The Doctor wasn't feeling well. At all. In fact, he had been feeling like this for a week now, but did not want to say anything about it. He didn't want to ruin the fun and mostly trouble free week they had been having, and instead tried to keep things quiet, but he knew that no one could hide anything from Rose Tyler.


The sneeze was out before the Doctor could really doing anything about it. He quickly composed himself and went back to twiddling the buttons and levers underneath the console.

Rose, having never really witnessed a sneezing Doctor before, became curious.

"Doctor, are you alright? I've never seen you, ever... oh, and bless you!"

"Yeah, course I'm fine. Must have just inhaled some dust from the console... Now, anyway, I thought next I might take you to this planet, with the most amazing trees – yes, trees- ever. I mean, seriously! Over 200ft tall with sparkling blue bark that glistens oh so wonderfully in the moonlight, its called W-" The Doctor's face contorted slightly and a look of deep concentration overcame his features.

"Doctor...?" Rose asked, worried.

"Called... W...W...W... ACHOO!" The Doctor sneezed with so much force he whacked his head against the console. Rose knelt down beside him, seeing

the Doctor cradling the back of his head with his hand.

"Ow..." he whimpered, the pain from the bump adding to his horrible headache. "My head..." He whimpered pathetically. He sneezed again, wincing.

"Aww Doctor, wha's wrong?Yenno, beside the fact that you've just smashed ya 'ead against the console."

"Nothings...nothings wrong. Nope. Fine, totally fine, see?" The Doctor said as he shot up into a standing pose. Bad idea.

The sudden move made him incredibly dizzy, causing him to lean on the console. The he sneezed. And again, and again. This made him spiral into a coughing fit.

Which caused a very worried Rose to soothingly rub the Doctor's back.

"You," Rose stated, pointing at The Doctor, "are sick."

"Am not." He stubbornly replied. Rose gave him an extremely disbelieving look.

"...Fine...maybe a bit." He gave in, only because he was about to sneeze again. He groaned. Rose raised her hand to the Doctor's forehead. It was as hot as a normal humans would be, which is bad because a Time Lords temperature is naturally low.

"You even 'av a fever! Off to bed, now!" Rose said whilst pushing the Doctor into his bedroom. He didn't fight though, because his headache was really irritating him now.

As soon as his bed came into sight, the Doctor flopped onto it, not even bothering to take off his shoes. Rose sighed and repositioned him into a more comfortable position, then took off his Converse and placed them next to his bed. Then he started coughing.

Rose pulled him up into a sitting position and like before, rubbed his back soothingly until it had ceased.

"Soun's like you 'av the flu. Maybe you should take your jacket off, you're really burnin' up."

The Doctor shrugged off his jacket, and took a deep shaky breath.

"Yeah, the flu. Haven't had that in a while... or been sick in general. Ugh." The Doctor said, gloomily. Rose propped up some pillows for him to lay on and brought him a cup of water and tissues.

"Wanna watch some telly?" Rose asked, sitting next to the Doctor, only just realising the large plasma screen in front of them.

"Yeah go on, some good ol' human telly! Lets watch... Scrubs! Or... Kyle XY! How about- ACHOO!"

"Achoo? Never heard of that show before... I think we'll just go with Scrubs..."

Rose said cheekily, nudging his side. Around 10 minutes into the show Rose noticed the Doctor sweating a bit, his usually mad and spiky (but wonderful) hair was stuck his face.

Rose looked concerned.

"Doctor, I know this may sound a bit odd, but... Have you got any boxers on?"

Rose asked, deadly serious.

"Well...yeah, course." The Doctor replied, extremely confused.

Before he could react, Rose dived to the end of the bed and pulled off his pin striped pants.

"WHAT?" The Doctor yelled, which he regretted because it just sent him into coughing fit, whilst making sure his stripy blue boxers didn't go down with his pants.

"You're just making your fever worse by keeping these on, and I know you wouldn't have took them off if I asked" she stated, rather logically. The Doctor huffed, which was followed by a series of coughs and a sneeze or two.

"Unnghhhh." He groaned once his coughing had ceased. Rose was just about to say something reassuring when her stomach rumbled rather loudly.
"Ha, I'm goin' to grab some toast, d'ya want any?" Rose was sure the Doctor turned green. "I'll just get you some tea then." Rose smiled as she ruffled the Doctors hair and made her way to the kitchen.

A little less than two minutes later Rose saw the Doctor walk into the kitchen behind her.

"Miss me?" she smirked

"Well...yeah" He smiled sheepishly. She turned to him and giggled at his appearance. His hair was in direction possible, his brown eyes peering between the strands of hair in front of his face. His white dress shirt only had a few buttons still done up and that with his silky blue boxers made him the cutest thing in the universe right there and then. He took a seat on the kitchen chair and Rose handed him his tea as she nibbled on some toast.

"Sure you don't want any?" Rose asked waving the toast in his face. The Doctor looked at the bread questionably, the took it. He slowly bit down into the food, chewed slowly and swallowed. Then he took another bite, and another until the whole piece was gone. He smiled and looked proud of himself, but before he could make a smart remark a wave of nausea hit him and he darted for the sink. Rose jumped up and pushed the hair on his face back whilst hugging him from behind. When he had calmed down he turned around and slumped to the floor. Rose sat next to him and he leant his head against her shoulder.

"C'mon lets get you back to bed then." Rose said into the Doctors messy hair.

"I'm gonna have a shower first." He replied.

"Need any help with that?" Rose felt the Doctor stiffen next to her.

"Haha I'm just messin', I'll go get you a towel." Rose giggled as she got up so quick that the Doctor fell on his side to the floor.

"I'll just... be here!" He called after her, not being bothered to get up.