zzzz… Zzzz…. Whu- Whut? Hey. Okay, what on earth is THIS crap? Why am I all covered up? It's plenty warm out! Overheating, here! WOAH! Dude! … Wait, since when does a car get to ride? I wondered that way back when those Chinese guys carried me off to help me, too... That was a long time ago. I think it's time the bug got to take a peek. Let's see… HOLY SH- Oh, erm, excuse me. Bad word! That's a lot of people…! And… they're… all… crowding… around me… What? Huh? I see Trip.

He's talking to Maggie. She seems sort of mocking and he looks over at me just as I feel my cover come off. Then again, it was quite cozy under there! Warning next time, Kevin?

I heard, "Junkyard, Maggie...Junkyard out of the car… Maxx…?"

Human words are so weird. Well, we cars are weird in our own way. Some learn human words all the way. Some, like me, never really can absorb much. I try, though. So you can't call me lazy.

Hey? Huh? They're pushing me off of the trailer. I rolled back and people began to look at me inside and out. Hey! Whoa, dude! That's sensitive! Don't touch the spark plugs! Those are sensitive!

Hey! Quit pushing me! That's enough, Kevin! Quit it! Oh?

"Maggie… Place at… Starting line." I understood! This was the starting line! I looked over at the mustang next to me. No life in it. What about this car… (I have no idea what it is.) ? Nothing? I feel so lonely!

I got a glance and a snicker from the car next to the mustang, though. You know what, Bit-? Oops, sorry. I flapped my hood at her. But only ever so slightly, saying I bet I can win.

She telepathically communicated back, "I'll tell ya what, Bug. If you can beat me, I won't doubt you ever again. Do we have a Deal?"

I nodded a little. She slightly smirked. Yes, I'm telepathic, but for some reason, I couldn't communicate with others using my powers. Maybe it's because I was mute in my past life. Oh well. Maggie got into my driver seat. I moved my steering wheel a bit to greet her. She patted it, not wanting to reveal to the others that she wasn't Maxx.

I revved, waiting for the green flag… Alright, let's go!

I zoomed past every car with ease, including the one from before. I competed in every race I could stand! Wow! What a day!

In a pit stop, the car came up to me, smiling. She was a little older than me but I still didn't know what she was. "Good race! Hope to see ya again!" she told me as her owner gave her gasoline.

I nodded and smiled back, but when her owner looked, I put on my "Bug Face".

Later on, I pulled up to Kevin with Maggie after a nice, cool (But thank god, not cold) bath. That felt good! Kevin and Maggie talked for a little. Really all I got was "My hand is numb!"

I saw her again. That newer beetle from before. She looked like she had just been washed, too. I looked at her for a few seconds, wondering if she noticed me or not. I could sense life in her. I knew that. I slowly approached her, noticing that the newer beetles where a lot bigger than me. I didn't care. She looked me in the headlights. A little awkwardly at first, but then she said, "Heyy, you're a cute little fella! What's your name?"

I didn't know how to tell her until I had a flashback…

"Know how… Crazy artist knows… Car has a name!" my owner yelled

"He told me.", his friend said, "Inscribed… Plate… Hood."

My owner and his friend began to argue. And my owner's girlfriend came around front. I flashed my lights, begging her to split them up. And she did so. Then later, I was at an art show, on display and my newest enemy at the time had gotten my owner's friend distracted and came closer to me.

I quietly cried out in fear. The man got into me, and my owner's friend came back.

"Criticized…. Installations… Interactive…!"

"Deal with the critics! … Get out! Hank?" the friend called out.

Then I felt Simon, my enemy reach into a compartment. I quickly shut it, hoping to catch his fingers. But then I felt a familiar slipping. My key being taken out. The next thing I knew, Simon was ripped out of me and I was glad about that. He was saying something and then stepped in front of me.

"Oh, I'm quaking in my boots!" he mocked. I hit him with my hood. He was down for a few seconds and then he read off of the plate under my hood…

That's it! The plate under my hood!

I lifted up my hood just a bit for her to see.

"Oh, alright! Herbie! Cute!" she responded, just as I noticed Maggie pat my hood,

"Too… You…." she chuckled.

….. Huh…? Whatever. I didn't get it.

The other beetle talked to me again, "My name is Daisy." She said. I very lightly smiled. She sure was nice!

"You're kind of shy, aren't you?" She pointed out.

Okay, yeah, that's a little flaw about me sometimes. Other times, I'm outgoing. I was a little scared of my very first owner, but I learned that some humans are very nice others, not so much.

She looked into my headlights. "And your eyes are really blue, too."

I smiled again.

Suddenly, though, I saw Trip. I gave my new friend a look that told her to stay there. Trip was talking to Maggie.

"Why you're not behind the wheel… Hardwired into your DNA… Just one person to blaze a trail… Behind the wheel of a real car?"

I looked. A Chevy racecar stood there. No life, no heart, and no soul.

Maggie and trip where walking towards it. Maggie ran her hand along it. I glared. Monster…

As she got in, Trip said, "Try to keep it under 300!" and she zoomed off.

I wasn't happy. Once Trip noticed Maggie was out of sight, He grabbed a toolbox. I sensed his intentions where to see what's under my hood. He went around to the back of me and opened it.

"Bug… Makes you Tick."

Well, touch my spark plugs and I'll show you what makes me tick! This isn't fair! Not without Maggie or Kevin here! Maybe if you'd asked permission, I would have been nicer!

"No way you could beat me with this engine….!" he muttered. Oh, really, now? Hmm, How about a squirt? Heh. Jerk.

"YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME?" Trip screamed at me. I felt a hard WHACK! Oww, WH-what was that for? OW! OW! QUIT IT! … I'm gonna cry…!

"Who's laughing now?" Trip asked me.

I am! I hit him with my trunk. He shook his head and looked at me. I had a slight glare on me. When he turned around, I… Well, yeah. I exploded! There! That's the word for it!

I was done before he turned back around. Maggie came back in the racecar.

"Unbelievable!" She said…. Wait? What about me? Bug, here!

"Pretty sweet ride... Nobody's gonna take you seriously in that thing!" He pointed at me and continued, "Stock car… Dad… idiot not to put you on the team! My car for your car… for pinks!"

"Herbie's special… alright…" Maggie replied.

ALRIGHT? Are you kidding! You freaking jerk! Don't even come near me! I said get away! Never ever, EVER talk to me again!

I hate you, Trip Murphy! I don't hate you, though, Maggie! Why do you hate me! Fine. I'll hate you back if you want but I don't like it!