A/N: Written for a request on Livejournal where one of my friends wanted to read about DOGS - "if i outlive you, i'll forgive you" - Haine/anyone at the institute that experimented on him. Not sure if this is what they wanted, but I took my take on it.

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Warnings: violence.

Forgiveness Is A Cold Gun

Haine could not believe his eyes – and his luck. He knew the man standing near a newspaper stand, his head pulled into the collar of a simple brown jacket, as if to shield himself from the wind, his gaze downcast and his hands in his pockets. A part of Haine's mind had recognised him straight away, sniffing out a prey who had been a predator once; finding a target while he slowly caught up with his memories and remembered why exactly he wanted this person dead. He didn't know the name, but he clearly recalled the face, and the hands which had caused so many suffering for him, for Lily, for all the others he had known in the underground facility.

Haine followed the man, his head throbbing dully from the memories, his fingers itching to pull the trigger, but he walked slowly. A voice inside his head whispered low, Not yet, not yet, not yet. Only his eyes betrayed the cold hatred and the barest traces of recurring madness inside of him. Haine's lips quirked in a contemptuous smile when he saw how that man glanced around in obvious fear and how he tried to slink away and disappear among the pedestrians. He was indeed afraid of something. What this man was doing out here on the surface Haine didn't even care to know. The monster inside of him howled for blood.

He caught up to the former scientist in a narrow passage between the houses. The man shook, but turned to face him nevertheless and Haine had to give him that for courage. The man didn't recognise Haine at first.

"Tell them I won't return!" he snapped, though obviously afraid. His hands searched his pockets in frenzy for some sort of a weapon which he might or might not have. "I'm not going back!"

"No, you're not," Haine agreed and cocked his gun.

The man recognised him at once and suddenly looked even more terrified. He hastily tried to put more distance between the two of them and raised his empty gloved hands up, as if that gesture could stop the mad dog, as if it could stop the entire world from crushing around his ears.

"Haine. You're Haine. Please," he begged. "I had no choice back then. I had to do it. I had no choice! They made me. I never meant to…"


An end to the lies. An end to the dull throb in Haine's head.

"You are forgiven."