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They turned on him.

There was no other way to describe what happened to Assistant Chief of Police William Pope during the worst 4months of his life. The LAPD, the place he practically called home, had turned their back on him.

Cardboard boxes lined his office. Or what was once his office.

He watched the new owner flick through the open boxes, all the while offering apologies for what had happened to him.

"And you know this was nothing personal, Will. It's just one of those things."

Will grunted and lifted the one remaining box that was his as he watched Brenda Leigh Johnson as she began placing items on her new desk.

"With everything that happened I just hope we can still be friends."

Anger built up inside him and rebuttal after rebuttal popped into his brain but he managed to bite his tongue. Instead he nodded at his ex-lover, ex-friend and now...boss.

"Whatever you say, Assistant Chief Leigh," he whispered before leaving her alone in her office.

He passed by the Major Crimes department, almost cringing at the looks of sympathy he received from everyone. Well almost everyone. Deputy Chief Spencer avoided eye contact at all times as Will passed through the corridor.

Spencer was settling in to his new job as head of Major Crimes, leaving his old job open to the now demoted Will.

Demoted, he thought with a snarl.

He kicked the door of his new office closed, slid the box onto his new desk, flopped into his new chair and closed his eyes. His hands rose automatically to massage his temples, trying to ease away the tension headache he felt building.

"Had a rough day?"

So caught up in his misery, he hadn't heard the door open again. Glancing up he saw the head of FID leaning against the entrance, her arms crossed across her chest and her eyes as equally sympathetic as the members of Major Crimes, although much kinder.

"Got myself a new job. Not exactly the one I wanted but..." he drifted off.

Her eyes softened and she stepped further into the room, closing the door behind her. She situated herself against the edge of his desk and refolded her arms. He noticed she did that a lot.

"I know it's not ideal, Chief-" she stopped herself abruptly. "Oh God, Commander I'm sorry. I'm just so used to..."

"It's ok, Captain Raydor. It will all take a bit of getting used to. I'm sorry you got me as a boss now."

"I'm not. You're a great police officer. I look forward to working with you."

She smiled at him and he felt the headache easing slightly. Maybe he had a friend in all this mess.

"I didn't do it." He whispered to her, desperate for someone to belief in him. She tilted her head, surveying him closely as he spoke.

"You have to believe me, someone set me up."

She took a moment to consider his words before slowly nodding. "I believe you."

Will exhaled sharply. She was the first person within the LAPD, and probably outside, who believed him.

"I'm gonna find out who did this." He added.

"I wouldn't expect anything less from you. If you ever need someone to talk to, over coffee or something stronger, let me know. Okay?" she asked.

"That'd be nice. Thank you Captain."

She grinned at him and moved from his desk, back towards the door.

"Actually, I could something stronger right now. You got some time?"

Her expression as she turned around was all the answer he needed. Her mouth was set in a frown and her eyes held an apology.

"I'm sorry, it's Thursday and every Thursday is Mom and daughter night in my house. She's my youngest and she'll be going to college next year."

"Say no more, I understand." He honestly did. He dreaded the day his kids left the nest. "Enjoy your girly night doing...whatever it is you do on a girly night."

"Usually watch some silly romance movie and talk about important matters," she giggled. "You know, make-up, hairstyles; the really significant things."

"Of course. Enjoy your night."

"You too, Commander." With that she was gone.

Will moved to search through the solitary box in the corner. Everything else had been unpacked earlier in the day. The bottle of scotch felt heavy in his hand, almost as heavy as his burdens that weighed on his shoulders.

Settling in his seat once more he poured himself a glass and stared at the new nameplate on his desk. He considered hurling it against the wall but it was too late for dramatics now. He was resigned to this sudden change in his life and career.

His fingers traced over the glided letters as he downed his drink in one swallow.

Commander William Pope

Head of Internal Affairs