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Ichigo grinned so big, he couldn't stand it as he watched the tall, blue-haired fire fighter divest himself of his pants, then prowl towards him. He was naked and leaning against the sink, dick hard as knuckles. Holy shit, this was actually about to go down. He took a brief moment to consider what Grimmjow had asked him beforehand, wondering if that was the guy's way of letting him know what the very near future held. However, he was quickly distracted as a firm, hot body pressed against him, and warm, demanding lips settled over his pulse. Yep, that was enough to have his blood rushing like hurricane winds and his heart thrashing around with excitement. His arms immediately came up and wrapped around the taller man's neck as he enjoyed every little touch, every little lick and nip from that sinful mouth.

Aggressiveness seeped from Grimmjow's pores as Ichigo was lifted onto the sink. After that, the other man lifted his head and leaned forward, connecting their lips. Tongues were intermingled and skin flushed as the temperature rose and their breathing grew more frantic. Ichigo tried to run his hands over every bit of Grimmjow's soft skin and hard muscles, tried to pull him closer until neither could distinguish where one began and the other ended. This was what he'd been waiting for since that fucking NOH8 photo shoot. Since he realized the fire fighter felt the exact same way he did: almost insane with lust and lecherous thoughts. He tilted his head back when Grimmjow's lips once again marked a molten path down the side of his neck. It was unreal how much he was enjoying himself. He wanted to shout at the ceiling and order the man to just get on with it, but he had to think about Yoichi. The kid was asleep in his bedroom, innocently unaware of what was going on only a few meters away. And Ichigo sincerely hoped it stayed that way.

He leaned back against the mounted medicine cabinet as Grimmjow's lips made their way down his abdomen for the second time that night. Not that he was tired of it; shit, he didn't think that would happen in a million years. His dick twitched as the fire fighter wrapped strong fingers around it, the man's nose teasing his pelvic bone before lowering to his right inner thigh. It trembled some, but Ichigo managed to keep the quaking under control. He was just eager to feel the man's mouth on him again. Turned out, he didn't have to wait very long because that hot set of lips were enticingly placed over his pulsing flesh.

"Fuck, yes," he hissed, hand shooting forward and burrowing into rebellious blue hair.

This time around, Grimmjow seemed a lot more serious and a lot less playful. His enamoring eyes were closed, but his expression clearly read "determined to make you cum." And Ichigo sure as hell wasn't about to stop the guy. If that's what he wanted, then, hell, he was game. More fun for him. His inner cynic suddenly went deafeningly quiet as heat pooled in his gut before washing over him in overwhelming waves.

"Oh, man," he sighed.

His head tipped back and legs spread further apart as he thoroughly enjoyed the way Grimmjow sucked and stroked his length. It was liquid gold. His toes were curled, the joints cracking from the intensity. His abdomen tensed and released as he tried remembering how to breathe. It wasn't working out that way, but he was doing his very best. His mind had shut down, making it completely difficult to think past the wet heat between his legs and sliding up and down the favorite part of his body. And to think it was Grimmjow down there. Ichigo's body twitched at the mere thought. He was anxious to have the blue-haired man doing much more than what was going on at the moment, but Ichigo didn't necessarily want to rush him through anything, either.

Luckily, Grimmjow lifted his head and locked eyes with him. The blue-haired man pulled away from the damp shaft in front of him and – face serious as a heart attack – asked, "Can we do foreplay later?"

It was like the fire fighter had read Ichigo's lecherous thoughts. Ichigo nodded and welcomed the taller man into his arms after Grimmjow stood and immediately connected their lips. At least they were of a like mind during a time so crucial. Neither of them wanted to waste precious minutes that could be used doing much more fun things. Ichigo put a hand between their bodies as Grimmjow kissed him. As he used his tongue to explore the other man's mouth, he used his hand to explore the interesting piece of flesh located below Grimmjow's slim waist. It was thick and hard and begging for attention. Ichigo grinned when Grimmjow gave a deep grunt. Then, he upped the pace of his stroking and quietly moaned when Grimmjow backed out of the kiss to hiss and lower his mouth to Ichigo's neck.

"Ichigo," the man called, voice thick with desire.


"Turn around."

Ichigo's heart rate literally soared. He'd been waiting to hear something like that from Grimmjow since...well, since forever really, but definitely since the living room. No, better yet, since the first time they'd gotten hot and heavy with one another. Ichigo gladly obliged the other man and slid off the sink before turning around to face the mirror. He took a glance at the glass and grinned at the blue eyes staring back at him. This idea just kept getting better and better. Grimmjow put both hands on Ichigo's hips and mumbled something that Ichigo missed because he was too busy opening the medicine cabinet. He rooted around the cleaning clutter and found the small bottle of lubricant he'd stashed there months ago in hopes that he'd get lucky one day or another. That day had finally arrived.

He shut the cabinet and held the bottle over his shoulder, but was momentarily distracted by the lips all over his upper back and the hot skin rubbing against him from behind. He closed his eyes and took a minute to savor the sensation of Grimmjow's hands leaving his hips and sliding up over his abdomen and chest. One of those hands teased Ichigo's left nipple, while the other crept up to his neck and cupped the front of it. Grimmjow's hips started rotating and grinding against Ichigo's rear, and it almost set Ichigo on fire. They were wasting time.

"We can do the foreplay thing later, remember?" he reminded the blue-haired fire fighter.

Grimmjow chuckled, the vibrations making Ichigo shudder. "You're right."

He took the lube from Ichigo's hand, and time seemed to suspend in midair as Ichigo waited for the inevitable. He listened to the cap pop open, and then another space of quiet followed. Finally, Grimmjow took one of Ichigo's cheeks in hand and separated it from the other.

"Bend over some more," he grunted.

Ichigo did so with a huge smile. He felt like it was his birthday, and he'd just received an oversized chocolate cake. He spread his legs and arched over the cool porcelain sink, heart racing with anticipation. Ichigo stared into the mirror again and watched as Grimmjow concentrated on his rear, blue eyes serious and determined. A cold slickness probed Ichigo's opening, and he tensed for a brief second before relaxing against the blunt finger sliding inside him. He gave a short moan and arched again.

"Fuckin' finally," he breathed.

"Mm," Grimmjow agreed.

The fire fighter's finger was quick, but efficient, rubbing along Ichigo's inner walls with a scary precision. It didn't take more than a few passes to get Ichigo loose enough to accept another digit. Grimmjow groaned softly when Ichigo hissed and pressed back into the man's hand.

"Please...just...mmm..." Ichigo's voice trailed off as he gripped the sides of the sink, desperate for more friction. Deeper penetration.

"Tell me," Grimmjow rumbled as he inserted another finger. "Tell me what you want."

"Oh, my God," Ichigo gasped. Grimmjow had just rubbed over his prostate, stimulating the hell out of it. "I-I want...I want you right now. Please."

"Want me how?"

With that, Grimmjow's fingers sped up and went just a tad bit deeper, as if the man were teasing him with the promise of more to come. Ichigo was almost delirious with want, so he snapped.

"Dammit, man! If you don't shut up and fuck me right now, I'll break your head open!"

"Heh," Grimmjow chortled. "I love when you get all bossy an' shit. S'hot."

"Mm, whatever. You're still talking."

The fingers suddenly disappeared, and Ichigo had a hot, six foot two male pressing a ridiculously impressive length inside him. There were many words Ichigo could use to describe what he was currently feeling, but none of them would do it justice.

"Fucking finally," he stressed, arching his back and spreading his legs more. He had an inhuman grip on the sink as he met Grimmjow's initial thrust forward with an enthusiastic push backwards. It was fucking beautiful. "Shit, that's good."

"Damn, Ichigo," Grimmjow groaned deeply, hands going back to Ichigo's hips and grasping tightly.

Ichigo lifted his arm and reached behind him, wrapping it around Grimmjow's neck as the fire fighter buried his face in Ichigo's hair. They slowly began moving together, Ichigo rolling his hips and pushing back against Grimmjow's languid, yet firm and thoroughly filling thrusts. The temperature in the bathroom went up by several degrees as their breathing grew heavy. However, soon the slow pace just wasn't enough for Ichigo. He wanted more. Faster, harder. He started moving against the other man more urgently, indicating his obvious need, and Grimmjow's body seemingly agreed as his hips started moving faster too. Ichigo's breathing quickly morphed into harsh panting as Grimmjow rubbed every part of his insides. Ichigo was gripping the sink with his free hand and moaning, the wanton sounds escalating and starting to echo off the bathroom walls. However, Grimmjow's hand came up and covered Ichigo's mouth.

"You're gettin' loud," he rumbled into Ichigo's ear.

It was like throwing kerosene onto a bonfire. Hearing Grimmjow's deep voice filled with lust from so close was arousing as hell. Ichigo opened his eyes and glanced in the mirror again. The image somehow managed to turn him on even more. His torso was stretched like the body of a lazing cat, chest heaving, arm up and around Grimmjow's neck, and body jerking with each of Grimmjow's thrusts. The blue-haired man had his face next to Ichigo's head, but his luminous, tropical-colored eyes were watching Ichigo right back in the mirror. Ichigo closed his eyes, tilted his head back and moaned again, this time the sound muffled considerably. It felt so damned good. How could he not get loud?

And then the bathroom doorknob rattled ominously.

They both froze like someone had pressed the pause button on their steamy scene. As if in sync, they both turned and looked at the door.

Please, no.

A soft whine came from the other side, and Ichigo felt like screaming. Hell, he was already dying on the inside. Grimmjow dropped the hand over Ichigo's mouth and blew out a deep breath.

"Fuck," he hissed.

Ichigo just stood still as stone. He couldn't move. He didn't want to move, either. This wasn't fucking happening.

"Uncle Grimm?" the voice whined again.

"This is a freaky dream, right?" Ichigo finally asked.

He felt Grimmjow shake his head, both their chests still heaving, both still hard as steel and still very unsatisfied. Ichigo normally had a soft spot for kids, but this... This was testing his patience to a degree he didn't even think was possible.

"Dammit, Yo-chi," Grimmjow cursed.

It finally sunk in for Ichigo that he was going to be left hanging yet again, but this time it would be much worse. He turned away from the door and gave a low crying laugh.

"I wanna kill your godson right now, Grimm," he uttered.

At this rate, his balls would shrivel up and fall off.

"I'm sorry, Ichigo. This... I thought he was sleepin'."

Ichigo leaned his head back against Grimmjow's and closed his eyes. That was when Yoichi sniffled and called Grimmjow again.

"Uncle Grimm!"

Ichigo eased away from the taller man, deflating when that enticing piece of flesh slid from inside of him. Shit, he was a grown man, but he was very close to tears. Very close.

Grimmjow turned away and reached for his clothes on the floor. The sight of the man bent over was just icing on the whole fucked up cake. Ichigo grumbled severely to himself as he slipped into his own clothes. He was so disappointed, he felt like throwing a king-sized tantrum.

By the time he was fully dressed, Grimmjow was standing by the door, glaring at it like it had personally wronged him.

"You might as well open it," Ichigo sighed and ran a hand through his hair as he lowered the toilet lid and sat down on it.

The fact that his bottom was beginning to throb was just a painful reminder of what they could have still been enjoying. He glared down at the floor tiles as Grimmjow opened the bathroom door and admitted the small, silver-haired boy. Ichigo knew he had to be understanding. Yoichi was a kid and didn't know any better. But Ichigo was dying. He was so horny, he felt like humping anything at this point just to get off. And it added insult to injury to have started something so spectacular, only to have to stop right when it was getting great. But Yoichi didn't know that, either.

It sucked.

"Uncle Grimm, you said you wouldn't leave," the kid said.

Ichigo was so annoyed, the boy's voice was like nails on a blackboard. He shot off the toilet and quietly excused himself. He needed to go for a walk or something – anything that might get his mind out of the gutter and his libido off cloud nine.


Grimmjow watched Ichigo leave the bathroom, heart heavy and depressed. He didn't blame the orange-haired man at all. They'd been moving towards a destination sweeter than the pot at the end of a rainbow. ...Then, Yoichi had shown up. What piss-poor timing the kid had. Seriously. Grimmjow had had to forcibly remind himself that the little boy was just that: a little boy. Yoichi couldn't help that he was needy and vulnerable and had the timing of an insulting Jew joke at a bar mitzvah. He really couldn't help it.

Grimmjow's libido didn't want to hear it, though. It was rampaging inside him, throwing shit around and cursing up a storm. He didn't blame it, either. He'd been hip-deep in Ichigo's tightness and hadn't wanted to leave until they'd both erupted like volcanoes. Alas, no matter what they did, it just wasn't meant to be. And now he had to stand in front of his young godson with a tent in his warmup pants. How fucked up was that?

He stooped down in front of Yoichi in order to disguise his persistent erection, arms resting over it. He met watery ice-blue eyes and trained his face to be concerned. Not pissed.

"I toldja I wasn't gonna leave ya, Yo-chi. What's the problem?"

Yoichi sniffed and wiped his eyes. "I woke up and you weren't there. I thought you left."

"I'm right here. I ain't goin' anywhere."

"Mommy said that too and she left."

Jesus Christ.

Grimmjow just stared at his godson. What the hell was he supposed to say to that? In a sense, the kid was right. Nel had taken the coward's way out and left behind her young son. Now, Grimmjow was supposed to raise him. Alone. No help, no experience – just ass on the line. It was nerve-wrecking enough without Yoichi throwing up road blocks and saying things Grimmjow couldn't respond to.

Fortunately, Yoichi didn't seem to need a response because he just stepped into Grimmjow's space and put his arms around his neck. Grimmjow held the boy at a slight distance, not because he was trying to a asshole, but because he really didn't want to feel like a pedophile. He was still highly aroused (just thinking about Ichigo had him ready to go again), and he didn't want to scar his godson for life. The kid was stressed out enough as it was.

Grimmjow rubbed the boy's back a couple of times before gently holding him away by the shoulders. "Do you think you can get some sleep now?"

Yoichi nodded, sniffed, and wiped his eyes. Well, even though that was good news, Grimmjow was beyond caring. He was positive Ichigo wouldn't want to try again after what had just occurred, and he didn't blame the man. Grimmjow was pretty put off as well, no matter how badly he wanted to sink his teeth into the nimble diver again. He lifted the small boy over his shoulder, embarrassed at the way his pants still sported a very visible issue. He studiously ignored it and made his way to Ichigo's bedroom. Damn, just thinking the man's name got him all hot and bothered, as well as made him feel pretty bad. Ichigo had looked so hot in that fucking mirror. Grimmjow hadn't wanted to stop until he'd had Ichigo trembling in his arms. He'd been close too.

Dammit, Yo-chi.

Grimmjow lay Yoichi down beneath Ichigo's bedspread before pulling it up to the kid's small, pointed chin. "Ya gonna be OK?" he asked as Yoichi shifted around and made himself comfortable.


"Alright. Now, I ain't goin' anywhere, but if ya need me, I'll be right in the other room."

"OK, Uncle Grimm. G'night."

"Night, Yo-chi," Grimmjow said as he ran a hand through Yoichi's silver fringe.

He made his way back into the living room in search of Ichigo and was surprised to find the room empty. He went to the kitchen and stood in the doorway, stomach flipping and heart sinking. Ichigo was at the table, wearing a hoodie and sneakers with his basketball shorts and t-shirt as if he were about to leave. Or had just returned. They stared at each other for a long few seconds that felt like forever before Ichigo cleared his throat and spoke.

"He sleep?" he asked, and Grimmjow couldn't ignore the sarcastic tone.

But again...he couldn't really blame him.

"Well, he's goin'."

"That so? Imagine that."

Grimmjow heaved a sigh and ran a hand through his hair. "Ichigo, I'm-"

"Sorry," Ichigo interrupted, brown eyes hard and glinting. "I know. You told me already."

"Look, it ain't like it's my fault. An' it ain't like I told the kid ta come knockin' at the door right when we were getting to the good shit," Grimmjow snapped, frustrated.

Ichigo was taking this whole situation out on him, and that wasn't very fair. They were both victims of an extreme circumstance. It couldn't be helped.

Ichigo did his own sighing and rubbed a hand over his face. "I know that too," he mumbled. "I just... Dammit, Grimmjow, I just wanna finish what we started, but I know we can't. It's frustrating."

Grimmjow trudged into the kitchen and took a seat across from the orange-haired man. "Ya think I don't know that? Ya think I ain't chompin' at the bit here, too? I wanna get back inside you so fuckin' bad, I can taste it."

Ichigo's pupils dilated as he stared hard at Grimmjow. "Please don't say shit like that. I'll let you fuck me right here on this table. No offense, but your godson be damned. He'll be introduced to the joys of sex at a very tender age if you keep it up."

Grimmjow grinned. "You got a potty mouth, Ichigo."

"Yeah, well-"

"Nah, I like it. It's sexy."

"Grimmjowwww," Ichigo groaned and lowered his head to the table, hands going to the back of his neck. "You're killing me. My balls're gonna turn into prunes soon."

Grimmjow cracked up. But Ichigo was right. If they kept up the witty banter and teasing, sexually charged comments, there would be no stopping the fire that would spread this time around. Grimmjow didn't want to ruin Yoichi before he even hit puberty.

"Look, we gotta make a date. I'm gonna be goin' back ta work soon once I find someone ta take care of Yo-chi while I'm there. Maybe I can get the nanny or sitter or whatever ta watch him for a few hours while I spend some time with you. I can't just leave things like this for long. Feel like I'm gonna explode."

Ichigo nodded, head still down on the table. "I think that's a good idea. I feel like a fuckin' pervert the way I wanna just get off."

"You got hands, don't ya?" Grimmjow asked.

He was teasing, but he really wanted to see Ichigo's reaction.

"Of course, but you know it ain't the same. I want...I want that again. That bathroom is never gonna look the same to me," Ichigo muttered wistfully.

Grimmjow chuckled again as he studied the top of Ichigo's orange head. His thoughts had gone back to the bathroom too, and it did nothing to calm his libido. All he could think about was Ichigo's soft skin, firm muscles, unique scent, tight insides, tempting moans that made Grimmjow just want to fuck harder, fuck faster.

"Jesus," he mumbled and rubbed a hand over his face.

Ichigo lifted his head from the table and locked eyes with Grimmjow, face creased into a smirk. "Oh yeah. Feel the pain."

"Fuck you," Grimmjow said with a soft chuckle.

"I wish. All jokes aside, though, Grimmjow. It was really good. I mean, for the pitifully short time it lasted anyway."

"Yeah, it was." Grimmjow climbed from his seat and paced the kitchen floor a couple of times. "But this is gettin' us nowhere, except back where we started. Unless you wanna risk bein' interrupted again, I suggest ya stop talkin' like that, Ichigo."

"Oh, what? You can talk about it, but I can't? How's that fair?"

Grimmjow recognized the taunting tone and stopped pacing to glare over at Ichigo. When he saw the orange-haired man smiling at him, he stalked over and stood right in his space. He wanted to argue, but instead, all he could do was stare down into Ichigo's sable-brown eyes. That was when his control slipped a little. He reached forward, lifted Ichigo out of his seat and put a hand at the back of Ichigo's neck. Then, he connected their lips. Ichigo's lips were soft and pliant – welcoming to Grimmjow's demanding kiss. Grimmjow slipped his tongue past them and engaged the other man in a kiss that made them both end up panting. When they pulled apart, Grimmjow rested his forehead against Ichigo's and locked eyes with him.

"Don't tempt me, Ichigo. I'm already hangin' by a thread here," he growled.

Ichigo swallowed and nodded. "Y-you're right." His hand came up and gripped the back of Grimmjow's neck, startling the blue-haired man. "But damn do I want you."

Grimmjow lowered his hand from the back of Ichigo's neck and gripped the shorter man's hips. "Ichigo-"

"Grimm, I know we can't do this right now. I'm just... I don't even know."

They were both horny and frustrated as hell, and it wasn't doing a damned thing to calm their frayed nerves. Grimmjow kissed Ichigo's temple and drew the man into a hug. It felt cheesy, but it was what he wanted to do. Ichigo relaxed against him and sighed, arms lowering and wrapping around Grimmjow's waist.

"If we're patient, I'm sure we'll catch a break," Grimmjow murmured.

Ichigo snorted. "Yeah, that's if I don't die of sexual withdrawal first."

That was funny. Grimmjow outright laughed and held Ichigo tighter. "Yeah, that too, smartass."

This time, Ichigo chuckled and pulled back to look up at Grimmjow. "So, we'll be alright?"

"I think so."

"Alright. Let's watch a movie or somethin'. I'm too wired to sleep right now."

Grimmjow nodded and took Ichigo's hand as they casually made their way into the living room, where they settled on the couch. Ichigo grabbed two remotes and clicked on the TV and DVD player.

"I got a bunch of stuff on the bookshelf over there. I'm thinkin' somethin' nice and violent will get me outta the mood ta fuck your brains out."

Grimmjow took a deep breath and tried to ignore the way Ichigo's words affected his lower region. It wasn't really working, but he wouldn't show it. He went over to the bookshelf Ichigo had mentioned and looked through the movies that were lined up. After rifling through at least ten movies, he paused on one and stared at the back cover. It looked interesting, and he'd never seen it before; he just hoped Ichigo wouldn't make fun of him for missing the wave when the movie had been in the theaters. He turned towards the orange-haired man on the couch and held up the case.

"Wanna watch this?"


Grimmjow inwardly cringed, even as he outwardly grinned mischievously. "You heard me."

Ichigo frowned. "You never saw Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone?"

"No. So?"

"Wow. Where you been all this time? Under a rock?"

"My work hours are weird, so I don't really get ta go out that much," Grimmjow grumbled as he made his way to the TV stand and DVD player.

He stuck the movie in the machine and went back to the couch. When he plopped down onto it, he instantly threw an arm across Ichigo's shoulders.

"I guess this is our first real date," he continued.

Ichigo scoffed, but leaned against Grimmjow's side. "Don't be dumb."

It rolled right off Grimmjow. Ichigo was as see-through as wet gauze. How he thought he could fool anyone with those tell-tale eyes was beyond Grimmjow. He slouched against the cushions and enjoyed the feel of the shorter man's warmth along his ribs and left hip. Even though they couldn't finish what they'd started in the bathroom right that second, it didn't mean it would never happen. Grimmjow was slowly starting to appreciate the wait. It would make the release that much sweeter when it finally happened.

Next time...