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Naruto grinned deviously. In the past few days Sasuke was avoiding him with all his might. And if by any chance, they met, Sasuke either cursed Naruto or simply ran away. And why, you ask, Naruto is happy about this? He should be dumbfounded and angry, because his best friend suddenly stopped hanging with him. Well, the reason was because Naruto knew why did Sasuke act weird. And he himself quite liked it.

On the other hand, Sasuke didn't quite enjoy this situation. Thanks to some misfortunes turn of events, he was stuck having a crush on his best friend. Not that he will ever admit it, he was an Uchiha. And Uchiha's didn't have crushes. Not to mention crushing on other boys. And that boy being one big idiot, dobe, usurantokachi called Naruto. It took him weeks to get adjusted to this new feeling inside of him. Every time he saw Naruto, he ran as farther as he could, blushing harder than Hinata. Again, that didn't come out of his mouth. And he didn't like it. Not at all. He couldn't sleep or eat, he just kept thinking about those pink rosebuds instead of blonde's lips.. His heart was beating like crazy and he was craving for Naruto to touch him, kiss him… Damn!

And why the heck did he stalk the dobe? No, not stalk. Follow. The damn blonde was swaying his hips trough the village, earning lots of hungry looks. One of them being Sasuke's.

And now, Sasuke was in dilemma. He wanted to take Naruto, bring him to some dark alley and fuck him senseless. AND kill everybody who dared eye that handsome body of Uchiha's property. OK, so it wasn't exactly his property, but his guts already proclaimed Naruto his. Not that his mind had any saying in this.

Naruto suddenly stopped walking, and turned to Sasuke. He chuckled seductively (or so Sasuke thought, 'coz he was having a problem controlling his blush. And trembling. And drooling by the sight of that amazing body.. SHUTUP! ).

- Hey Sasuke! Are you that much into stalking, or are you here to ask me on a date? – Sasuke growled. Was he that obvious?

- Hn. Dobe, what made you think that?

- Oh, I dunno. Your eyes eating my ass alive? – Sasuke blushed ( FUCK), but quickly reverted his expression to a stoic one. Naruto giggled, slowly approaching Uchiha. He only stopped when they were inches apart.

- You know.. – He said in the most sexiest voice Sasuke ever heard- You can think that you're immune.. But the truth is, you just can't get enough. Face it, S'uke.. – Naruto slowly brushed Sasuke's lips with his own, making Uchiha's world explode in million colors. – You're addicted to me.

With that said, Naruto walked away, leaving one hell of a confused and heat stricken Uchiha behind. Who had problems holding his imagination and his coolness still.


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