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I quietly opened the front door. I set my bookbag on the floor, and took off my sneakers. I grabbed my homework, and quietly crept up to my bedroom. Health. It can't be that hard... I opened the textbook to the pages that we had to read. "Anorexia Nervosa." I read silently. As I filled in the chart, I began to feel uneasy. Why is this so familiar? I asked myself. Math.. social studies.. english.... all were completed. Why does my Health homework bother me so much? I constantly questioned. "Markie, dinner!" called my mom from downstairs. "Okay, Ma!" I called back. I closed my binder. My Health homework was staring up at me. It freaked me out really badly, so I put my social studies textbook over it. I hopped down the stairs and sat down at the table.

*Two Hours Later*

I feel so horrible.

They made me eat. I swear, my mom practically shoved food down my throat. I feel so udderly sickened. They would have made me eat more, but I ran up to my room before they had a chance.

I look into my mirror. Oh, God, I'm so fat... this is disgusting. I might be... 75 pounds... God. Ew. I run into the bathroom, and step onto the scale. The numbers stare back at me tauntingly:

77 I run back to my room, sweating. How many calories does sweating burn, again? I flip through the book I took out of the library. I can't find it. "Shit... shit... shit..." I mutter. It's not there. Damn... I nervously pace around my room, and then I stare at my desk. "I still have that stupid Health homework. I sit down at my desk, and open up my health textbook. I open to the pages we were assigned, and began to read. "Signs someone you know has anorexia... Fear of becoming fat, even when obviously too thin. Excessive dieting and exercising.... abnormal food preoccupations, such as counting all calories or obsessively studying cookbooks..." I flipped the page, and answered the questions on looseleaf. "Oh, my, God! I didn't fill in my chart!" I ran across my room, and pulled a sheet of paper out from under my bed. "Damn.. ok... I figure what they very RUDELY made me eat was about.. oh God... 190 calories..." I sadly scribble it in. "I hate them so much now. It's their fault I'll always be a lard-ass!"

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