Hiya cute little one-shot.

Fericiti is romanian for happy.

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"Scott" I yelled, my voice echoing around me, trying to rouse my husband from his slumber "Phone".

The distinctive sound of our bed squeaking as he rolled over was my answer. I put the phone back to my ear with a sigh "Sorry, he had a night shift last night is it important?" I asked while drumming my fingers against the desk. "Oh! You just wanted an appointment for an annual checkup on your mare. If you leave your number I have him call you when he wakes up." I sighed internally as the person on the other end replied "No. I don't know when he'll wake up" I groaned "I'd rather not wake my husband" Not for you anyway "Leave your number and I'll have him call you back"

I quickly jotted down the number the mares owner reluctantly gave me.

"Thank you. Bye" I said quickly and hung up.

I stood silent for a few moments with my hand resting on my baby bump. Suddenly an idea formed in my head, so as silently as I could I went up stairs and crept into our room. I wasn't surprised to find that Scott was lying on his back with a pillow on top of his head, probably to block out the sun and the noise. Smiling I walked over to him and sat down, rather heavily, on him.

"Uhh" Came muffled cry from under the pillow "Bitch"

"Shoulda woke when I shouted" I replied cheekily

He responded by throwing his pillow at me.

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