The REAL Ending to "Vampire of the Mist"

Disclaimer: Standard disclaimer applies.

This is a synopsis of what happened (in my world) after Ravenloft. Be warned, never read the book, only the short stories, so I have no clue what really happened, just what people told me.

The sun came up, the first rays struck Jander, and…nothing. He cursed himself for forgetting that he was so powerful that he could be in the sun for at least an hour before dying. So, he decided, he would just stand here until he did finally get his rest.

Before that could happen, the Mists of Ravenloft came and whisked him away. Jander wandered for a long time in the Mists. When he finally found the way out, it was night. He realized, holy shit! I'm back in Faerûn. Wonderful.

Then he realized that this may be the chance he needed, the chance to start over. It was a new place…sort of…but he could still try…


This is in no way related to my other stories, cuz in my other stories, he's never been to Ravenloft and never will be. Let me make that clear right now. I HATE RAVENLOFT. They aren't original stories, they just take the classics and use new characters and slightly twisted situations. | The Enemy Within = Dr. Jekell and Mr. Hyde | Vampire of the Mists and I, Strahd (I'm assuming) = two of the versions of Dracula | Mordenheim (I think that was the name) = Frankenstein | I rest my case.