So here we are, back again, with Seth and Caroline and the whole gang of La Pushers! This is just the first of many to come, and trust me: they can only get weirder, wilder, and wonderfuller than this. Here's to those future ficlets!

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I must also say that this was inspired HUGELY by Glee; namely the V-Day episode. I totally ship Klaine and practically flipped my shit. Did anyone else? On that note, I must say sorry for any spoilers there may be: I don't think there are, but if so, SORRY!

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"OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD!" Caroline squealed as she jumped up from the sofa, a throw pillow smashed to her chest as she jumped to fro around and the coffee table. "DID YOU SEE THAT, DID YOU SEE THAT, DID YOU SEE THAT?" She continued to gush, her smile so wide it was no wonder her face hadn't ripped in half yet.

Seth stared wide-eyed from where he sat on the sofa, his mouth slightly agape as he watched the scene before him. Just beyond his girlfriend's frantic actions he could still see Glee playing in the background, but had no clue as to what was happening. Turning back to Caroline he smiled gently, not quite sure what to do.

"…about damn time and then they threw in that GAP guy who just totally pissed me off in the promos…" Seth shook his head and rose from the couch, making a point to give Caroline a wide berth as he made a beeline for the kitchen.

She tagged along with her crazy.

"…I thought I was going to die when he said that!" Seth of course had no clue about whatever it was that someone had said, so he just smiled and nodded; an action that had saved him many times before.

Guess it was starting to wear off.

"You have no idea what's going on, do you?" Caroline snapped at him as she smacked him with her pillow, disbelief on her face.

"Yeah I do!" He argued back weakly. "Two dudes just admitted to liking each other." He shrugged, clearly not understanding why his imprint was so worked up.

"TWO DUDES?" She practically screeched back incredulously. "DID YOU NOT JUST SEE WHAT HAPPENED?"

"Uh…apparently not."

"OH MY GOD, SETH, REALLY?" He nodded dumbly; the only thing he could do. Cee gave a heavy sigh and smacked him once more with her pillow before abandoning it on the table and crossing to the dry erase board where they usually wrote out their schedules for the week. She erased what few things were written there and popped open the marker to begin writing, all while mumbling underneath her breath.

"You better sit down for this." She called over her shoulder as she continued with whatever it was she was doing, obviously serious. Seth lowered himself down on a barstool, bottle of water unopened in his hand.

"Alright," Caroline sighed while turning around, "you obviously know nothing about Glee, therefore I'm going to seriously nutshell this so you'll have some clue as to what's going on." When she got no response she quirked a brow and snapped her fingers, effectively bringing her boyfriend back to reality.

"Sorry, I was busy…staring." He frowned at the flow chart that now occupied the entire space of the white board; so many names and arrows and squiggles.

What the hell was it?

"Good, at least you're intrigued!" Caroline smiled before wielding the marker like a pointer. "I give you The Glee Guide To Break Ups, Hook Ups, and Overall Drama." When Seth didn't respond she kept on moving, the marking pointing to a name in the center.

"This is Finn, who was with Quinn before she got knocked up and told him he got her pregnant," Seth continued to stare, "but really she slept with Puck and…" The marker moved now, to another name, and then another and another. Almost immediately Seth's brain became staticky like that of a snowed out TV screen. Every so often a word or two would filter through: cheat, whore, gay, sing, awesome, and I'd totally have his babies!


"Huh?" He asked, snapping himself back to the present to find Caroline looking at him dreamily. She was smiling giddily and practically swooning on the spot.

"Blaine – I'd totally have his kids!"

"Who's that?" He asked, clearly confused as to who this other man was.

"He's the guy Kurt likes – we just saw the scene in the episode." She jabbed her thumb back to the living room where the TV could still be heard.

"The gay dude?" He asked, incredulous as why to she'd want to have his babies.

"Well not exactly his," she shrugged as she capped the marker, still smilingly like crazy, "but Darren Criss's. Who wouldn't want to get some of that? UNF!" She groaned happily.

Seth's jaw dropped.

"Excuse me?" He spluttered, staggering slightly in his seat at this tid-bit of news. "What's wrong with having my babies?" Somewhere, deep in the inner recesses of his mind, something was telling him they really shouldn't be talking about babies this early on in their relationship.

"Oh don't take it personally, Seth, geeze!" Cee waved him off as she approached the counter as though it really was no big deal.

"Don't take it personally?" He asked, clearly getting worked up at the general weirdness that had invaded their evening. "What's his sperm have that mine don't?" Maybe if he was actually thinking straight this wouldn't have come out the way it did.

Caroline exploded in laughter, her face smacking down into the counter in amusement. Seth looked on, clearly not amused.

"You're sperm is fine, Seth, really." She assumed him after somewhat regaining her composure. "It's just his are better."

"And you know this how?"

"I dunno…he's just awesome, so I assume his sperm would be awesome." She shrugged, clearly enjoying his discomfort and reactions.

"And what exactly do you assume my sperm are like?" She actually stopped to contemplate this before locking gazes with him and smiling brightly.

"Furry." She stated, causing him to furrow his brows in confusion before the meaning actually sunk in, promptly causing him to face plant onto the counter top.

"Well it makes sense, right?" She asked, amusement evident in her voice as he groaned.

How they had gone from Glee to his apparently furry sperm was beyond him.

Poor, poor Seth: Cee sure does get her Glee on, no? ;)

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