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- Wishing Well -




Not with Sakura. Not again.

"Sasuke, honey? Are you alright? You look a little disturbed." His mother asked, peering at him from behind the door and watching him as he viciously attacked the wooden chopping board and occasionally the odd vegetable had it dared to roll in his way.

Sasuke nodded wordlessly, purposely quirking his lip in a sarcastically pleasant way so that the woman would leave him alone.

He recalled last night's events quite well. Watching everybody dance, rescuing the pink-haired Haruno girl from the clutches of his almost certainly evil cousin, Sai, and then proceeding to flirt and make out with her. Oh god, not her.

It wasn't like it was a bad thing or anything. Sasuke had grown almost fond of Sakura after she seemed to have dropped her vendetta against him. The last couple of weeks they'd been working together and dealing with identical drama had caused him to realize that maybe she wasn't as bad as he'd thought. Well, she was annoying as shit, but whatever. He knew what he meant in his head.

There was nothing wrong personally to him that he and Sakura had gotten close last night – the problem was that if she knew or remembered what had happened, she'd probably feel like he was trying to play her or something.

She knows you don't want to play around anymore, Sasuke. Stop pretending she's as ignorant as the rest.


As I was lying in bed with the back of my hand pressed to my forehead and a series of post-party-depression sighs passed my lips, I felt my phone vibrate. I didn't even want to look at it. I cringed. It was going to murder my eyeballs.

With my eyes clenched shut, I felt for the button to answer the call and held my BlackBerry to my ear. "You've reached the land of the dead, what can I do for you?"

"One, take an asprin." Sasuke's voice responded almost immediately. I froze, eyes snapping open. "Secondly, drink coffee. And lastly, slap yourself."

"But why?" I groaned loudly, rubbing my left eye with my free hand.

"For being such a lightweight." His voice responded slowly. I could almost hear the smirk. "You… don't tell me you can't remember last night at all?"

I resisted the urge to groan again. "Next time I see you, you can bash your face against my palm for that comment. I told you that I don't drink… or party very well."

Sasuke was quiet for a second. "Huh." The sound came with an amused tint to it, "You were fine… just that you got drunk off, what, a blueberry alcopop?"

"Shut. Up." I muttered, "Is there a reason for you phoning me at such a ridiculous, aka painful, time?"

I heard Sasuke chuckle, deep and dark, before it dissipated, "I was just checking on you." He replied. I felt my chest get tight as a smile broke out across my face. Sasuke continued, "And you seem fine, ignorant, so…" He trailed off. "Later."

"Wait—" I began, but the line went dead with a short beep before I had even finished the word, "ugh." I grimaced. Ignorant? What did he mean by that? I felt kind of insulted. In fact, my inner self was repeatedly slapping his silhouette.

But that was kind of cute… he'd been the one to ask me to the party, so it was nice that he even bothered to check up on me afterwards. Perhaps Sasuke wasn't as much of an asshole to girls as I thought he was. In fact, from my experience so far, he seemed pretty darn sweet.


She didn't remember. Okay. Good.

But wait— now where did he go? Did he just pretend that nothing happened? Could he do that?

Sasuke stopped thinking. He inwardly scolded himself for sounding like such a school girl, worrying over some chick. She was Sakura after all, the little girl he'd turned down all those years ago. Why did it matter at all what she felt now?

Somewhere inside him, Sasuke felt himself receive a slap for that thought. Okay. Wrong idea. He'd just play it like nothing happened, and if she ever found out – they were drunk. So what? A kiss is hardly a big deal, anyway.

The Uchiha rolled his eyes, plating the omelette he'd made and stabbing at it quite brutally with a fork. Goddammit, this was irritating.


The weekend passed without any weirdness. I got all of my homework completed, I helped my mom with the gardening and even managed to go shopping with Ino and Hinata despite not having a whole lot of money to spend. I really needed a job.

On Monday morning, I found myself sitting in the kitchen and almost glaring at the sky. After nice weather all week, it was pouring once more. That was such a bummer. And this time, I was sure that Sasuke wasn't going to accompany me through the drizzle.

I was back in my baby-blue skinny jeans, wearing my light pink Converses – as usual – and a sweet leather jacket that I'd gotten for Christmas a few years ago. It was honestly one of my favourite things ever, but for some reason, I rarely wore it. Maybe I was just feeling a little more confident in myself after the party. I'd gotten a lot of compliments for the little dress I'd worn – it's girlish, pink appearance with the bold black middle… maybe people liked a little edginess on me.

Sasuke's face flashed into my mind for a second and, without realizing it, I found myself smiling as I reached down to slide my books from a kitchen stool into my bag.


He tapped his foot impatiently as he leant against the row of red lockers. How many times had he found himself waiting by her locker now? This was dumb. And why was he even doing it? For the life of him, Sasuke couldn't understand. He could just be with the guys now and watching them attempt to set Shino's jacket on fire, but no. His sub-conscious had decided to lead him here.

"Sasuke?" He heard her voice call a short distance away. When he looked up, he found Sakura's form walking slowly towards him. Her usual pastel converses and light blue skinnies were dotted with dark raindrops, and her black leather jacket shimmered slightly from the water that had fallen across it. She looked different.


"What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be, like, I don't know… controlling your arsonist friends?" She asked, smiling at him.

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "They're still at it?"

"Afraid so. Poor Shino. I feel kind of sorry for him, you know." Sakura sighed, waving the back of her hand to get him to shift out of her way. He pushed his back from the row of lockers and turned so that he was leaning against it with the side of his arm instead. "I hate this locker…" The pinkette huffed, twisting her key several times with a frustrated sigh. It clicked open a second later and a smile lit up her face, "Ha!"

Sasuke smirked while she extracted her math book and shoved the rest of her bag into the small cavern. "I honestly don't see why you don't just get another locker." He said. Sakura gave him a blank look as she slammed the thing shut and pocketed her key. Sasuke shrugged.

"So…" Sakura began, "how was the party?" She giggled.

Sasuke tilted his head and gave her a curious look. Could she really not remember anything? Could it have been that she was just too shy to bring it up? No, when Sakura got shy, she usually stuttered and blushed. Her shyness was equal to that of Hinata's. He pursed his lips for a moment before nodding slowly, glancing to a poster that had suddenly become very interesting on the wall behind her. "It was decent." He answered.

Sakura was quiet. When he glanced back at her, her bright eyes were narrowed. Suspicion.

"What?" He asked in response to her frown. "It was."


Why didn't he make eye contact when he said that? Sasuke was an expert on poker-facing, but that was something I had never witnessed with him. He knew something I didn't know.

"Did something happen?" I questioned. I watched as a muscle in his jaw flexed suddenly, but his eyes stayed void of an explanation as to why. I gasped, "Oh, don't tell me you banged another random chick." I sighed.

Sasuke shook his head slowly, "Not exactly…" He responded. Was that uncertainty in his voice? I chewed on the inside of my bottom lip, gazing at him inquisitively while he stared back vacantly. His dark eyes were so intense. It was genuinely difficult to hold eye-contact with the Uchiha for more than a few seconds. I blinked and looked over his shoulder. The rain had gotten heavier and a few people were beginning to file into the corridor looking for shelter. Ugh, I hoped it'd go away before the end of the day.

"I've, um…" I tapped my book, "I'm gonna get to class." I smiled, turning on my heel and giving him a small nod before making my way up the hall. The last thing I wanted was to be crushed by the swathes of soaking wet teenagers as they headed for class. It was kind of a habit of mine to get there early.

What I wasn't expecting was for Sasuke's black Converse to fall in line with my pink ones a short moment later. And what I really wasn't expecting was for him to grab my wrist and tug me smoothly into one of the musty, History storage rooms. "What—?" I began, but I was cut off as Sasuke and I veered into it.


It was dark when the door closed. Sasuke felt for the light switch and tapped it. It didn't turn on. He sighed, ignoring Sakura's loud protests to being dragged in without warning. She was gripping his arm tightly

"You can't just manhandle me into a history cupboard – you could actually constitute this with kidnapping, you know. What the hell, Sasuke?"

He didn't really know why he'd brought her in here. Maybe he wanted to talk to her about the party – that had been his initial plan over much thinking during the weekend. But now, he just really needed to shut her up.

"I have to get to homeroom otherwise everyone's going to kill me. Have you seen how small I am? Getting through the halls when everyone's in them is really difficult, Sasuke. You—" In one smooth, fluid movement, he slid his hands over her wrists and gently flung her against the door, holding her arms by her side and crashed his lips against hers. He kissed her slowly, softly releasing her wrists and placing his hands either side of her head.

For a fraction of a second, he smirked. She was so tiny.


I didn't even know what had just happened. Sasuke and I had traded places. And now… he was kissing me. And I was frozen in shock. But for some reason, as my senses began to become less numb, I decided that it was good. This was good. And so, after a short moment of consideration, I decided that homeroom didn't really matter right now.

He pulled back, keeping his face close to mine and breathing softly against my cheek. The light flickered for a moment, I felt its flashing brightness through my eyelids, but I didn't open them. I just whispered blindly, "Why did you…?" I trailed off, finally blinking my bright green eyes at his glittering onyx while the light bulb above us buzzed, desperately trying to turn itself on.

Sasuke stared at me, expression completely confused as he shook his head from side to side, "I don't know." He breathed.

Our bemused expressions changed as the light finally decided to keep a constant light to amused. I couldn't supress a giggle when Sasuke smirked, that giggle turning to full-blown laughter.

I just… this was so dumb. I had been so crazy about him before. Fourteen-year-old me would have done anything to have him this close. She wished on every shooting star, every eleven-eleven, every wishbone and wishing well… and only now did it seem that they were working... "Sasuke…" I murmured, "What's going on?" I asked once my laughter had died down. He was still towering over me, his face inches from mine.

"You wouldn't shut up." He whispered, an adorable, lop-sided grin making its way across his face. I frowned.


He felt her disappointment as her face fell and was compelled to rectify the discontent in her eyes, "Sakura." He murmured, "This is… what happened on Friday night." She glanced up, "Well, not this," He glimpsed around at the dusty shelves and badly flickering light before bringing his eye contact back, "but we— my cousin was with you, so I got him away from you. Then this happened."

And without another thought, he stooped down and kissed her again, hard, the palm of his hand curling uncharacteristically softly against her cheek. He heard her gasp, but a moment later, he felt her return the caress between their lips.

He wasn't sure for how long this went on – why it happened – why he did it… in fact, Sasuke wasn't sure of anything at this moment except that it didn't feel like it did with any of the other girls he'd been with, ever. Not even with Ino. Something inside of him, between his heart and his stomach, was being awoken. An overwhelming sense of… bliss… was filling him every time he touched her.

She was on her tiptoes, arms wrapped tightly around his neck and shielding their faces from the glare of the light, cloaking them in both her scent – like raspberries, or something else sweet – and the kind of warmth that you felt when you woke up on a winter's day wrapped up in blankets and almost too dozy to move.

But then Sasuke's keen ears picked up another sound. Laughter and a joking comment between a teacher – right outside the door. He pulled away from Sakura, taking both of her arms and shoving her into the centre of the small room while he reached up and fiddled with a row of books on one of the shelves. He was just in time too. The door opened and one of their English teachers stuck his head inside.

Sasuke glanced over his shoulder giving a curt nod as Jiraiya and his spiky mess of long white hair ambled inside. "Ah," The teacher smiled, "what are you two doing in here?"

"Sakura's got a history project." Sasuke muttered, eyes trailing over the names of the books, "On the modern history of Konoha."

"Is that right?" Their sensei smirked, as the Uchiha pulled the book slowly from its placement and placed it in Sakura's hands gently. She was scarlet. The dark haired boy was forced to supress a smirk as he turned back to Jiraiya.

"Yes." He nodded, "Actually, it's more like a personal project." He added. His subconscious was cracking up. Sakura gave a quiet giggle as she turned, apparently having composed herself.

"You two should be in your homerooms." Jiraiya commented, a thick eyebrow raised.

It seemed that Sakura's drama classes had paid off. She sighed heavily, "Sensei, don't you know how difficult it is to find one reference book in this store room? It's almost impossible and so it took us a while." She rolled her eyes, "Not to mention how long it took the light to turn on. The school should really invest in a couple more lightbulbs."

Sasuke and Jiraiya exchanged somewhat amused looks, eyebrows raised, lips pressed together, before returning their attention to the ranting pinkette. The Uchiha found it amazing that she was speaking to a teacher like this. Wasn't she infamous for being a dork?

"And instead of having students write lines for detention, I think you should take it up with the school board to have pupils sort and arrange areas like this in the school. You know, the Geography store room is the exact same." She glanced to Sasuke, and then looked away, blinking as if to get his image out of her mind.

He made for the door, passing Jiraiya's larger form easily, "Later, sensei." He muttered, waiting for Sakura to get behind him before slipping out into the corridor. A short way's down the hall, Sakura smacked him in the arm with the book. Sasuke chuckled.


I sat in my math class later on that morning with my head in my hands as I stared at the problem in front of me. My thumb was running unconsciously over my bottom lip. It felt weirdly smooth, silky, as it did when Sasuke and I had last kissed when we were at his house.

Why did this keep happening? Sasuke had totally rejected me when we were younger, now it was like he wouldn't leave me alone. I didn't get it. Not that I wanted to get it, exactly. I was quite content with him kissing me whenever he pleased – he was so ridiculously gorgeous and, well, good at it. It wasn't exactly a problem to me. The only thing that did bug me was the question as to why.

I just couldn't… I didn't know what it meant. And it was so distracting. Seriously. I was having to calculate and re-calculate incredibly difficult sums whilst dealing with the curious motives of that pesky Uchiha and trying to keep my equilibrium. So this was why Ino failed so hard in class over the past few months.

Damn Sasuke. If he was going to mess up my grades, I'd do more than slap him with a book…

I stood under one of the recently erected rain shelters during lunch time. Ino and the girls had decided they wanted to go outside for some reason. So I was naturally forced to follow in their wake and watch from the sidelines and sucking on a straw in a juicebox as they plotted a new cheer routine on a rough piece of paper atop the weathered picnic bench.

My mind was still elsewhere. Out on the field, I could spot a few annoying youngsters playing soccer. Who the hell wanted to play soccer while it was raining like a motherfucker? Freshmen. Duh. Although I couldn't say much, having been one of them only last year. They'd be traipsing their mud and dirt up and down the school all week. Grim.

But then I thought of our team and their game of soccer last week. There'd be another match this Friday too – oh crap. I hope that didn't mean another party as well. I don't think I could have handled embarrassment two times in a month.

Wait. Wait wait wait.


The party last week. Sasuke's sudden assault on my mouth earlier today. What had he said? The same thing had happened at the party. No way! Sasuke kissed me? I wracked my brains for even the slightest memory of it.

A dark space, stairs, a blister on the back of my foot from my shoes. A boy who looked like Sasuke, so much like Sasuke, and then Sasuke himself and a bottle of vodka. His smouldering black eyes behind those darker-than-midnight bangs of his – oh yes, I remembered. I remembered now!

Just proves to show that if you think hard enough, the answers will come to you. Even through an alcohol-enthused bout of amnesia.

I felt my cheeks flush and my mouth quirk into an uncontrollable smile. Shit, so we did do something. I hoped kissing was the only thing we did. I'm pretty sure it was since I woke up in my own bed/with my dress totally in place.

I whipped out my phone and bbm'd the Uchiha, trying not to catch Ino's eye when she looked up and caught me smiling.

Sakura: Ohhhh, now I know what you meant.

Sasuke: Hn?

Sakura: You can't be a caveman over bbm, Sasuke. It's "what?"

Sasuke: …Hn.

Sakura: I remember what happened at the party now.

Sasuke: Good.

Sasuke: Where are you?

Sakura: Outside… in the rain. The girls are laying out some new cheers.

Sasuke: Haah.

I guessed he wasn't going to come and keep me company. Boo, you whore. I wondered what would happen now. What could happen now? The winter holidays were coming up… Christmas. There was only three weeks or so before school shut for the season and the high chance was that I wouldn't see Sasuke at Christmas at all.

One, I was pretty anti-social during the winter. And two, he, Kiba and Naruto usually went to visit some rich relative of his for a week of the break. Who knew what'd happen, really… and the main question was… did we even want anything to happen?

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