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- Right Now, Na, Na. -

When a guy is into you, you tend to notice it pretty quickly, you just get that feeling that you're not sure. There are signs, though.

First, he'll start talking to you more, striking up a conversation online, or just giving you a polite greeting every time he sees you.

Next, there's the contact thing. Maybe knocking into your shoulder as a joke, or even slinging an arm around your shoulder.

The third stage is when they begin to bug you; they're constantly trying to speak to you, asking you questions and just generally beginning to annoy you.

And when you begin to realize that if they aren't bugging you, you miss them, then you can be assured that you like them back.

But why, of all people, was I missing him?

This all started thanks to a project set in Biology by Orochimaru-Sensei. We were put into groups according with our scores in the most recent exam we'd taken. I, the usually calm and collected study-nerd was placed in a group with the school's clown, Uzumaki Naruto, and Konoha's heartthrob, Uchiha Sasuke.

There was nothing unusual about that, most of the girls were put into groups with two boys. But my best friend, Ino, seemed to be having a lot of trouble accepting that fact.

Yamanaka Ino is a Barbie doll. She's everyone's idea of perfection: blonde hair; blue eyes; tall, with a perfect body; captain of the cheer squad, and an all rounder in academics; and, of course, she had the perfect man candy to hand.

Uchiha Sasuke is like one of those ripped, gorgeous guys that had just stepped out of an Abercrombie photograph. Perfectly soft-looking spiky hair; smouldering, dark eyes; perfect teeth; the body of a freakin' Greek god; the mind of a Chinese wonder-child and the ability to charm the pants off of anyone. And, unfortunately, that included my best friend.

"Listen, Forehead," Ino had said, as we dropped into the red, plastic seats surrounding the grey table in the corner of the cafeteria that we would usually bag during lunch. "Do you know why teachers invented group projects?" She questioned. I looked at her from behind the paperback I was currently absorbed in, an eyebrow raised, Ino cracked her can of Appletiser open, "To match-make!" She announced.

I almost snorted in a very unladylike fashion, "Oh, Ino, you're just getting yourself worked up. Nothing will happen." I assured her. But, now that I thought about it, she had a very valid point there. The teachers at our school seemed to have a 'thing' for gossiping, especially about the students that were currently attending Konoha High.

"Why are you so obsessed with the whole thing, anyway?" I asked her, "It's not like you to feel… threatened." I had to word that cautiously, otherwise she might have spazzed. But Ino seemed too wrapped up in her own thoughts to be bothered with my words.

She sighed, "It's just, like, lately, we haven't been able to sit in the same room as each other for more than ten minutes without some sort of petty little argument breaking out." She explained, "It's stupid. Like, sometimes, if I ask him to hang out with me after school, he'll get all defensive and say things like, 'you're always taking up all of my free time,' or, 'you're too controlling'." She droned. I watched her as she ranted, her thin, blonde eyebrows coming closer and closer together as she thought more on the subject. "I'm just worried, y'know? He's got a reputation…"

Ah, the Reputation. Uchiha Sasuke, as I said before, can charm the pants off of anybody. And he used to use that skill to his advantage very often. But, six months ago, the bad habit completely stopped, because he started to go out with this beautiful, popular girl named Yamanaka Ino. Things had seemed pretty smooth between them – they were two halves of perfection. This was the first negative thing I'd heard my blonde best friend say regarding their relationship.

I looked down at my book for a moment before the idea hit me. "Ino, this book is about Comodia Del Arte, know what that is?"

"Sure, the street actors in Italy… right?"

"That's right. Well, it's what I'm basing my Drama project on. Anyway, in Comodia Del Arte, there's always this God-sent couple, Valentino and Isabella. They're both beautiful people. Kinda like you and Sasuke."

"Yeah, what's this got to do with us?" She asked, an eyebrow raised.

I held up a finger to silence her, "But, because they're both so attractive – and they know it – they feel that they have to have the most attractive person hanging off of their arm. Get it?"

"Are you suggesting that Sasuke and I are only going out with each other for looks?" She asked, her cheeks tinting red. I remained calm.

"Ino, let me finish." She relaxed in her seat, "So, yeah, what I'm saying is that you and Sasuke might have had, you know, the butterflies for each other at the start of the relationship, but if you're suspecting that he's getting with other girls, and that he isn't into you so much anymore, maybe that's the case. Do you get it?"

"Oh my god, Forehead…" Ino muttered worriedly from behind her hand, "What if you're right? That does feel like how things are at the moment." Her huge, baby blue eyes focussed on the can of Appletiser in her hand. Her acrylic nails tapped against the tin.

"Don't take everything I say to heart," I told her, gently, "I'm just trying to relate a common mistake in relationships to your problem. Maybe he just needs a little space." I shrugged. "Where is he now?"

"Detention with Naruto." She said, gloomily. I bit my lip. I hadn't meant to upset her, I just didn't want for her to get hurt over some silly little prick who apparently didn't have time for her.

"What's on your mind, now?" I asked her, in need of conversation. She blinked up at me.

"I was just thinking. But Sak, when we aren't fighting with each other, and when we hold hands, or when we kiss, I get those butterflies all over again, y'know?" She told me, her mood brightening at the thought. I smiled to myself and returned to my book as she began a long and detailed story of what they had 'done' last Saturday. I tuned it out, because if I were to be completely honest, that was not the sort of thing my innocent ears needed – or wanted – to hear.

French seemed to be dragging on for eternity! It was the last lesson of the day, and, in the dying autumn sun, it was almost painful. My bright, bright green eyes were focussed on the stunning colours outside of the window, following the little figures as they ran around the soccer field in their Phys Ed class. I could make out the male figures easily, for each of them had a certain something that defined them (usually involving their hair…), even from far away.

Uchiha Sasuke – the parakeet hair-do and the deathly pale skin.

Uzumaki Naruto – the uncontrollable, brighter-than-the-sun spikes.

Hozuki Suigetsu – the shoulder length, whitewhitewhite hair.

Inuzuka Kiba – The adorable, messy brunette hair and the bright red tattoos on his tanned cheeks.

Nara Shikamaru – well, he simply never moved. That was one way of keeping an eye on him.

Hyuuga Neji – gorgeous, long, chocolate-dark hair. He just so happened to be the cousin of the cutest person I had ever met, Hyuuga Hinata. Tiny in all ways, with the most beautiful, long, dark-cobalt coloured hair, and big, calming lilac eyes. She was forever blushing over the pre-mentioned class clown, but he was just so ignorant to her that sometimes, I just felt like slamming a book over his head.

And then I got yet another wonderful idea in my head. I can get Naruto and Hinata together! Yes! This project was suddenly becoming less of a worry and more of a perfect way for me to get around both Sasuke and Naruto. First, I'd work on figuring out what it was about Sasuke that was worrying Ino so much, and then I'd use the powers bestowed upon me by Cupid to fix up Naruto and Hina-chan! It was perfect.

"Sakura-chan, what are you thinking…? You have that… d-devious smirk on your face." The pixie-like being that was Hinata questioned quietly. "And it's scaring me."

I turned to her, brushing a strand of my (ridiculous) bubblegum pink hair out of my kohl-lined eyes, "Ohhhh, little Hina-chan, wouldn't you like to know."

"Y-yes, I would, that's why… why I asked you." She said.

"I was just thinking. Nothing important," I winked. Hinata looked terrified. Am I really that creepy when I'm scheming? That's not cool.

"Class dismissed!" The old lady finally announced. I quickly threw my things into my bag, intent on getting home so that I could planplanplan.

That might have sounded sad, but I was always the type to want to have my friends happy before myself. And I wasn't really into anybody at our school right now. Neji was hot, but he was Hinata's family, and besides, he was going out with Tenten in the year above. Suigetsu had also been a possible candidate, but he was kind of like Sasuke, a bit of a dodgy player. Hinata and I secretly had an idea that he was into this other girl on the cheer team, Karin. Kiba… Kiba was seriously hot. But I couldn't see myself with him, for some reason. Shikamaru was taken, and there was no way I would get with Naruto. Besides, he had Hinata. And Sasuke, after the fact that he was already going out with Ino, was just plain up himself. He may have had a right to be, but he was seriously going to have his nose broken one day. And then where would he be? Heh.

My home wasn't grand. In fact, it was a bungalow. It had two bedrooms, my mother's, and my own, facing towards the enormous lake that the city of Konoha surrounded. The kitchen was the thing you'd step into as you entered the house from the bright red front door. That was where I was now, speaking excitedly to my mother from over the granite worktop where she was busily cutting up carrots and what not.

"So we've been assigned a project in Biology," I told the woman with the dark pink haired woman before me. She was practically a much older version of me on the outside.

"Oh, yeah?" She wasn't paying much attention.

"I got grouped with Ino's boyfriend and the guy that Hinata has a crush on."

My mom laughed, "That should be interesting. So, knowing you, you're going to try and hook this guy and Hinata up."

"That was my plan!" I chuckled, biting into a cucumber stick. My phone vibrated in the front pocket of my light blue skinny jeans. I frowned before pulling it out. It was Ino, of course.

"Hello, Pig."

"Hey, Forehead. Come to Starbucks! I'm meeting the boys, and Naruto's going to be there. And I'm dragging Hina-chan too!" I heard a slight squeal in the background, suggesting that my blonde friend had already taken the Hyuuga girl prisoner.

"I'll be there as soon as I can." I said, and ended the call. Was that considered rude? I just thought it'd be a cool way to shut off the phone. Like Spiderman.

Uchiha Sasuke leant against the changing room wall with his arms folded. He watched the bantering fools that he called his friends with a furrowed brow and hostile expression. He was going to be late if they kept this up.

The tall, tanned blonde sixteen year old that went by the name of Uzumaki Naruto bounced to his orange converse-covered feet. He shot a blindingly white grin at the older teen. Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"Kiba, are you done yet?" He asked loudly, causing the room to fall into silence as a reply came from the showers.

"Yes, I'm fuckin' done. Leave me alone."

"What's he doing anyway?" The blonde asked. Sasuke shrugged his black hoodie covered shoulders. He didn't need the hoodie, as the autumn sun was still quite warm, but he wore it anyway, too lazy to slip it back into his bag.

"I don't know, but he's taking his goddamn time." The Uchiha announced impatiently. It was then that the brunette appeared, pushing his half-dry hair out of his eyes and throwing his backpack over his shoulder. "Ah…"

"Alright, okay, let's go!" The Inuzuka teen announced, pushing past Sasuke and sliding around the door. Sasuke followed with a small smirk on his face.

They were going to one of Sasuke's most favourite places in the world. Starbucks. Of course, he wouldn't come out and say that it was actually a favourite. That word made him cringe. Made him think of his father who most certainly liked that word. But then again, his mother liked that word too. And she liked to associate it with him. So it was okay.

Kiba was unlocking the door of his car, Naruto standing on the passenger side.

"Shotgun." The Uchiha drawled lazily. The blonde whipped his head around.

"No, I'm already here." He announced.

Sasuke shook his head, "Shotgun overrules, now move over, loser."

"Kiba! Tell him it's not fair!"

The brunette looked over at his two bickering friends, Sasuke with a smug smirk resting on his lips and Naruto seemingly so distraught that his blue eyes appeared to be filling up with pre-hysterical tears."

"Shotgun overrules, Blondie. You know how it is." He repeated the Uchiha's words and aimed a thumb towards the back seat of the beautiful, beautiful, silver-grey Audi R8 that the three had purchased together for their brunette friend's sixteenth. Sasuke and Naruto weren't legally allowed to drive yet, but they'd take it out for a spin whenever Kiba gave them the chance.

Which was only when he was drunk.

Which he often wasn't. Sad face.

Sasuke slipped into the black, leather passenger seat with Naruto grumbling behind him. He was instantly overwhelmed by the sweet scent of the leather – he knew it had been a good idea to trust dog boy with this car. It was too nice for him to total, and too good for Naruto. Period. His silver iPod Nano was jammed into the stereo and the music began to pump out from the speakers positioned somewhere near the boot.

Sasuke didn't even know why he was listening to this. But the band continued to scream the lyrics to some long forgotten pop song.

"I wanna make up right now, na, na.
I wanna make up right now, na, na.
Wish we never broke up right now, na, na,
We need to link up right now, na, na."

Kiba sang along loudly, tapping his fingers on the steering wheel as they pulled out of the lot and zoomed smoothly down the straight, tarmac covered road.

School had finished an hour and a half ago, and so the roads were pretty clear except for the rest of the soccer squad making their way home from practice. It didn't take long to get into town, and when they did, they scored a perfect parking space right outside the window of the coffee house. Sasuke slipped gracefully out of the car seat and stuffed his hands into the pockets of his grey skinnies. He peered through the window, searching for any glitter or blinding colours that might have indicated that Ino had already arrived.

Well. He caught a colour. A girl was sitting in one of the large, squishy sofas by the window with her nose in a book. Ah, little Haruno. So Ino had invited her friends too.

As if sensing his eyes on her, the small, teenage girl turned her pink head towards him, her bright, bright green eyes locking with his own deep obsidian orbs. He held her gaze for a moment before she turned back to her book, throwing him one last tiny glare.

Glare? What had he done to her? He tilted his head curiously, like a confused puppy. Oh, god. Not the puppy thing. That was what Ino had called it and it had stuck. Silly woman.

"What are you looking at, Teme…? Oh! It's Sakura-chan!" His blonde best friend bounced in his orange converses and made his way up the small walkway and into the coffee shop. The door swung shut behind him just as Naruto squawked out a, "HELLO, SAKURA-CHYAAAN!"


Oh, God. So this is what Ino had meant by 'the boys'. The blonde parrot, the dog lover and the… the prick. I didn't mind the other two and, of course, I'd been expecting to see Sasuke, but how was I supposed to sit with the three of them for the next ten minutes? I closed the book I had been reading – yes, the Comodia Del Arte one – and greeted Naruto quietly. I thought I'd show him how to be accepted in public society.

"Hello, Naruto. Are you with the other two?"

"Yeeeeep!" He grinned, brilliant white teeth on show for the world to see. I nodded once. "Where's Ino and Hinata-chan?"

"They'll be along soon." I told him, whipping out my phone to text said blonde and pixie girl.

To: Inosucks; Hinataaaa
From: Saks

Sasuke and Kiba made their way to the serving bar, ordering themselves a drink whilst Naruto dropped onto the sofa opposite me. He tapped his foot and searched for something to say.

"So…" Great start, "what are we going to do about this project, then?" He questioned. I looked up into those forget-me-not blue eyes of his.

"I thought I'd get together with Sasuke and you to discuss it. We have a choice of any of the topics we've worked on during our school career." I told him, professionally.

He nodded his head slowly, "So, you haven't decided on which topic we're going to do?"

"Nope." I replied after taking a sip of my own cappuccino.

"Oh." He paused, glancing over at the other two males. "Well, Sasuke's with me now, we could—"

"Ino doesn't want me to talk about the project with Sasuke. She's a little insecure at the moment."

"And she has every right to be, you're gorgeous, and you're in a team with two handsome males. Why wouldn't she be?"

I felt as if I were about to blush as hard as Hinata. Naruto had had a crush on me back in middle school, but everytime he'd asked me out, I'd refused. Why? Because… urgh. It's stupid. I'm ashamed to admit it. Because I used to have a crush on Uchiha Sasuke. THEREISAIDIT.

"Move over, Dobe." The smooth, well educated voice of what could only have been and Uchiha heir muttered, setting down his cup of whatever and dropping quite comfortably into the squishy green material of the sofa. Kiba, who smelt wonderful, by the way set himself down next to me.

"It's okay if I sit here, right?" He questioned. I nodded with a smile. This was the kind of guy I wanted to see my best friend with. Respectful, smiley, talkative, and a sugar lover. He was currently sucking down a chocolate frappuccino with a ton of cream loaded on to the top of it.

"What's with the book?" Sasuke's voice questioned, just as my eyes returned to it. I snapped it shut – it seemed as if I'd never get to finish it.

"It's just helping me revise for my Drama project."

"Which is…?"

"I'm doing Comodia Del Arte." I told him. He snorted. "What?" I questioned, a tiny smile tugging on my lips. Why was there a tiny smile tugging on my lips? I guessed it was always there.

"Nothing. I just thought you'd be the type to study Shakespeare or something."

"I wanted to, but everybody else is doing Shakespeare… I guess I just wanted to be a little different."

"Aa…" A satisfied nod. I felt my phone vibrate.

To: Saks
From: Inosucks
We're nearly there, girl. Be calm!

I inwardly sighed with relief before tucking my phone back into my pocket. My eyes roved over the three males surrounding me.

This was awkward.

"How's things with Ino and you, then?" I questioned to Sasuke, because it was the first thing that came into my mind. Sasuke shrugged. I frowned. That wasn't usually a good response. But then again, it was also one of Uchiha Sasuke's only responses.

"How are things with you and the book?" He questioned back, smirking.

Oh, haha. Hilarious. "Pretty darn good, actually, Uchiha."

"I guess that's acceptable, Haruno."

I narrowed my eyes at him, and turned to look out of the window. It was then that the blue Barbie car appeared with my blonde friend and her blushing companion. Finally. Kiba, Naruto, and Sasuke's eyes all turned to watch the blonde and the pixie girl clamber out of the convertible. Ino was looking her usual amazing self in a pair of leggings, soft pink tank top, and her most prized leather jacket, completing her outfit with tiny, studded ankle boots and her long, long blonde hair cascading down her back. I so envied her.

Hinata appeared from the other side of the car with her own beautiful blue-purple-black hair straightened to the point of pin-like and swishing in whichever direction she turned her head. She was wearing her favorite loose, violet hoodie with her name written across the back that she had been given when she went on a dance tour and also a set of black leggings. Her tiny feet were covered by white ballet-pumps and, of course, she was the picture of untidy innocence.

The boys all appeared to slowly straighten as the girls entered the coffee house. Heads turned towards Ino. It was as if Sasuke noticed this, and he got to his feet to go and greet her at the bar. I shook my head at his total obviousness and beckoned little Hinata towards us. The blonde male eyed her curiously, as if trying to place where he had seen her before. He should have recognized her instantly, the goofball.

"Hey, Hinata-chan!" I smiled, "Kiba, would you mind moving up—"

"No, no, Hinata-chan can sit with me!" Naruto announced, moving Sasuke's things to the side and patting the seat next to him. It was as if a red light bulb had been switched on inside Hinata's cheeks, and she stuttered out a very quiet,

"U-uhm, okay." She said, turning to give me a wide eyed grin and slipping gracefully beside Naruto.

It seemed as if my match-making plan wouldn't even need to go into action by the way that the blonde was looking at the pixie girl with that adorable little grin on his face. And the way that Hinata was blushing away. Kiba sighed next to me.

"What's up?" I asked on impulse, even though I didn't know him very well.

"Hm?" He glanced down at me, dark brown eyes seeming confused. He then remembered that he'd sighed, "Oh! Nothing, I was just thinking, that's all." He placed his chin in his palm and returned to watching Ino and Sasuke. My eyes followed his gaze. He was focusing on the blonde who was holding onto the larger hands that were holding onto her tiny hips and turning her head to giggle at something he'd said while he smirked and possessively kissed her cheek. How he'd made it even look possessive, I'd never know, but I grew a small amount of doubt in my mind that maybe he wasn't back to his old, playboy ways. I'd never know for sure. He was too difficult to read.

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