A/N:Written for 12 fics LiveJournal writing challenge community using the prompt #6 – pets.

I keep having weird misspellings all over the place again. Dogs turn into gods, cats into cars, and anymore is suddenly naymore. I can spell, I swear.

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Somewhat of a Pet Problem

It wasn't that Ciel disapproved of keeping pets – he'd had a dog himself, once. He couldn't have cared less whether any of his servants had them (for as long as he remained unaware of their existence), and he certainly had not the time to care for a pet of his own anymore. His time would be over soon and he just didn't want to build any unnecessary attachments; didn't want to leave more ruin behind than was necessary. Elizabeth… He couldn't help that one and tried his best to keep her at a distance; something he wasn't succeeding in. At all.

So why was it that Sebastian's inane obsession with cats made him so irate? Cats, Ciel thought with annoyance. Cats were not loyal. It was just another off-handed reminder of his butler's true nature – that he would only stay for as long as something held his interest, and in the end he would walk away to wherever he pleased. Independence was the trademark of all cats.

Ciel scoffed. Was it yet another blatant and purposeful reminder of his true situation? He was certain that Sebastian was doing this on purpose. It wasn't that Ciel hadn't accepted his fate – he had. But still he could not live with a constant reminder; not such an indirect one. It meant that no matter what sweet words Sebastian whispered to him whenever he felt like listening meant nothing. Demons did not love or feel attachment; Ciel lived in an illusion.