Okay, cause of the stuff that's happening in Egypt right now, I'm absolutely refusing to finish up that story until they settle things.

I have some policies, you know.

So instead, I present "Moomba Days" as a temporary replacement!

Disclaimers: Everything, including the original idea, is not mine. Katy came up with it and so it's hers.

All I'm doing is excuting her idea in my own way.

When Squall Leonhart, better known as Leon woke up that morning, he wasn't expecting the day to be anything but normal.

His plan: Wake up, eat, patrol, possibly kick Cloud's ass in a sparring match, sleep, patrol, eat, patrol, and then go to sleep after dinner.

That was a good plan; in fact, it was practically the ideal day for Leon.

As the first one up, the brooding brunet had the first shift on patrol around the Bailey of Radiant Gardens.

That was normal.

Perfectly normal and routine.

When he reaches the inside of the Bailey, Leon was in a pretty normal mood.

What wasn't normal was the almost crazily depressed looking kid leaning in a corner.

He… or she (it was incredibly hard to tell which it was because of the overly long jacket he or she was wearing) was arguing furiously with himself/herself and looking generally confused.

"But… he's totally nice… but I have to do this! For the show…. But he's nice and he helps out Sora all the time… What should I do?" The kid asks himself/herself miserably.

"Um…. Sir?" Leon asked in concern, taking a random guess at the mysterious person's gender.

"EXCUSE ME? I'm a girl, thank you very much!" The kid snarls angrily as if she had just been offended.

"Well, are you alright?" Leon asks next, feeling as if he would totally regret this but still feeling like he needed to find out who the hell this bizarre and possibly crazy person was.

The girl mutters something darkly to herself before looking up at Leon.

"You're Leon, right?" She asks nervously, giving him a pained expression.

"Yeah." Leon tells her in a mildly confused voice, wondering why she knew his name.

"Uh…. Hi!" The girl starts fidgeting around like crazy as if she was scared that someone was going to come in and see them talking together.

"I'll be going on my way now… if you don't need any help." Leon says quickly, immediately deciding to get as far away as humanely possible from this weirdo.

Unfortunately, the weirdo had her own plans.

"Wait! I have to give you a present, Leon!" She says, stumbling forward awkwardly and rooting around in her pockets for something.

Leon freezes in his tracks, completely unsure of what do because of the tiny voice in his head screaming for him to "Run, man! Run now while you still have the chance!" which happened to be arguing against his very good manners which ordered him to figure out what was wrong with this kid.

This thought is only confirmed when the girl pulls out a squirt bottle and quickly sprays him in the face with a jet of foul smelling liquid.

"Now, a bit of advice: Don't go near cat nip. Seriously, it's not a good idea." She warns him quickly as she lifts up her hood to hide her face before running down past the gate and slamming it shut behind her.

Leon gags from the foul stench of the strange liquid and quickly wipes the clear substance from his face with his sleeve before running after the little girl.

As soon as he slams the gate open again, he notices that the path was completely empty.

"There's no way she could have ran that fast." He says in amazement as he suddenly feels a disturbance in the Force…. Or rather someone trying to sneak up behind him.

He quickly whips out his Gunblade out of its holster and slashes even as his body barely turning around.

"OW!" Cloud Strife, another resident of Radiant Garden and an unfortunate pain in the neck, yelps as the thankfully not very well sharpened blade smacks him in the head and sends him tumbling clumsily to the hardened cobblestone floor that was predominate in the ancient town.

"So it's only an idiot." Leon comments as Cloud glares at him viciously from the floor.

"Shut up, Leonhart! At least I'm not the one who- …. Wait a second, who was that kid?" Cloud asks in mild curiosity as he looks over at the open gate.

"For once, a good question, Strife." Leon tells him in a bored voice as he shoves the Gunblade back into its holster and shuts the gate.

Leon quickly tells the story to a disbelieving Cloud who only stares at him in annoyance.

"And you let her get away? What if she was some kinda… mutant Heartless!" Cloud demands angrily.

Leon rolls his eyes.

"Yes… A Heartless that could talk, knew my name, and could somehow vanish into thin air. Right." He says sarcastically, staring down at the blonde who for some reason was still sitting on the floor.

"… Well, she could be an assassin sent to kill you! Ever think of that? … Wait, that might be a good thing. Could I have your Gunblade?" Cloud asks in an eager voice, finally dusting himself off and standing up.

"Not in a million years." Leon states flatly and he takes one step towards the door.

This simple motion is all it takes for the strange liquid that the girl had sprayed him with to finally start taking effect.

Leon stumbles into Cloud, his muscles suddenly paralyzing as he crumples to the ground.

"GET. THE. HELL. OFF. OF. ME. NOW LEON!" Cloud snarls angrily but then he just looks down at the helpless brunet's expression.

"…. Leon? Are you okay?" Cloud asks nervously.

"I think… I'm ….going ….to die." Leon gasps out, sudden nausea making him gag with the promise of possible barfing.

"Shit! I was kidding! Don't die for REAL! Snap out of it! Right now, Squall!" Cloud says, viciously slapping Leon across the face in an attempt to get him to react.

Leon makes a whimper but other than that, he doesn't move.

"I'll go get Aerith! Or Tifa! … No, Tifa might be a bad idea… but I'll definitely get Aerith!" Cloud promises him as he prepares to run off.

"…. Dammit, Cloud, just drag me!" Leon chokes out. Cloud looks at him as if he had just started singing Disney songs and dancing the hula but he nods and holds onto Leon by grabbing the furry neck of his jacket.

He rapidly starts dragging Leon behind him, hurrying as if his life depended on it… which it probably did considering Yuffie's and Aerith's reactions to the whole "Leon thinks he's gonna die" thing.


Now, a little something to be said about Yuffie.

She was normally a calm girl…. Well, she was usually hyper but she was pretty good in a tough situation.

She knew all about the strange rivalry between Leon and Cloud but she was pretty sure that they would never kill each other.

At least, Yuffie hoped that they never would.

So when she spots Cloud dragging in a practically unconscious and bright green Leon, she immediately thinks the worse of the ex-SOLDIER.

"Spike, what did you do!" She demands angrily from the top of the stairs before rushing down the stairs in a loud clamor of stomping footsteps.

This shout immediately gets the attention of Aerith, the resident mage and unofficial mom of the ragtag group known as the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee.

"Cloud? What's going on?" She calls out in a mildly worried voice, knowing that anything involving both Leon and Cloud would end up in some sort of injury for at least one of them and at least a day's bed rest for both of them.

"Dammit, what the hell is wrong with you two? Can't ya keep from killin' each other for five damn minutes?" Cid shouts from the kitchen, standing up and going over to the hall.

When all four other residents of the house were standing over the nearly comatose brunet in the hallway, he looks up at them in amazement.

They seemed to be getting bigger.

"Oh my God! He's … getting fuzzy!" Yuffie shrieks, instantly going for her shuriken.

'Fuzzy?' Leon wonders to himself as a huge puff of smoke suddenly appears, sending everyone into a coughing frenzy.

"Man, Leon! What the hell'd you eat? GAH!" Cid wheezes as he jumps back in surprise.

"L-Leon?" Aerith stammers as she places a hand to her mouth in what looked like horror.

"Oh my god, it's my birthday. Or Christmas. Or my birthday AND Christmas!" Cloud grins ecstatically as he stares in wonder at Leon.

"No… way…" Yuffie whispers, her jaw hanging open in bewilderment.

Leon looks up at his housemates, wondering just why they looked so much bigger. And taller.

Then his tail twitches.

At this sudden movement, Leon instinctively turns around and smacks into the hallway mirror.

Instead of the "OW!" that was intended to come out of his now strangely numb lips, this noise emerges:


He stares at his now bright reddish orange fur and at his now tiny stature.

He raises a tan furred paw up to the mirror and watches numbly as the creature in the mirror mimics his every motion, even as he retracts his new claws.

The creature's lips perk up into an amazed grin and shows off a mouthful of razor sharp yet sparkling white fangs.

Naturally, Leon recognized the lion like creature that was smiling up at him through his reflection.

After all, it was exclusive to the Final Fantasy game that he had first appeared in.

Leon had turned into the somewhat cute and lion-like creature known as the Moomba.

He whips around, his tail thudding lightly against the mirror as he looks up at his now extremely tall friends.

He opens his whiskered mouth to speak and instead collapses into a dead faint.


Not bad for the first chapter, right?

Trust me, it got better as we (me and Katy, since she provided a lot of the ideas for this) got along.

So... time for Chapter Two!

Chapter Two: Leon's Dismal Reality!