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Fair warning: this first chapter is a Miroku/Sango/Kagome pairing.

This was a club just like any other. The booze was plentiful, the music loud enough to deafen everyone in the surrounding area, and a mob of people doing their best to dance in their own tiny spaces. There was a reason why Kagome and Sango picked this particular party over the dozen identical ones in downtown. If you knew the right people, you would discover this club had a secret. While the mass of shouting people had fun guzzling their cheap beer, the two pushed their way over to the back stairway. A brawny man stood arms crossed at the base, preventing people from descending. A bulging arm shot across the stairs, blocking the two women's path. No words were exchanged as Sango flashed a blue card. The arm disappeared and Sango quickly slid past. Kagome found herself blocked by the massive arm.

"She's with me," Sango said. After a few tense seconds, he finally let her pass.

The music softened slightly as they descended. Each step down made Kagome's heart pound against her chest, anxiety building in her stomach. This was her first time she had been to this type of club. Sango had told her plenty of amazing and wild stories and she was anxious to experience it first-hand. She had no idea what exactly she needed to do, but as long as Sango was there with her, she would just follow her friends lead.

"I want to find Miroku," Sango yelled over the music. Hearing the name of Sango's boyfriend surprised her. She had no idea he would be here tonight. It did little to calm her anxiety.

Kagome kept close to Sango, letting her experienced friend lead. The basement consisted of nothing more than a hallway and rooms. None of the doors were closed. As they passed, Kagome would give a quick peak inside. Unlike the hall they were in, the rooms were poorly lit but there was still plenty of light to see what was happening inside. Bare flesh entwined together as people copulated in different positions. Mouth dry, Kagome absorbed the sights. It seemed like the majority of people paired off in different areas of the shared rooms. She had been to enough college parties that she could handle that much. Entering her third year of college, she had had a few one night stands of her own. What bothered her about this whole situation was the openness of everything. Sex, even with a stranger, was a private thing. These people were openly advertising it. This was also the first time she had seen a threesome. Her body had frozen at the opening to one of the rooms. Near the entrance, she watched a blonde woman on all fours, skewered between two men as they roughly shoved their cocks in her mouth and pussy. Her feet continued on to keep up with Sango, her eyes locked on the three before they disappeared from sight. They weren't the only one. There was quite an assortment of pairings with men pleasuring multiple women, women pleasuring multiple men, women with women, men with men. Kagome felt like a foreigner drowning in a distant sea. She suddenly felt like maybe she had made a mistake accepting Sango's invitation.

"Found him." Kagome looked over to find Sango looking at her from a door up ahead. Quickly, she closed the distance, surprised how far her friend had gone. Peeking around into the room, Kagome was greeted by the sight of a nude Miroku – something she had thought she would never see, nor care to. His athletic body had sheen of sweat as he pumped his cock into a moaning woman. It took her a second to realize her mouth was agape in astonishment. Thinking back, she should have expected he would be doing something like this. After all, that was the entire point of this place. Still, it was mindboggling to find Miroku in the act of cheating. Pulling her eyes away from the sight, she glanced up at Sango's impassive face.

"Miroku!" Sango called out over the thumping music.

His head shot around at the familiar voice calling his name, eyes wide. "Sango! W-what are you doing here! I thought you said you weren't coming!" His eyes met Kagome's. She felt herself blush, averting her eyes.

"I changed my mind. I brought Kagome," she said pointing to the hiding Kagome as if he didn't already know. "She said she wanted to experience this place at least once."

Smiling, Miroku slid himself out of his partner and moved over towards them. Her face flushed red as her eyes were drawn to his large erection as it swayed with each step. The condom glistened with the juice of the other woman. "I never thought you would be interested in this sort of thing… but I'm glad you're giving it a shot. Welcome!"

"Why did you fucking stop?" the woman cried, furious that her partner had suddenly decided to wander off.

He waved his arm impatiently. "My girlfriend is here. Go find someone else."

"God damn it." With a flick of her middle finger, she stormed off.

Sango clicked her tongue, crossing her arms as she glared at Miroku. "That was rude of you."

"She'll live, besides you're here." His eyes rested on Kagome for a few seconds before moving back to Sango. "Is she here to see the sights or are you two planning on joining?"

"Joining," Sango said, craning her neck to look past Miroku. From Kagome's point of view, it looked like she was seeing what the others in the room were doing. "I think we're going to look around in some other rooms before picking one. I just wanted to find you and let you know we're here."

Miroku didn't look thrilled at her plan. "You're not going to stay?" Kagome was finding it hard to focus on the conversation. Her eyes struggled to avoid his cock, now starting to soften from the lack of stimulation. Eyes still on Sango, he reached down to roll the condom off, tossing it into the large wastebasket near the door.

"You seemed to be doing just fine before we showed up."

"But I'm free now. Why don't we have a threesome?"

"Come on Miroku, it's her first time here. Besides, we're all friends. Things would get awkward later." Kagome was pretty sure things were awkward now. She had already seen far more of Miroku than she wanted too.

"Well what were you planning on doing when you brought her here?"

"Find a hot guy."

"Together?" His finger moved between them.

Sango obviously didn't like the tone he used. "Is that a problem?"

"Oh so it's okay to have a threesome with some random dude but not me?"

"This was something Kagome and I discussed earlier. She wanted to see for herself what this place was like and experience a threesome." Kagome wasn't too thrilled being talked about like she wasn't there, but she kept silent. Sango's words were also misleading. It was true she had wanted to experience this place for herself, but the part about the threesome was all Sango's idea.

"Why is it okay for you but not me?"

"Miroku, just drop it! It's not going to happen!"

Knowing Sango wouldn't budge, Miroku instead turned his attention to Kagome who had been silent the entire exchange. "This involves you too. How about it? It'll be fun."

She felt small, locked in the stares of the two. "I… uh… well… um… I don't know." She felt comfortable with Sango. As roommates, they had seen each other naked countless times. Sango was her support. Without her, she doubted she would have the courage to go to a place like this. Besides, they had already had sex once back in their freshmen year – just to see what it was like. This was before Sango and Miroku started dating. It never would have happened otherwise. Her eyes lowered, unable to take their intense stares. She regretted it after her eyes gravitated towards Miroku's crotch. "I'm worried that it might be weird. You two are dating so if we all… did it… it would feel like I was causing Miroku to cheat."

It was Sango who spoke first after a long sigh. "Don't let something like that stop you. It's not cheating if you have permission. If you really want the third to be Miroku, I won't object." Miroku was grinning, nodding encouragingly at Kagome. "Just remember, there are a lot of other guys here."

Heart pounding, Kagome quickly wet her dry lips with her tongue. Her gaze moved from Sango to Miroku, both looking at her expectantly. With a resigned sigh, she nodded. It was a decision she would probably come to regret later, but she could sense that a refusal would spark another argument between Miroku and Sango later. Their relationship may be a particular one, but they were wonderful together and Kagome didn't want to hammer a wedge between them.

"Are you sure about this?" Sango asked, placing her hands on Kagome's shoulder. "Don't let Miroku pressure you into doing something that you don't want to. It's okay to say no."

"It's fine, really."

Giving her shoulders a squeeze, Sango smiled. "Then I would be happy to share my boyfriend with you."

It startled her how easily she fell into things. At Kagome's request, they had moved to one of the lesser populated rooms. There were only a few others inside, each too busy with their own partners to pay attention to newcomers. Both Sango and Kagome undressed, Kagome more slowly than her friend. It was awkward being naked in front of Miroku. All she could concentrate on was his presence near her, his eyes on her flesh, his fingers quivering in anticipation. His cock swelled before him. She knew full well it was her body that caused him to react, not Sango's. His eyes were on her after all. Unconsciously, her arms and hands had moved to cover her exposed breasts and crotch. She jumped as warm hands touched her flesh. A turn of her head revealed the hands belonged to Sango. With a smile, Sango guided her hands along Kagome's arms. She could feel Sango's bare flesh press against her back. With gentle force, Kagome felt her arms being pried away. Her eyes closed as her arms were removed from the front of her body. She didn't want to see Miroku's lustful eyes, not when they lusted after her. This was the one Sango had given her heart to. Lips trembling, she kept her eyes closed. She was feeling the full weight of her decision now, knowing it was too late to stop it. She took a deep breath, forcing herself to fortify her shaken resolve. I promised myself that I would always face the consequences of my actions. Opening her eyes, she found Miroku standing before her, waiting patiently. He hadn't taken a single step towards her the entire time she had her eyes closed.

Sango's arms tightened around her, making it difficult to breathe. Her words were hard to hear over the music and sounds of pleasure from others in the room. Sango's breath was hot against her right ear. "I know this is uncomfortable for you, but I'm really glad you're here." Kagome could only nod, afraid to trust her voice. Wet lips pressed against the nape of her neck. "I already told him no kissing, so don't worry about that," Sango continued between gentle kisses. Kagome's body was already starting to react to her friends touch. While her lips ran across the exposed skin of her neck, her hands gently cupped her breasts. Kagome's pink nipples were erect as she leaned her head back, giving Sango a wider area. A faint moan escaped her lips as her friends fingertips traced down her stomach before reaching the neatly trimmed strip above her crotch. Her legs automatically parted as a finger slid across her slit. Kagome was forced to question herself after becoming aroused so quickly. Miroku watched the entire time with a grin as his girlfriend molested the moaning Kagome.

Things proceeded as if in a haze. With Miroku laid back on the carpet, Sango guided Kagome down onto his waiting cock. Her eyes closed as she stretched to accommodate his girth. What he lacked in length, he more than made up in size. Slowly, she felt herself swallow inch after inch before finally coming to a rest at the base.

"It's amazing, isn't it?" Sango whispered, her large breasts pressing against her bare back. Kagome could only nod, opening her eyes to meet Miroku's. He had an odd expression, like if he was confused on whether he was feeling pain or pleasure.

"You're really tight," he grunted, licking his lips.

"Take your time to get comfortable. It took me awhile the first time with him too. He's wider than most."

Following Sango's advice, Kagome started with gentle rocking motions. She would lean forward, squeezing her legs together before returning back to her starting position. Not once did she lift herself up. Still, it was having an effect. Below her, Miroku grunted with her movements as she tightened around him. She was breathing hard, her mouth open as she gasped for breath. Time seemed meaningless now, her focus entirely on the pleasure she was feeling. She became aware that her movements were speeding up as she became accustomed to his size. Her hips swirled in a circle, causing a grunt from him. Reason was beginning to leave her as her body assumed control. Pleasure clouded her mind, controlling her movements. She was craving the pleasure, constantly seeking more. A moan escaped her lips as she began making small, brisk, movements lifting from him just a few inches at a time. For the first time since beginning, a smile formed as she cried out, lifting fully from him to once more slam down. Kagome tossed her head back, flinging her black hair back as she let out another throaty cry. Her hands ran along her face, pulling stray hair back as she bucked wildly atop him. Her passionate shouts joined the countless others on the floor, barely drowned out by the music above. She found herself laughing, her back arching. All that fear and anxiety seemed stupid now. Her reluctance had almost cost her this overwhelming pleasure. The desire for pleasure had possessed her. Nothing else seemed to matter.

Looking down, she found Miroku eyeing her with a knowing grin. "Oh God Miroku!" She let out a long groan, trying to give voice to the pleasure building inside her. "Fuck me Miroku! Fuck me!" Her head rolled over to the side where Sango sat, watching the two. For a second, Kagome thought she was going to burst out into tears, buried feelings suddenly surfacing. Guilt clawed at her with the faint realization of how she was urging her best friend's boyfriend to fuck her. Lip quivering, she stared into Sango's eyes as she bounced atop Miroku, not slowing even a little. Thank you, she mouthed, unable to conjure the words.

Laughing, Sango scooted closer. "Now you understand why I keep him around. This is about the only thing he's good for." Miroku only grunt in response, his full attention on Kagome, or rather, holding himself back. His face was a few shades redder than when they had started. Expression turning serious, Sango gave Kagome a hard look. "But I have to say Kagome; you look incredibly sexy riding him like that. You should really let yourself go more often." An impish smirk appeared. "Just look at those little pert things bounce!" Kagome yelped as Sango gave them a playful slap. Leaning on the smaller side of cup sizes, Kagome's breasts didn't jiggle even with the speed and force she was going at it. They simply pointed proudly from her chest, bouncing firmly with her movements. They appeared more prominent because of her arched back.

"Can't… much longer…" Miroku gasped. He was close to bursting, his body starting to quiver, his grip on her thighs tightening. Disappointment flooded through her as she realized she wouldn't achieve the massive release the buildup had been promising. Even knowing that she wouldn't make it in time, Kagome continued regardless, holding onto the hope that just maybe…

"Uhgh, Kagome," Miroku grunted, his face pained as he struggled to hold back.

Beside them, Sango sat with a curious expression. "I don't think you're going to make it." She eyed Kagome as she spoke.

"I can make it," Kagome gasped. The sweat that had been beading on her forehead began to run down. "I'm going to cum." Her breasts jerked up and down a few more times. "I'm going to cum." Her voice was slightly higher.

"Remember Kagome, he's not wearing a condom."

"I know!" Kagome growled angrily. "I'm trying to focus here!"

Kagome could feel the monster orgasm building within her. Her breathing became a desperate struggle as she pushed herself, exerting all her remaining energy to propel her off the approaching edge. She savored the buildup, committing the feeling to memory. She thought she knew what great sex was, but nothing compared to now. Just a little more was all she needed. Her cries were a crescendo, every movement bringing her closer to what she desired most. Eyes closed, she waiting for the approaching wave that promised to carry her away in bliss.

"Kagome I can't—"

"Sorry, time's up," Sango said, pulling Kagome off. Gasping for breath, Kagome wasn't sure if she wanted to be furious or thankful for her friend's intervention. She watched as Sango greedily sucked on Miroku's cock, swallowing every drop. Slowly, her heartbeat and breathing returned to normal. The anger and disappointment of being robbed of her monster orgasm faded. With a loud pop, Sango released Miroku's cock. Wiping her mouth, she smiled over at Kagome. "Sorry for cutting in like that."

"It's fine." It was better than the alternative; the only thing worse than sleeping with your best friend's boyfriend was getting knocked up by him. "Sorry for being snappy."

Sango shrugged. "You were feeling really good. I would be the same way."

"Still… to be so close." Kagome let out a disappointed sigh.

"I noticed that you didn't join in," Miroku said, looking over at Sango. "It's hard to have a threesome when the third person doesn't join."

"Ah, you two looked like you were having enough fun without me."

"Sorry." Kagome could feel her cheeks heating in embarrassment.

"It's not like we can't have one later right?" Miroku asked in a hopeful tone.

"Don't let this go to your head Miroku. I brought Kagome here because she wanted to experience the club, not so she could experience you."

"But you enjoyed it right?" Miroku's eyes locked with hers. Kagome could only manage a nod. Now that the lust had faded, she was feeling the full weight of guilt. She just had sex with her best friend's boyfriend and loved every second of it. She felt terrible about this new side of herself she discovered. "See? She liked it."

Sango looked over at Kagome. "Want to give it another go?"

She knew she should decline the offer. This one time was wrecking moral havoc on her conscience. If she did it a second time, what would stop her from a third? A fourth? It was clear to her that Miroku had intentions of his own. If things went his way, she would become a second lover. Kagome knew that he had been pushing for one a long time and that Sango had always rejected it saying the club parties were more than enough. But if it was Kagome, she would be much more accepting – or so he thought. From what Kagome was seeing, Sango seemed okay with the idea. Hell, she seemed excited. The only problem was Kagome herself. Yes it had been incredible, but was this something she really wanted? It had been easy to get swept up in the atmosphere of this place. But it was incredible. Her eyes slid down to Miroku's cock, now limp. It wasn't like she was trying to steal him away from Sango or have a relationship with him. It was clear to everyone involved that this would be strictly about sex, great mind-blowing sex.

"If you don't mind…"

Miroku's grin widened. Sango smiled as well. Bad decision or not, life was certainly going to get interesting for her. With Miroku out of commission for the moment and in all likelihood the remainder of the night, the three sat discussing plans for their immediate future. The more they talked, the more excited she became. This might not be such a bad decision after all. Kagome was so engrossed in the conversation that she failed to notice the golden eyes that had been following her since she entered the room.

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