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May, 2031


I woke to quiet sunshine and warmth, and to large hands skimming over my skin; finding a home in the dip and flair of my hip. It was by far and away my favorite way to start the day.

A chapped kiss on the back of my neck… Warmth and soft down coming flush with my back… Lightweight cotton sheets ghosting over my bare skin…


I sighed and pressed my backside against him in response. Edward growled in my ear, a playful and needy and sexy sound - all rolled into one.

Morning sex was another favorite of mine.

But today's date came to me in a rush of consciousness and I jumped to a sitting position, the sheets falling around my hips.

Hands around my waist…

"Not so fast, baby," he rasped.

Kisses to my lower back… Warm breath washing over my skin.

"As fucking beautiful as the day we met," he mumbled, his hands sliding from my waist, between my thighs.

He was a liar.

"I was a mess that day," I laughed, but his fingers were deft and my breath caught in my throat and my hand found his thigh; still muscular, his blond hair peppered with silver.

"A beautiful mess," he amended, and I could feel his lips curling into a smile against the dimples over my ass. His fingers slipped and twirled and dipped.

"Ditto, Mr. Masen," I breathed and rolled over, playfully pinning Edward's shoulders to the bed. "But this morning we have houseguests, young houseguests with good hearing."

"Are you ready for today?" he asked, cupping my face with his free hand.

I blinked back the tears, reality hitting home once again. "I have to be."

He pulled my face to his, kissed away the tears, and then his lips found mine. "Don't cry, B."

Long fingers behind my head, tangling with my messy morning hair… Stubble scratching against my cheeks as his lips parted…

Edward's hand skimmed along my collarbone, then dipped to cradle the swell of my breast, until his fingers found my nipple, pressing, pinching, pulling. He knew what that did to me. He knew it well and he had years of experience. He knew I'd be rendered nearly powerless to object. I shifted my hips just so, skimming along his length. I couldn't say this had never gotten old; we'd gotten old… somewhat. But that spark and that warmth nearly always returned; and it was reassuring and exciting and there was nowhere else I'd rather be… no one else's arms I'd rather be encircled by…. no one else's lips, or scent, or scruffy jaw, or fingers, so skilled, so studied in my own personal anatomy.

I sighed and shifted my weight, settling myself over him, studying his long, lean muscles, his tangle of gold and silver chest hair… his eyes watching me. I caught my breath.

Edward grabbed my hips in his large hands and pulled as he lifted, meeting me, hitting me hard, guiding me… I gave in to the rhythm, losing myself to the anticipation. With his erection buried between my waiting lips, there was no hiding it. He'd convinced me; I wanted it too. The glimmer of a smile ghosted over his lips and his heavy-lidded eyes sparkled with self-confident desire.

"Make it quick, Mr. Masen," I whispered as I brought my lips to his ear, nipping, pressing, sucking. I slipped along his length until his head was poised at my entrance.

Suddenly Edward's hands gripped my hips even tighter, and in one fluid motion he lifted me off, so that my pussy was hovering over his cock. "So impatient, doctor," he chuckled. "Maybe this morning I want to takes things slow. You know, wait and shit."

It was one of his favorite jokes, one that never got old for Edward, even though it had almost been twenty years. I wiggled my hips, but he held me tight. "Give it back," I laughed, reaching for his cock, but Edward slid his body out from under me.

Left with no alternative, I ducked my head so that my hair fell forward and I tickled his face.

"I don't know what you mean," he laughed, thrashing his head and trying to avoid my hair. "Anyway, what about the houseguests?"


"Not until you tell me how much you want it," he laughed.


I don't know if it was the hair tickling or my breasts hanging in his face, but Edward loosened his hold and pulled my waiting body against his before I could say anything else. His lips claimed my nipple and I wrapped my legs around him and picked up where we left off.

And I made sure to tell him what he wanted to hear, because after all these years it was still the undeniable truth. "I want you inside me, Edward."

I felt his chest rumble in response.

"But we can't spend all day fucking around. So, I want it quick and hard."

With one swift movement I was on my back and Edward was standing at the edge of the bed with my legs wrapped around his waist. Another thrust with a simultaneous pull on my hips and he was inside. I tried to muffle a strangled cry.

He didn't make it easy for me to stay quiet. He did what I asked, and over and over, harder, unrelenting, he drove the pace until my body was covered with sweat, until I thought I'd climb out of my skin, until my fingers grabbed hold of the sheets and my heels dug into his ass and I watched his knees begin to go weak. I knew from the way he moved his hips, from the gradual syncopation of his pace, from his eyes shut tight and the pressure in his fingertips. I knew him so well, I knew he was close, and I gave in, gave my body over, and let him take me, claim me, as I pushed him. "Harder," I gasped.

"Fuck," Edward groaned. His voice did it… and his cock, and his hands, and Edward fell forward, his hands landing on either side of my head, his hips hitting hard, landing on top of me, pushing his cock so deep as it pulsed. And body against body, his lips and teeth and tongue back so suddenly, having all of him I cried out and it was done. To. Fucking. Perfection.

Edward's body moved to cradle me. His hands wrapped around the back of my head, his lips nuzzled my neck; he held me close with his entire body. "What's tomorrow?" he asked lazily between kisses.

"Sunday?" I breathed with a smile, trying to catch my breath. I knew what he was asking, and he knew what day it was. Ness had been worried with the dates so close.

"Tomorrow I want to do this slowly," he requested, his eyes catching mine. "You and me and this big fucking bed, okay? Take our fucking time. We've earned it, don't you think?"

Our guests would be gone. Will was in town, but he'd sleep like a rock until two in the afternoon if we let him.

"That sounds perfect," I replied with a kiss to his nose. But my voice cracked. Lately, I couldn't stop myself from crying.

"B?" Edward's eyes burned into mine. He brushed the hair from my face, he touched the tip of his nose to mine. "Don't cry, baby."

"I can't help it," I sobbed, feeling silly.

His kiss was soft and gentle and he slid his arms around my waist. There was no greater comfort than his skin against mine, and I looked inordinately forward to tomorrow morning, wondering how I'd make it through today without the support I felt in this moment, in our bed.

"We've had twenty years, baby. And our baby is getting married to a man she loves, so she can have what we have. Don't fucking cry, okay?"

But I couldn't help it, and tears trailed down my cheeks as he kissed me. I pulled him closer, knotting a hand in his hair, wrapping my legs around him, until our kisses became more passionate, until tongue joined lips, until I wanted to lose myself in him again.

We were both surprised to hear soft rapping at the bedroom door.

"Mom? Dad?"


"Mom, are you -"

"Um, Ness, right now's not -" Edward began as he struggled to find the crumpled sheet to pull over us.

I was the one that found the sheet and Edward only managed to find a pillow, and Nessie was suddenly in the doorway, her face bright red before she turned away. "Oh my god! You could have locked the door!"

"But that would take all the fucking fun out of it," Edward laughed, pulling the sheet over him as well.

I smacked his arm playfully.

"Jesus, Bella. She's getting married. I think I can say fuck around her by now."

"Saying fuck around me and doing it are two different things," we heard Ness muttering as she ducked out of the room and closed the door behind her.

"At least this time she didn't ask if she could get naked too," Edward laughed.

I smacked his arm again, and he pulled me in for another kiss.