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A/N Okay, I know how incredibly short this is. I was originally going to write a one-shot, but then I realized that I wasn't done with it yet. So, this is kind of like a prologue. Tell me what you think!

PS. I'm still working on Playing With the Odds, so this one may not get updated as quickly until I'm done with it.

Running. I'm running as fast as my legs will carry me. Lightning flashes across the night sky. Rain is beating down against my skin so hard that I can barely see, but I can't stop. I have to get to him in time. I run through the woods and slip under the fence in one swift motion. I'm out of breath, but it doesn't matter. His house is finally in front of me, and I burst through the door. I frantically yell his name, but no one answers. He's not there.

The next thing I heard was a piercing scream. It took me a minute to realize where the noise was coming from, but I looked around to see that I was sitting up straight in my bed. The scream was my own. The thunder boomed and I jumped. It was just a nightmare, I told myself. Not real. But as I glanced around the room, I knew it was a lie. My reality is no different from the nightmares I face every night, and there's no one here to hold me while I cry.

Instead of trying to go back to sleep, I get up and go downstairs. The last embers are burning out in the fireplace. I don't bother turning on the lights though. I stumble over to the couch and curl up into a ball.

My name is Katniss Everdeen. I am nineteen years old. The rebellion ended two years ago. Prim is gone, my mother is in District 4, Gale is working in District 2, and I haven't seen Peeta since the day I shot President Coin. I'm alive. Real or not real?