A/N:Written for 12 fics LiveJournal writing challenge community using the prompt #3 – lottery.

Why is it that, every time I write for Kuroshitsuji, I keep misspelling the word 'soul' as sould? I just wrote a fic for a different fandom and it had a few mentions of soul as well, but the misspelling wasn't there. What is this I don't even.

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Warnings: implied shota.

You Are An Endless Tide

He has drawn the proverbial jackpot; this Sebastian knows for the longest time already. Perhaps, he'd even felt it at the moment he was summoned. As a rule, whoever was closer took the call, and he is glad to having taken this one. He watches Ciel change and adjust ever-so-slightly the more time they spend together, and it pulls his mouth into a wicked smile. His little dish is cooking and doing it properly. It's almost as if a part of the contracted demon serving him leaks into and fuses with the human boy's being. Ciel isn't the same as he was when they first met – he has gained a few new splendid qualities. Sebastian knows this because he watches, touches, and breathes himself into his little master.

Ciel doesn't tremble. He doesn't cringe when looking at his own reflection in the mirror. He shows no disgust for things concerning Sebastian because he has no such right. He cannot afford being condescending; not when he himself wanted all of this: the destruction, the seduction, the sinister perfection of a surrendered life. Sebastian plays pretend for him. Sebastian is a pretence which he cannot shun. He can only pretend right back, much to the demon's amusement.

So Ciel lets him take it all – body, mind, and soul – because he won't need any of that where he's going. And when Sebastian descends upon him like mist over a valley, he keeps his eyes open for as long as he can and lets the tide take him and carry him through the pain until the world drowns and nothing is left.