This is a little something i have put together for Valentines day. Something nice and gentle and loving. Enjoy something that I don't usually do. [LittlEm]
Narcissa took a deep breath in, closing her eyes and then as she exhaled she leant over and touched her toes. Stretching out her back and legs.

For a long time Narcissa had been a dancer. Ever since she was small infact. Bella had fake vomited at the thought of learning how to dance. But Narcissa had seized the opportunity with both hands and had excelled at it. Giving her poise and grace that Bella could never even contemplate having.

Draco was away at Hogwarts for his fourth year and Lucius had been sent on a mission and was completing business deals with the Ministry. He had not been home in 3 days and Narcissa loathed above all being left alone with the house elves. She would have asked Bella around but she was busy- Bella was always occupied with other things.

And so she resorted to something she hadn't done since Draco was very young. As she stretched out her limbs and warmed her body up she thought of the times that she had brought Draco along to watch her. The young eyes that looked so much like his fathers staring back at her as she danced for him day after day- amazing him. Narcissa longed to see that amazement in his eyes again.

A magical couple that had taught her, and taught many young witches and wizards for many years now owned the hall. As a prized student she was allowed access whenever she so wished. She had not taken advantage since Draco had started school but now she was back. It was the same as ever.

Pictures from many years were scattered over the wall with cracks in the bottoms of the wall with smears of handprints on the walls. Even the smell of the hall was the same. She loved it so much and was oddly pleased to be back- although longed to see her husband again.

Narcissa switched the music on and began with slow steady movements with her gentle arms and swift feet. Her body seemed fluid as she performed a Grand jeté. She became lost in the music and her movement, closing her eyes and feeling her pulse raise and her body start to sweat and she unfurlled and her fears and worries vanished into the music.

So involved the music she had not even noticed the figure standing in the doorway. The eyes watching her as she moved around the room, intruiged and smirking.

" Darling I've missed how you move."

Narcissa stopped with a skid and looked towards the door, her jaw dropping suddenly as she saw that the figure who had found her was her husband.

She had almost forgotten that Lucius knew this place, that they'd used to dance as a couple,

"Lucius! I…I didn't expect you to be home, you've- "

He slowly made his way over too her and stopped her with a kiss, pulling her body close and tight to his.

"I've missed you too Narcissa…"

Narcissa felt her body suddenly surge with a lusting joy and happiness that she hadn't felt in so long. A sensation only her husband had ever given her. She knew that- even just for now- things were going to be alright.