A/N: Written for a request on Livejournal where one of my friends wanted to read about Durarara! Izaya - The world never ceased to amuse him.

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I Am A Game You Play

The world was an amazing place to be in. The humans, each and every single one of them, were simply fascinating. He would never grow tired of it, of them, Izaya mused, as he added another shogi piece onto the chessboard, this time on the far left corner, facing inwards. He picked up a mahjongg piece next and rolled it over his fingers before reclining to admire his handiwork. Absently he began playing with the game piece in his hand, tossing it up and catching it again and again.

Whether it was running from Shizuo – who was a very interesting person to toy with, with the way he struggled and kicked once driven into a corner –, or giving Mikado – who was no less impressive with his ability to create a mass movement – a courage-rousing speech of the destructive kind, or pulling some strings here or there to make Kida – who had been among his most long-standing game pieces – to do this and that, or pushing young girls to suicide only to laugh at them in the end – everything served a purpose in his life. They all were like little fireworks to light up his days, which otherwise would have been quite drab. Grinning to himself, Izaya glanced at the piece in his hand. He considered it for a moment, but put it aside, letting it fall to the right side of the chessboard. Even the pieces not currently on the board bore significance.

"You're not yet ready to join the others," he informed the game piece and stood up. "I still need to find you."