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The Weekend

It was my turn this weekend to watch the sexiness that is Bella Swan. I have waited so long to get her alone, and she has no clue. What's in store for her? I know she has been feeling things for me just like I feel them for her. This weekend is going to change some things. The rest of the family was getting ready to leave when Ali walks up to me, and asked me to go for a walk. No one else in the family knows but she and I are only friends with benefits. Our divorce finalized the day we met Bella. She takes me out into the woods far enough away from the house that no one else can hear our conversation before speaking.

"I will try to keep Edward out of my head this weekend. Do remember not to hurt her because I love her almost as much as I love you." I growl in response to this does she really think I would hurt her best friend? "Yes she does," I think feeling her emotions. Well, I will just have to prove her wrong. She really doesn't need to worry. I love the girl with all my undead heart.

"I won't hurt her Ali. I plan on making her mine. I would rather hurt myself than hurt her," I growl out to her. She nods before turning around and heading back towards the house. As I still stand there I start making plans in my head, starting out with the dirty talk, I will be doing to get Bella into the mood.

I head back to the house blocking all my thoughts so that Edward cannot hear what I have planned for his innocent little Bella. Ha, innocent she won't be, by the time I am done nor will she be his. I walk back into the house in time to see Edward give her a hug and a quick chaste kiss before turning to me. Damn her hormones have driven me crazy, ever since the day he brought her home. He doesn't know what the fuck to do with her, turning her on then leaving her all hot, and bothered.

"Don't let any harm come to my mate, or I will kill you," He growls out.

They walk out the door, and a few seconds later pull out of the drive way. I know they won't be back till early Sunday. I walk into the room; the sun setting behind her is absolutely breathtaking. I walk up the stairs not completely sure what to do now. Walking into my room I make plans for making her mine. Hours pass before I realize it is time to feed the human. I can hear her stomach growling like she is in the same room with me.

I walk down the stairs into the kitchen and make her veal parmesan and a pasta penne. Sitting her plate down on the counter I walk into the living room. Walking up, behind her, she jumps startled by the quietness that I display.

"Your dinner is ready Bella," I motion towards the kitchen. Her lust fluctuates at the sound of her name coming from my lips. Yes, I knew she has feelings for me as well. She walks into the kitchen sitting down at the counter and grabbing the fork. As the food passes her lips, a moan falls from them. I never knew that watching a human eat would be erotic, but every time she takes a bite it is so damn sensual.

My lust starts to overcome me, flooding every pore. She finishes her dinner, licking her lips. Her little pink tongue sticking slightly out of her mouth makes my little soldier stand, at attention. She stands up taking her dishes to the sink. She reaches for a glass, her shirt riding up on her showing a bit more of her luscious skin. I walk up behind her, pinning her with my arms on each side of her. Her arousal is evident as I brush my arms across her breasts. She yawns, shit I forgot that she needs to sleep.

Her fatigue dripping off of her I realize tonight is not going to be the night I start with her. "Bella Darlin' you need to get some sleep before you fall asleep on your feet," I tell her gently releasing her from my arms. I step away from her and she runs up the stairs almost tripping over her own feet. This will work out better seeing as I should hunt before I make her mine.

I head out the door into the forest quickly tracking down a mountain lion. I take it down quickly, snapping its neck before draining it. I scent, another animal close by not as appetizing, but it will have to do I quickly take off in that direction. Finding the damned deer I lunge for it, snapping its neck, and latching on. I drain it completely and then I quickly bury it. I then go back and quickly bury the mountain lion.

I head back to the house taking time to think about the things I plan on saying to my Bella. I walk into the house and head for the second floor. I walk into my room; grab a towel, and some clothes, before heading to the bathroom. I turn the water on adjusting it till it is completely hot. I peel my clothes from my body before climbing into the shower. Letting the water run down, my body, I think of my Isabella naked, and I quickly grasp my rock hard cock, slowly stroking up and down.

My pace quickens, thoughts of her moaning underneath me working me into a frazzle. My cock starts twitching in my hand; it grows harder with each passing thought. I explode with a roar. Thank god these walls are soundproof to humans, or she would have woken to find me with my dick in my hand. Damn that would have been embarrassing.

I wash up quickly now that my orgasm is over. I get out of the shower quickly grabbing the towel, and drying off before wrapping the towel around my body. I walk out of the bathroom and standing; there is Bella a blush lighting her face as she notices the lack of clothing. She turns and quickly walks back down the hall her lust permeates the air. I walk into my room. My cock is hard again. I pull on a pair of sweats and a wife beater.

I walk back out of my room, listening to where my Bella is. I find her back in her room and asleep at that. I walk into the room and sit down in the chair in the corner. I know it is kind of creepy watching her sleep, but I know that Edward likes it, for some reason. I mean to find out why. After about five minutes her sleep deepens, and she starts moaning. Okay I think I have figured out why he likes watching her, fucking pervert, yet I am no better.

Her moans turn to sighs and an occasional whispered name. The shock is that it is not Edward's name, which falls from her lips it is mine. I preen slightly with pride my mate knows who she belongs to subconsciously now I just need to get her to realize it consciously. I sit there listening to her till morning when she starts stirring. I leave the room and head to my own. I hear her up and moving around five minutes later.

She walks down the stairs and makes herself breakfast. She sits down and starts eating. I hear her get up putting away her dishes, before heading into the living room and sitting down. I wonder what she is doing, but think to myself let her have a little bit of time to wake up before I go down there. About an hour or so later I hear her get up and stand in front of the window. I walk down the stairs.

She stands there looking absolutely beautiful. I walk up behind her startling her. Her heart racing, her hand flies to her chest, which is heaving. So damn beautiful, I brush the hair that has fallen in her face aside, and lean in close to her ear.

"Are you alright Darlin'," My lips brush her ear with every word that comes out of my mouth. Her heart is full out racing now, a blush tingeing her face.

Her voice, the barest of whispers, when she answers, "Yes Jasper," Mmmmm, I love it when my name falls on her lips, now to put my plan into action.

"Mmmmm, the feelings that you are having Darlin' make things extremely difficult on me. I just want to rip your clothes off of you, bend you over, and take my tongue, and run it between your glistening folds. I bet they are drenched just thinking about what I could do to you," Her arousal fills my nostrils, damn it's working.

"I would work my tongue in and out of your juicy cunt, and then I would take a finger and slide it in slowly teasing your clit with my tongue. Would you like that Isabella?" A moan falls from her lips, yes my Darlin' you are getting very turned on by this. I also know that I will do everything I said while I am talking.

"I would bring you to an orgasm with my tongue and fingers first before letting you feel the effects of my ability bringing you to another orgasm. Then I would rip my clothing off before pinning you to whatever hard surface was close by and enter you swiftly fucking you till you came one last time before I spilled my seed deep inside of your pussy," Her chest heaves even further, her knees almost buckling under the weight of her lust.

Feeling her acceptance of me, I begin touching her beautiful body, a constant stream of moans fall from her lips. I rip her clothes from her body, letting my hands trail down her. I look into her beautiful eyes. They are filled with so much lust and desire that my gift is not needed. I drop to my knees and begin to fulfill the words; I spoke to her letting my tongue ravish her beautiful cunt. I slip a finger inside her. She is so damn, hot and tight. Moving my finger in and out I begin flicking back and forth across her clit at a near inhuman speed. Her breathing becomes deeper and screams start coming from her as her first orgasm hits. As it finishes, I hit her with my ability.

Her second orgasm slams into her and her knees buckle; my arm steadies her before I rip my clothing off. Pinning her against the wall I enter her as swiftly as I can without hurting her. Her back hits the wall with every thrust as I bring her to her final climax before I spill my seed deeply inside her growling out MINE. She whimpers out YOURS, as we continue to ride out our orgasms together.

I pull from her gently and carry her upstairs. I sit her down on the bed before going into the bathroom and running her a bath. I walk back into the bedroom; lift her up to carrying, her into the bathroom. I place her gently in the bathtub and start washing her.

"Darlin', you are mine now. There will be no more Edward for you. There will only be me from now on," I need her to know I am a possessive creature.

"Yes Jasper I have wanted this all along, but you were with the pixie. So I went with Edward."

"I am telling you right now Isabella, I am possessive by nature. There will be no more mention of Edward. You are mine."

"Yes Yours!" She says before taking the sponge from my hands and continuing to wash herself. I growl slightly, letting my displeasure be known.

"Now Darlin' I was washing you. Please let me have the sponge back," She hands it back and I slowly dip it in between her legs. Rubbing circles over her clit with the sponge, I start trying to get the answer I am looking for again.

"You are mine Isabella. I do not want you around Edward anymore," I say to her gently, but leaving no room for error.

"Yes Yours Jasper. I love you and only you," There's the answer I am looking for I remove the sponge from between her legs and let my ability bring her to another orgasm. I am fully happy now. I have my mate. Once this weekend is over, she, and I will not be the only ones to know it. I pull her up out of the tub and take her back into the bedroom. I lie her down all sopping wet on the bed. I slide between her legs slipping a hand down between her folds. I play with her little button of nerves, flicking over it quickly. She gasps out her pleasure as a finger slides into her and begins pumping. This time won't be as gentle as I plan on fully claiming my mate.

I don't wish to hurt her, so I add another finger and then another stretching her so that this won't hurt as badly. Feeling her orgasm about to hit, I pinch her clit roughly. It slams into her; I pull my hand from her and slam my cock into her dripping core as hard as I can without hurting her. My ability working overtime, I hit her with a shit ton of lust and desire as I pound into her relentlessly. I feel myself hitting that spongy spot inside her as her body clamps down on mine. She screams in pleasure, her voice almost hoarse.

It is damn near excruciating how tight she is. She explodes for the fifth time, and her body is completely shaking now. Damn I wish I didn't have to stop yet, but her body can't take much more abuse. I promised I wouldn't hurt her, but I do plan on marking her as mine. I slow down my thrusts to let her catch her breath. Her breathing stabilizes only for me to speed up again hitting that spot over and over. Her euphoric high never ending, and she almost passes out from the sheer bliss her body is feeling. I push more lust and desire into her, and her body tightens down on me one more time. I spill my seed into her before biting into the soft flesh at her neck. She screams out her eyes widening as I push venom into her body. I pull my teeth from her neck before letting my tongue lathe over her sensitive skin sealing the wound.

Her pain starts almost immediately, my regret for causing her pain makes the tears well up in my eyes. The last thing I see in her beautiful brown eyes before they close is forgiveness. The phone rings. I look down to see Peter's number, so I answer it.

"Well Major it looks like you will have a shit storm on your hands when they get back. Which they will be soon seeing as the pixie slipped."

"You have got to be kidding me right, Peter. She said she would keep him out of her head. Tell me the venom will have time to get to her before he gets back?"

"It will have time to get to her Major but only just. Your mate will wake up in about three days. You won't be by her side because Esme will ask you to go on a hunt. She will wake while you are out hunting and boy will she be pissed. Edward will be there by her when she wakes," He says then hangs up. The fuck he will be near my MATE when she wakes up.

A growl rips through the air. The door slams open, and in comes Edward. He lunges for me. I sidestep him as Alice comes through the door followed by the rest of the family. Alice grabs Edward before he tries to attack once again.

"Sit down!" The order coming from Carlisle, I leave the room temporarily to get clothing on. I walk back into the room and Edward growls at me.

"Shut it Edward. Jasper how could you do this to your brother? You bit his mate. He wanted her to stay human."

I growl at the word mate. She is not his mate, she is MINE! I won't share her with him, no!

"She is not his mate. She is mine Carlisle. Ask Alice she knows. She was planning on telling Edward soon. I planned this weekend to finally claim my mate. Isabella has accepted me as such. In the mating process, I put my claiming mark on her," I get up and walk over to my Bella turning her head slightly to show him.

"Rose, Alice, can you please get some clothes for my mate. Everyone else, please get out I don't wish to hurt you all, but you are too close to my mate. She is naked."

A gasp comes out of all of them except Edward. Well, what do you know he knew that she was mine, and he still went after her? For this I should have his head. All the men stood up and left the room, while Rose and Alice got Bella dressed in something comfortable. They joined us in a few minutes.

"Now Edward, how long have you known that Isabella was mine? Why did you go after her?" I growl out advancing on him slightly. He crouches in defense, "I don't know what you mean Jasper," I project what I am feeling from him to Carlisle.

"Edward! You are lying to everyone," Carlisle growls out to him. Edward bows his head in defeat, "I have known since the day that Alice had the vision about Bella," All holy hell breaks loose then. I lunge for him, no one stopping me before I rip his arms off. They finally stop me when I go for his legs.

"You are lucky Edward. If the family wouldn't have stopped me, I would have burnt you, right here," I walk out of the room.

Three days later. My mate should be done burning soon. I am out hunting with Esme when the phone rings. It is Peter letting me know my mate is about to wake up. I head back to the house, walking into the room to see my mate crouched down in a corner with Edward trying to get close to her. I growl lunging at him only to be knocked down by my mate lunging at me and burying her teeth into my neck. Fuck things just got interesting.

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