Story of Beauty

- Hey! - the ball flew just into her arms but with so much power, that poor girl fell into the wall, trying to catch it. She felt pain and something warm under the lips.
- Great! You almost have broken my nose, bitch... - whispered she angrily. - I am going to kill you!
And she rushed into the basketball fight again.
Cheerful cries of people at the tribunes, aplaudes and whistles. They have just won! She has just won!
- Anita! You are great! You are brilliant! You! You did those loosers!
The girl was happy. But now she should change the roles and enter into another image. In an hour she will sit at the music lessons, learning to play tango on her new accordion. And of course, flamenco classes. Teacher said that she had to work hard, and she wants him to say, that she is the best.

She always was brilliant. Her pround sparkling dark eyes, tender smile and gentle beahviour made everyone to fall in love with her, even when she was little. A-studet, the most beautiful girl, success in everything. But her dream was to reach success not only in studies or in music... Stage... Stage... Stage... New roles, new images, new lives again and again. Her parents were actors. But she knew she would do much better...

-Anita... I... Would you marry me?
It was the best of her roles. Now she played a passionate lover. And soon she will play the role of a good wife. The point was that she wanted it and her feelings were not games.
- Richard... Of course, I would.
What has she found in him? Protection, stability and of course, love... She needed it like an air. Beauty always needs this feeling to show all its sides.

- I am not an actress of one role... - She was really angry. - They all will pay for it...
And her revenge was really cruel... Even innocents suffered. All, for whom she was a breath of air. But still their admiration is alive and will live forever. We should always forgive Beauty. We should always follow its whims, its desires. Beauty has right to hurt, if we hurt it before.

A girl, that was difficult even to notice, like a grey mouse, sat on the eighth row of the parterre. She was sielent, but her face was blushing with delight. She was struck not even with the play, but with an Actress. Her movements, her feelings, her voice, so deep and sencetive. She resembled a godess, that came down to give favour to people of this damn world by her presence. "I will do everything to make her believe me"...

Call into front door. It was raining heavily outside.
The girl, that looked like grey mouse, was wet through. She was shiverring. The door opened.
- Good morning, madam. I will not take much of you time. - She told sielntly. - Just, if you, please, read it... And... If you like the screenplay, just call me. My cell number is on the last page. Thank you for your attention.
- But... Who are you? Wait...
The girl went away fastly and soon her view vanished in the rain. Anita looked at the screenplay, closing the door... She saw the title and threw the papers away... "Earth: final conflict". Feature-length film...
- Again! No! I fed up with this!
But then she remembered the eyes of that mouse-like girl, the eyes full of admiration. Ok. She will read it. But it will be the last time.
At the first page was the note from Leni.
"Please, read it. It is brilliant. You should believe that girl, cause I do.

- And the Oscar for the best Actress of the year won... Anita La Selva and Leni Parker! Yes, each actress got her Oscar!

Applauds, cries of admiration, smiles and tears. The Beauty deserves only this... But she need to believe...