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A Not So Quiet Night - 1


"Dean, promise me you won't do anything stupid after this. Go and live your life, please Dean. You deserve to have some happiness." Sam pleaded .

"Of course I deserve happiness."Dean turned around to look at Sam. "And I have it. OK,Maybe not exactly at the moment. What are you talking about, anyway?"

"I'm saying .. Dean.. If I didn't make it, I want you to be happy. Please Dean. "

"Sam. Your injuries are not enough to kill you. Don't be stupid."

Sam stared at him in disbelief .

"What?" Dean stared back."Nobody dies from a broken arm and a mild concussion. Man, your ribs are not even cracked, you look better than me. Why in the hell you think you may not walk outa this in one piece?"

"My stomach?"

"What about your stomach?"

"The fact that it's ripped open?"

"Sam. Your stomach is perfectly fine. I got that bastard before it could open your stomach. Don't be such a sissy."

Sam brought his head up, looking at his belly in shock. "You got that thing?"

"Yes Sammy, I got it . Now try and sit up and lean against the wall. Here, I'll help you." Dean helped Sam to sit up.

"So why are we still here? Why don't we just leave?"

"Wow, good question, why hadn't it come to my mind before?" Dean rolled his eyes. "Because we're stuck in an abandoned old mine, that's why. And even if we find a way to leave this damn fuggy hole, there is still another creature out there waiting for us and I'm out of ammo. "

"So , what's your plan?"

"I'm working on it. You just keep your eyes open and let me have some peace of mind, then I'm sure I'll be able to find some way."

Sam nodded like a 4 year old kid and just kept looking at Dean, making Dean smile, thinking about how young Sam was looking whenever he had a concussion or his mind wasn't fully on the job .

"They aren't werewolves." Sam announced after a few minutes.

"So your mind has started working again?" Dean stepped back from the hole which used to be the entrance before getting blocked by the tonne of debris and stones."No they're not, which is so not good since they won't leave here even when the night is over."

"What's the time?"

"A little past midnight. Why ?"

"Just wanted to know how long have I been out of it. "

"Around 10 minutes. I believe most of it was because of the shock."

"What are they ?"

"Never realized that coherency is such a good thing. Stop jumping from one subject to another." Dean sighed. "We don't know Sammy, remember? We came here almost hundred percent sure that we'll kill a werewolf, just ONE werewolf, and we'll head back home. Anyway, I almost believe we're facing an Amarok. "

"A what?"

"Amarok. Gigantic wolves which hunt down and devour anyone foolish enough to hunt alone at night. The only problem is we weren't hunting alone and the Amarok is supposed to hunt alone not in packs. "

"They're in packs?" Sam queried.

"Well, not exactly. But I just killed one of them and there's at least another one out there."

"How do you know about this creature anyway?" Sam pulled himself up a little more." I don't remember we've ever seen one before and I'm sure there's nothing about them in Dad's journal."

Dean glared at Sam. "I may not look so expert and watchful in your eyes, but I do study and research and I know when's the time to take it serious. "

"Dean, I didn't mean it to sound like that."

"I know." Dean leaned against the wall and sunk down."I'm just tired."

"You know, you're the best hunter I've ever met, and I mean it, because even Dad never used to look at cases the way you do."Sam continued.

Dean snorted."Oh I'm flattered. Enough, man. I said I know you didn't mean it like that. "

"Do we need silver bullet to kill these..these.. Amoroks?"

"Amarok, and yes, we still need silver bullets, which are in the truck of Impala . Well except the one bullet that I still have in my gun ."

"One is better than nothing."

"It sure is."

"Where is it?"

"I just said, in my gun."

"No, the body of the other Amarok you've killed ."

"Coherency Sammy, Coherency."Dean rolled his eyes. "Right there." he pointed to the other side of the mine .

"How did you move it?"

"Do we really need to go that way again?" Dean asked as he started toward Sam.

"What way?" Sam was confused.

"The way that I say I may not look strong in your eyes. Then you say you didn't mean it that way. And all those blah blah blah." He grabbed Sam's head to look into his eyes and check his pupils.

"Ouch.. Warn me before doing that, would you?" Sam protested .

"Man, I moved my damn tired body and approached you. Why do you think I would do that? To kiss you? "Dean turned the light away. "Did that hurt?"

"Hmm.. Not so much.. A little."

"You should stay awake, sorry Bro. We just can't risk it here with no way to get help."

"You sound like you're gonna leave me here." Sam concluded.

"Just for a few minutes.." Dean grabbed a shotgun and gave it to Sam." I should check the other tunnel to see if I can find a way out of this hell."

"What can I do with a shotgun? Besides, that thing can't get here." Sam asked.

"I know, but can't be too careful." Dean stood. "I'll be right back and I'm telling you, if I find you with your eyes shut, I'll kick your ass. So, keep them open."

"Just Go." Sam mumbled.


"Don't tell me I didn't warn you." Dean's voice startled Sam.


"Your eyes were closed and I told you I'd kick your ass if I found them close." Dean embedded his gun in his jeans waistband .

"I was awake."

"Yeah, that's why you heard me coming back so good. Dude, you were out of it."

"Whatever, I'm awake now. I was...Dean, I couldn't remember." Sam posed suddenly.

"Remember what? My face? Boy, you have some kinda short-term memory."

"Why would I want to remember your face?" Sam wrinkled his nose."I'm talking about today. The event of me getting attacked.. I can't even remember we packing and coming here."

"You remember that you're concussed, though. Right? Cuz that'd be enough to explain the rest."Dean started to pack their stuff." What do you want to remember? Ask me. I can tell you."

"You're packing." Sam pointed.

"You're observing."

"We're leaving?"

"We're leaving."




"What?" Dean laughed. "Alright, yeah. I've found a way, I'm not sure it'll lead us out, but it's worth a shot. Better than sitting here."

"How is that you're not sure?"

"I felt the airflow but I didn't go to find the exact source. I couldn't leave you here alone."

"I can protect myself." Sam complained.

"Yeah, with shut eyes. Sure. I was worried about your concussion, not about getting attacked."

"Getting attacked. How did I get attacked before?"

"You weren't kidding when you said you don't remember..." he put their duffel bags on his shoulder."Come on, we need to go, I'll expailin it for you." he helped Sam up.

The wave of dizziness assaulted Sam as he rose to his feet, making him bend forward and throw up on the cement floor.

"Whoa, whoa, easy.." Dean put his duffel down and grabbed a bottle of water, handing it to Sam when he was done retching.

"Thanks." Sam said after taking a sip of water to clean his mouth.

"No problem. You ready for this?"

"Yup, I'm better."

"Good. But don't push it hard. There's no rush. If you felt like to sit down, just sit down. OK? " Dean said, his hand still supporting Sam's back .

Sam nodded as they started their way through the second tunnel."So? How did we end up here?"

"Yeah, that. When we get here, you suddenly changed to your genius mood and decided that it'd be better for us to split up. You took the right and I took the left. I didn't find a damn thing but after about 10 minutes I heard a gunshot and when I reached the cave you were down and that giant bastard was on the top of you. I shot it and the end."

"The end? How did the entrance collapse? How did we get stuck?" Sam could feel the airflow and was grateful for that. Because that little stream of air was making him feel better.

"Umm, Gunshots.. It's an old mine, man. As soon as I shot that Amarok, the wall behind me shook and the ceiling collapsed. Luckily we were both out of its way."

"Hmm. Why I don't feel so lucky then?" Sam asked.

"Cuz you're too damn pessimist to see the good things around you. You've been always like this. "

"Am I supposed to retort it or you're still tired? "

"I'm still tired." Dean confessed.

That was the last sentence for the next few minutes. They walked silently through the long tunnel, the sound of their boots on the cement ground was the only audible sound so far. Until Dean froze in his way and stopped Sam with an arm in front of his chest.

"What?" Sam looked down at Dean's hand in front of his chest.

"Did you hear that?" Dean grabbed his gun.

"Did I hear what?"

"I take it as a No." Dean whispered. "Stay here, I'll take a look."

"Wait, no. We're going together. I feel fine and I'm not gonna let you go alone."

"Sam, you don't have a gun."

"Dean, No. I'm coming. Let me carry those bags."

"Your arm is broken, in case you've forgotten. Just stay behind me. Would you?"

"Shut up. Give me the flashlight at least. Would you?"

Dean passed him the flashlight as they quietly stepped forward. After the next turn the tunnel started to widen and then they saw the source of airstream .A big hole in the ceiling a few feet in front of them.

"You think we can get out of that hole?"

"We have to." Dean put down their bags and looked around to find something to use it as a ladder .

Sam turned the flashlight for him and it was then that they both froze at the sight in front of them.

The other Amarok was ambushing in a corner, waiting for a good time to attack them. The hit of light in its eyes was enough to irritate it and the next thing they saw was the Amarok lunging forward .

Dean was faster between the two of them. Pushing Sam out of the way he grabbed his gun and shot, swearing"Son of a ...- "

He never saw if the bullet found its mark. Because the ceiling above him gave way in a rumble of tumbling stones and cracking fell and his body impacted with the ground as rocks and debris collided with him before the stars flicked out.




... TBC ...