Cristina bounded upstairs to the main living level. She smiled to see Owen putting something in the oven.

"Dinner will be ready in 45 minutes," he informed her, before greeting her with a kiss.

"Good, time for a shower." She grabbed his hands and starting tugging Owen towards their bathroom.

"Now tell me this – does Meredith have a fire pole in her house?" Owen grinned, as they attacked each others' clothes.


"Did Meredith get to perform a heart transplant on a newborn today?"

"No." She smiled against his face as he gently nibbled on one of her earlobes.

"Did Meredith get a solo surgery before you did?"

"Nope." Cristina turned on the shower, as Owen climbed into the bathtub behind her.

"Sucks to be her." Owen chuckled behind her, his hands circling her waist.

"She also doesn't have whisker burn," Cristina snarked, dipping her head under the spray of warm water.

"Or a scar from an icicle," he teased, his fingers tracing the light scar on her abdomen. "And you like the whisker burn."

"I do," she sighed, as he picked up the shampoo bottle. He chuckled as he started soaping up her hair.

Cristina turned around and faced Owen, as he ran his fingers through her hair. She slid her arms around his waist, tongue flicking against his chest, warm water pouring down on them and through her hair.

"Nobody has thick, gorgeous, curly hair like you do," Owen whispered, as he worked conditioner through her locks.

She smiled, tilting her head up for a kiss. Her hands reached down and started stroking his stiff erection, as he guided her under the spray. Once he'd rinsed out her hair, Owen guided Cristina up against a wall, their slick bodies entwining.

"Nobody makes me feel the way you do," Owen whispered, as he positioned her hips and slid inside, filling her with one smooth stroke.

Their mouths joined he slowly thrust into her, one hand shifting down to tease her.

Cristina breathed Owen's name as she felt her body change, familiar heat coursing through her veins. Every thrust, every stroke against her clit was a heightened sensation. Her inner muscles quivered as he increased the speed of his pumping. She clung to his broad shoulders as he pushed her to the brink and beyond. She gasped, head falling back, as she was suffused with a delicious warmth.

Owen's thrusts were becoming erratic, as she pulled him closer. Cristina buried her face in the crook of his neck, while he shuddered and released into her. His lips spread gentle kisses along her shoulder, as they came down from their highs.

Finally Owen pulled back and smiled at her, one hand stroking her face. "Sorry I couldn't get you a clinical trial," he smiled.

"That's okay," she shrugged, running her hands along his biceps. "I can think of quite a few things that I have that Meredith doesn't. Like a huge hunky husband with a hair fetish."

"It's not a fetish," he insisted. "And I love it when you call me your husband."

"Well husband, remind me of what I have." She squeezed his arms, craning her head to kiss him again.

"As you wish," Owen smiled, before moving his hands to her breasts. She sighed, letting go of the day's disappointments, and once again losing herself in Owen's bliss.