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Several hours, pills, movies, muffins, tea and cuddle sessions later, Rose awoke to a Doctor-less bed. She shot up and looked around the room, checking the bathroom warily to see if his nausea had returned. When she found it empty, she sighed in relief and jogged in to the console room.

"Feeling better then?" Rose questioned the figure energetically running around the console and pressing buttons. The Doctor was still wearing his pyjamas and slippers, but he was wearing his long brown coat over them which swished and swayed with every turn.

"Much better thanks! Those pills worked miracles! And you too," the Doctor winked, "I just woke up before, with so much energy! Not a trace of the flu left! Ooh, and a hell of a lot of distress calls that we probably need to answer ASAP…" He stated, and with a pull of a lever they landed with a thud. He jogged over to the door.

"Come along now, Doctor Tyler." He said cheekily, his eyes practically sparkling. Rose walked over to him, and was about to open the door when something occurred to her.

"Hang on a sec, we're in our pyjamas! Shouldn't we go get changed first..?"

"Well, I have saved the world previously in my jimjams, shouldn't be too hard to do it again!" He said, mind wandering back to last Christmas.

"You got your hand cut off!"

"I grew it back!" He retorted as if it was nothing. Rose rolled her eyes.

"But you, Rose Tyler, this is your first time saving the world in your PJs. Are you ready for this, rookie?"

"Oh I don't know Doctor, I'm not sure I'm ready!" She said dramatically.

"Don't worry, I'll look after you." He said with a smug smile, his arms snaking their way around her waist. He pulled her close, very close. Their lips mere centimeters apart. They both leant in, their breath on each other's faces… when Rose suddenly pushed him away, her face contorted.

"Uh… sorry Rose, I uh… was just-" The Doctor babbled, but was interrupted by a sneeze, from Rose.

"ACHOOOOOOO!" She sneezed, into her shoulder.

"Was that a..?"

"Yeah, but-"

"But what?"

"Just from some dust…"

"From the console?" The Doctor asked, eyebrow raised.

"…probably…" She said avoiding eye contact. "Let's go then!" She said, swinging open the door and darting outside. The Doctor shrugged and followed soon after, closing the doors behind him.

And so, the duo saved the world in their pyjamas. They almost lost each other time and time again, but nothing could split those two up, not the thickest wall in the universe or anything. For now…

Later that day…

"I can't believe I gave you the flu..." The Doctor said, self-hating…again. He was lying next to her in her bed, his hands covering his face in shame.

"S'not your fault! I had a choice to stay with you, and I did. Now stop moping and watch the telly with me." She said exasperatingly. Then she sneezed.

"Telly's boringggg…"

"…Yeah it kinda is… got Mario Kart?" She asked. He immediately shot up, mood brightened.

"Yes! Dibs on Mario!" He said like a little kid, grabbing the Wii remotes and pushing the disc into the Wii that Rose was sure had not been there a minute ago.

So they played for hours until Rose fell asleep. Then when she woke, they played a different game until she became tired again. This went on until she felt well enough to get up and earn her professionalism in wearing pyjamas whilst saving planets. He even got her a trophy made when she did, and she laughed at that and hugged him like there was no tomorrow.

Those two were the stuff of legends, and absolutely inseparable.

The End.

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