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Bernard Chuckled. "Alright. Guess I'm not needed here anymore. You can see that's he's healing nicely. He might go back to sleep for now. But next time, he'll be more coherent and can stay awake longer. If things go this way, we'll be able to move him to the regular ward tomorrow morning."

Sam smiled widely for the first time since they had arrived to the hospital and thanked the doctor, letting the man finally leave for home.

True to Bernard's word, next time when Dean opened his eyes, he was way more coherent and actually awake."Sammy?"

"Hmm?" Sam was fast asleep in his chair and it took him a few seconds to realize that Dean was calling him."Dean."he suddenly jumped.

"Whoa." Dean flinched involuntary.

"Oh, you're really awake. Finally." Sam had a wide grin on his face.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means that you're really awake. Finally." Sam just repeated.

"Hmm. Thanks for elaborating, I didn't get it the first time."

"How are you feeling?"

"Like I've been lying on a bed for ages. I'm sore."

"That's not because of lying on a bed. It's just because you decided to lie down on a cement floor under tons of debris."

"It didn't seem like a bad idea back there. How are you, by the way? Your arm broken?" Dean pointed to Sam's arm.

"You can't say it's really broken. It's just a fracture."

"As if it hurts less. So, when will we leave here?"

"You kidding me, right?"

"Yeah, and I'm laughing my ass off. Do I look like I'm kidding?"

"Dean. You have no idea how close you came to death this time. You almost broke your neck. Damn you still have brain swelling, and you're talking about leaving? Oh, let me tell you, we'll stay here as long as it's needed."

"You done?"

"Not really, but I don't feel like going on."

"Good, cuz your voice is unnerving." Dean grinned. "Kidding. Don't look at me like that. OK, we'll stay a little longer, just don't pout, your face will freeze that way."

"I-" Sam started to protest but Dean cut him.

"Yes, you do. Just go and look in the mirror."

"Hey there Dean. Good to see you awake, finally." Ella stepped inside.

"Why everyone keeps repeating that word?" Dean sighed.

"What word? Finally? Well, maybe because you have been out of it for about two days and this is the first time that you're actually with us. The other couple of times, it seemed like you were somewhere else, and I can say you kinda scared your brother and even your doctor." she explained. "But it's good to see you awake. You look even better with open eyes."

"So I've been told." Dean gave her a wide grin, making her chuckle.

"Your vitals are good, no sign of any problem. Your improvement is promising. You need anything? If not, I'll leave you two alone, for now."

"Yes, your name."

"Ella."She smiled."Now that you asked, may I ask you something, too?"


"Are you and Miley Cyrus-"

"No." Dean cut her quickly and glared at Sam for a few seconds, before continuing."Gosh, no. I don't know if you're her fan, but I'm sure as hell not. I mean, she's hot. But still."

Ella laughed."Good, good. I really didn't like you to be related to her."

"Does that mean that you like me, now?" Dean smirked.

"I leave you two alone." she giggled and left the room.

Dean looked at her back, smiling, but when his glare stopped on Sam, there was no sign of that cheerful manner.

"What?" Sam gulped.

"Cyrus? Seriously? Where the hell did that come from?"

"I didn't know about it, I swear. I hate it as much as you do."

"Then how-"

"That was my idea." They heard Bobby's voice before seeing him in the room."I have some ID and insurance cards for you two. Just in case."

"OK, thanks, I guess. But again, Cyrus?"

Bobby couldn't help the impish grin."I like the name."

"You like Miley Cyrus? Huh." Dean rolled his eyes."Guess I should be glad you don't like Paris Hilton."

Sam laughed at that.

Hearing his voice, Bobby turned to Sam."Thought I told you to call me if anything's changed."

"I did. Man, you really need to learn to check that phone. I called you a dozen times."

Bobby checked his phone, finding that he had 4 missed calls. " Weird. I didn't hear it. Anyway, how are you feeling, Dean?"

"I'm good, considering." Dean nodded his thanks."I didn't find the chance to thank you. You know-"

"Stop there, boy. I'm always there for you. Never forget it. "Bobby patted Dean on the shoulder. "I gotta go now, though. I'll stop by later and I'll arrange my place for you to stay there as long as you need to. "

"It won't be long."

"You push it this time and you'll have to answer me. You got it, Dean?" Bobby said firmly.

"OooKay." Dean replied with a raised eyebrow.

"Good." Bobby nodded."Here" he put Dean's key on the night stand."Your car is safe in the parking lot. I though Sam might need it, so I brought it here."

"Thanks."Sam smiled.

Dean tried to push himself up and grab the key."Don't even think about it. You won't drive her with one arm."

"Dean." Sam protested.

"I said no."

"Boys. This is a hospital and the Intensive Care unit, if you've forgotten. Keep your arguments for later."

Dean and Sam both leaned back.

"See ya later."Bobby chuckled and walked out.

"You won't." Dean punctuated.

"OK, fine. I won't."

Dean looked at him squinty."What's it? You accepted too easily. I'm not dying, am I?"

Sam rolled his eyes."No Dean, you're not. But I swear to God, if you say it one more time, I'll kill you myself."

"No, you won't. You'll miss my banters." Dean smiled innocently.

"Like hell." Sam wrinkled his nose."Dean. I'm sorry." he said abruptly. Swallowing a lump in his throat, he prepared himself for an explanation.

"Why does this sound familiar? Whatever. Apology accepted."

"You don't even know what I am apologizing for." Sam growled.

"Definitely Familiar. Well, I figured there are bunch of reasons for that. But it's accepted anyway."Dean tried to shrug, not like that was easy or possible with the stif-neck collar he was wearing.

"Bunch of reasons?" Sam asked incredulously. He shook his head."I apologized for what I said back in the cave. About-"

"Sam, no -"

"And don't say no chick-flick moments. I need to say this and you have no choice but listening. Dean, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say you're carefree or Inconsiderate. I know how dedicated you are and I know how much you have sacrificed in our line of life and for me. It's just.. I'm not like you, I can't keep myself calm and I really envy you for that, the way you know how to control yourself and take control of situation, no matter how bad it is. And well, it irritates me when I can't get how you could act like nothing had happened and everything is under control. It's because I hate myself for not being able to stay calm and keep control of my feelings. I always know that it won't change anything if I kill myself with stress, but I just can't help it and that's what makes me furious. And I'm sure you know it's easier to blame someone else when you're angry. That's why I let my anger out on you and I'm sorry for that." Sam sighed." By the way, I know you're awake." he added to the seemingly dozed off Dean.

Dean cracked one eye open "You do? Well, I was really starting to drift off." he paused and took a deep breath, at least ,as deep as his bruised lungs would allow."Sammy, I know. Thanks for explaining and I wish Bobby was here to say 'Quite a speech.'" he imitated Bobby. "But I know. I'm sorry too. You know I didn't mean those words about you leaving for college and everything else.. OK , I did mean some parts, but not all of them." he corrected and smirked.

Sam nodded."Ahh, man. It feels good when you keep quiet for a few moments and let me talk."

"It sure as hell doesn't feel that good, here. I was in the edge of tears. You know it's not healthy to upset a guy with concussion."

"Like it'd ever happen to you."


"Getting upset."

"Oh, Sammy, it had happened plenty of times." Dean said weirdly serious, but it changed in a fraction of second and the mischievous look was back in his eyes."It's way more fun to upset you, though."



"Do you even know what I wanna say?"

"No." he grinned. "But I like to say no to you."

"Jerk. I was going to say that we should take it easy for a while."

"Like how long?"

"As long as your doctor says before getting back to the regular life. Promise me Dean, you won't push it hard, this time."


"Dean, please. Look at you. You're obviously in pain. You may not say a word, but I've been living with you long enough to know that. Your head, your neck, your lungs, your kidney, your leg-"

"Just say everything." Dean helped.

"Yeah everything. They won't heal properly if you don't let them. Do you want to have pain every time you wanna turn your head? Or not be able to take a deep breath or-"

"OK , OK. Point taken."

"So you'll take it easy, right?"

"I'll try my best."

"Do you want me to ask the nurse for a dose of pain killer?"

"That would be great."

"Are you admitting that you're in pain? Oh, you must have hit your head harder than what I thought."

"I'm trying to be nice." Dean huffed. "Poof, you didn't deserve it."

"Shut up. I'm gonna get the nurse."

"I'll be here."

"Dean, she's just out of this door."

"So what? I won't be here when you come back with her?"

"You were unbearable enough before getting a brain swelling." Sam rubbed his neck.

"The point is I have a brain to swell. Unlike you."

"I think it's easier to just knock you out."

"No need. Just give me another speech and I promise I'll pass out before you know."

"Not a bad idea. I always wanted to talk to you about that time when dad-"

"Sam. I'm still able to hit you with this glass. You know."

"I'm shutting up." Sam grinned."And getting the nurse."

Glad that finally Sam left the room, Dean's eyes slid shut as he let the lines of pain appear on his face. Sam might think that it was easy to always look cheerful and carefree, but the pain he was dealing with was not just physically. He knew that Sam had no idea how hard it was for him to keep that mask up and how many times he got really close the breaking down completely. If anything could keep him on his feet, it'd be his little brother and he didn't intend to let anything hurt Sam. So he'd vowed to just keep going at whatever expense. Determined to keep Sam as safe as possible, he wiped out the lines of pain from his face and lay down calmly on his bed, waiting for Sam to get back with the nurse that he was gone after.
'Oh, that hot nurse. Ella. Man, It's worth waiting.'



-The End-



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