Title: This is going to be fun

Pairing: Pepa/Silvia

Disclaimer: nothing is mine, unfortunately.

Summary: how I imagined the conversation between Lola and Silvia after Pepsi hooked up.

Note: English is not my fist language.

"Spill it!" Lola sit down opposite her sister.

Silvia wrings her hands, then takes a breath. "I slept with Pepa." She looks furtively to Lola, who doesn't have the shocked expression she expected.

"I know," says her sister like it should be the most natural thing in the world.

"What? How?" Silvia is surprised and scared: Povedilla caught them kissing, but how did she find out? Who else knew? Paco? Sara? God, her father?

"You told me," Lola explains, her tone saying 'why don't you remember, is everything okay?', then she continues "and it's okay, I understand…it was late, you were tired and Pepa offered to share her bed…you have already told me, no need to repeat…"

Silvia relaxes for a moment but soon she is nervous again. "It's not like that… I mean… I had sex with Pepa."

Lola widens her eyes and waits for her sister to continue. After a minute of silence she tries to prompt her. "And… how did it go?"

She watches as Silvia's eyes get unfocused and she gets lost in her mind. "It was… fantastic… amazing… there aren't words to describe it! It was the best night of my life, I never thought it could have been so wonderful… it was better than Lucas and Gonzalo together, better than anyone else I've had been with… the things she can with her hands… and her fingers…"

A slight cough interrupts her musing. "Sorry," Silvia mumbles, blushing. Lola waves her off, slightly uncomfortable with the description.

"So," Lola starts again, "why did you hurry away when she wanted to accompany you to work?"

"Well… I was… I mean, why should she want me? She is Pepa!" she states as if her being 'Pepa' could explain everything.

"You are afraid that it was only a fling, a one-night stand, while you want something more?" Lola tries to understand.


"No what? No, you aren't afraid it's only a fling or no, you don't want something more with her?"

"No, I'm not worried it's only a fling… I asked her."

Lola raises an eyebrow thinking to herself 'she confronted her, uhm? But most of all… she didn't say she doesn't want a relationship with her… interesting….'

"You know, she was kissing me and I had to be sure…"

"When?" asks Lola, thinking that maybe she had lost same part of Silvia's speech since that didn't make sense.

"In the lab."

"In the lab?"

"I know, I know… but I told you, she makes me lose my head… approving a dangerous mission, lying, making out in the lab where I could have damaged evidence…"

"And what happened?" asks, interrupting her sister's self-criticism.

"Well… she told me I wasn't a fling and I told her she wasn't an experiment and then we kissed… until Povedilla interrupted us."

"While you were kissing Pepa?" confirms Lola.

"Yeah." Silvia puts her head on the table. "And I had my hands under her shirt," she groans.

"Ouch! And what did he say?"

Silvia raises her head. "Nothing at first… he tried to leave, excusing himself, but he pricked himself with a needle and then he banged his head against the door…"

Lola chuckles "That figures! And then?" she asks, a bit impatiently.

"Pepa came back, but before kissing her I closed the blinds."

Lola winces lightly, but instead of saying to Silvia that being ashamed surely is not the best way to begin a new relationship, she choose to keep her sister talking. "What did Pepa say?"

"She told me that 'she is three kisses away from falling madly in love with me'. Her words, not mine," she specifies "and to go to find her when I'm sure of what I want…"

"So, to sum up… you and Pepa made love…" Lola waits for Silvia's nod.

" …then you kissed several times, thus agreeing that it could be a serious thing for both of you…" another nod.

"and she is in love with you…"

Silvia nods again.

"Then what's the problem?" she asks incredulously.

"What the problem? Lola! She is crazy and I'm straight!"

"Forgive me, but you don't seem so straight to me."

"What are you saying?" Silvia is affronted.

"Hermana… apart from the fact that you made love with Pepa, you loved it, and then you kissed her you mean?" Not waiting for an answer, she continues. "Do you ever hear yourself talking about Pepa, or to Pepa? You look… happy!" she concludes, not finding a more appropriate word.

"I am," mumbles Silvia.


"I am happy. I'm happier than I've ever been. I feel like every relationship I had went wrong because it wasn't Pepa… I feel like I have waited for this all my life! Jose Luis says that I have to follow my heart…"

"He is a sweet man… and he's right, Silvia."

"I know…. maybe… I'm just so fucking afraid!"

"I see that Pepa has already rubbed off on you, in more than one sense," smirks Lola, then she is serious again. "Talk to her."

Silvia looks at her sister helplessly.

"Silvia, talk to Pepa… she'll understand."

She nods weakly, nor really sure. Her phone beeps and Silvia reads the message. "Sorry, I have to go, they need me..."

"Don't worry, go."

Silvia already has a hand on the handle when she turns towards her sister. "Lola… thank you," and goes out.

Lola waves then go back in the kitchen. "This is going to be fun!"

Thank you for reading